We all remember this beauty from Fixer Upper… the one called Tackling The Beast. This episode seemed so memorable partly because I remember looking at those black stairs and being so impressed they made such a bold choice in painting them. I certainly remember what they looked like before and can understand why they wanted to paint them. Well, it’s my turn now! I have two staircases in my house. The front and back staircase. The front staircase needs so much work that it just isn’t worth all the effort to restore them. So I too am making a bold statement and am painting my stairs black… I know I’ll have mixed reviews.. but who cares. I’m thrilled and I truly cant wait to see this project complete. My husband is game for any of my ideas… I haven’t figured out if it’s his all-consuming trust in me or his unwillingness to say otherwise. Oh well. At the end of each project, he has always loved the result… so I guess there’s some trust there. I guess that’s the blessing and the curse of buying an old house; You have the OPPORTUNITY to get creative with MANY projects.

This blog post will be a four-part series. As you’ll see below, I’ll be prepping, painting, and sealing the stairs in this first part. The second part will be installing wallpaper and a gallery wall. The third will be installing stair treads.. maybe.. the verdict is still out lol.  The fourth will be a DIY entryway table and adding all the finishing touches. I’m so excited to start this project and I’m excited you’re here for the journey!

Check out the images below for my inspiration!
I’m going for a Moroccan farmhouse look. My plan is to start out with black stairs. Then, I’ll add a natural stair runner. Next, I’ll shiplap and wallpaper the walls. Finally, I’ll add a gallery wall. The entryway at the bottom of the stairs will have a Persian throw rug and farmhouse table.
Now for my scary before pics… You’ll see, they are in dire need of an update. I’m talking peeling wallpaper… and spilled paint to name a few. I don’t know about you, but I love scary before pictures because it just makes the transformation that much better!
Ok… Now that I’ve got some direction, It’s time to get to work! I’m going to sand the stairs down and then wash them thoroughly so the paint will adhere to the surface. There’s nothing worse than working your butt off on a project only for the paint to peel off after a little wear and tear. Below are the products I used to sand, paint, and finish the stairs.

Time to start the painstakingly long process of sanding. Using a palm sander is much more efficient, but It’s still time-consuming. Like I’ve said earlier this is the most important part of this project. You’ve got to get all the layers of paint and finish off and get down to the natural wood or else your paint won’t stick. So again.. don’t skimp on this process. You’ll appreciate it when you’re not touching up this project in a year.

So the above pictures are of me and my cute little helper prepping our projects. I did LOTS of sanding and then I washed down the stairs with just water and a rag.

Make sure that your stairs are all the way dry before painting. I did two thick coats of paint with about 12 hours to dry between before I moved on to the final step of painting on the polycrylic. I wasn’t too worried about taping the stairs because I knew that I was using wallpaper to cover up any messy paint marks. The polycrylic is super important when painting. I went with polycrylic instead of using polyurithane  because I wanted a more matte look when finished instead of a super shiny one that I knew the urethane would give. These stairs are more than 200 years old with many coats of paint on them over the years. Anything shiny would highlight all those layers.

Be sure to paint a thin layer of polycrylic on your stairs with a brush going with the grain of the wood. Becuase the polycrylic wants to absorb into the wood and cannot because of the paint, you may have to wipe away the white streaks with a rag. Otherwise, the white streaks will dry likes that leaving lines in your project.

Alright, friends! That’s all I’ve got for today! Tune in next week for the installation of the wallpaper, shiplap, and the gallery wall. The following week will be a DIY stair runner installation. And the last and final week with a DIY entryway table and all the finishing touches to make this project done!


You won’t want to miss out!

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