Master Bedroom Refresh

Have you ever looked around your room and realized that your space doesn’t reflect your personal style? Well, sometimes instead of a complete overhaul all you need is just a few new pieces to give you that look you’ve been looking for.

Last week I was looking around my master bedroom and I was ready for a change. Instead of completely changing things up, I decided to add in a few purposeful changes to give it that modern farmhouse- boho look that I love! Want to see the before? Click here and look through my house tour and see my master bedroom. I’m just so drawn to the modern farmhouse look but sometimes it can come off as a little cold. I decided to add some specific boho features to try and warm up the space.

My budget was around $200 to spruce up my room. I decided to stick with my one stop shop. Target has been on their game recently with their new decor lines that make it so easy to find your style. I knew I wanted a lumbar pillow to lie across my buffalo plaid pillows. They just didn’t look complete without a neutral pillow tying them all together. I also wanted to get some real low-light plants for my end tables. We had some faux ones that I just wasn’t in love with. I also needed a black full-length mirror, and Target had some great options. Although I wanted something with a bit more width, this one will certainly do. The planter was on sale at Target at the time too. I’d been eyeing this one for a while now and with that spider plant sitting in it…it gives all the boho feels.


Next, I wanted to freshen up my frames and add a bit more size to them. So instead of 8×10, I went with the next biggest size. I don’t need curtains where I live so I don’t bother with them. We don’t have neighbors and I love all the natural light that comes in with them bare. Also, my ceilings are a bit low, so curtains look a little odd. Instead, I use picture frames to frame the windows out to give them a little more visual interest.

Next, I updated my sitting area chairs throw pillows with some warmer color instead of the white ones that where there before. I love these and the texture is awesome.

Then I added this gold tray to hold my journal, pens, and a sweet smelling candle. I wanted this area to be so inviting that it encourages me to use every day… I don’t know if you’ve been following along on my journey, but I am one anxious momma. Journaling is one of the ways that helps clear my mind and helps to bring focus to my day.

I wanted to update the frames on the side of my window to mirror the length of the full-length mirror on the other side of the window. Proportion is so important when trying to tie pieces together. When you’re done decorating.. you want your whole room to look seamless, and not choppy. So I went with three 4×6 frames going vertically so your eye would draw a line down to match the mirror.

These pictures are so important to me. They are of my wedding day almost 13 years ago. My husband asked me to marry him and on the next day, we got married. I pinned a veil to my red sox hat and my husband wore his Carhartt pants and reef flip flops lol.. It was such a special day and I’ll always make room for these precious memories on my wall.

I’ve linked the items below. Just click the image to be taken to the source. Be sure to share your finished rooms with me on Instagram to be featured in my stories! @thefarmhouselife 

I’m Kori and I’m so glad you’re here! Home design has always been a passion of mine. I love to find new ways to make my home feel and look beautiful. I’m a DIY girl who loves farmhouse style with a twist of boho. And let’s face it…a room that reflects your style can boost your mood and make you feel happy! Join me and my family on this journey as we move from city life to farm life renovating our 1700s abode one room at a time. Here you’ll find design tips, DIYs, inspiration boards, tips on organization and cleaning, and so much more!

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