Small closet big impact!

My daughters closet is, to say the least on the small side. I Never really knew how to organize it because it was oddly long and very short and narrow. Her closet is on the other side of the attic stairs if that clues you in on its very specific size.

I knew I had to figure out some sort of way to organize this space. I’m so tired of  my kid’s rooms being disasters! I finally realized that the organization part was missing!

My kids were getting frustrated that there wasn’t a place for everything and tidying up got harder and harder. If an item didn’t have an exact spot they’d just toss it somewhere in the abyss. The porblem with this logic is that when they need to find said object – they’d have to tear their room apart to find it! Ultimately, I want my kids to take ownership of their rooms by keeping it tidy and caring for their things. So organizing her small little closet to house many items was really to set her up for success in caring for her stuff and learning a little responsibility.

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hanging basket

Her closet is very narrow, but I knew a hanging basket would fit quite nicely. Plus, it would give the opportunity to put lots of basket in each slot to separate items like sweatshirts, cardigans, gymnastic leos, etc. My husband hung a wooden rod to the top of the closet and secured it to the wall with a few pieces of wood and some screws. We could have hung it from the closet rod where her clothes are hanging from, but didn’t want it to hang to the floor. I needed the floor space for more storage options. So we opted to hang it all the way up to the ceiling, leaving plenty of room at the bottom for storage.

cabinet drawers

Something my daughter desperately needed in her room was more drawer storage to store things like her jewelry, nail polish, hats, etc.  So I picked up this small drawer cabinet with 2 drawers and some plastic organizers to make sure everything stayed organized and had a specific place.

play clothes

I don’t know about you, but we go through clothes like its no body’s business. First of all, they ruin clothes so fast! They quickly stain and wear holes in their clothes faster than I can buy them. We came up with a system that helps me save time by doing less laundry but also helps their nice clothes last longer. We use a play clothes bin!

Each child has a bin in their closet filled with play clothes. When they get home from school they change out of their school clothes and put on play clothes for the rest of the day. These clothes are already ripped and stained so it doesn’t matter to me if they play hard in them. And as a bonus, their school clothes can sometimes be wore a few times before they need washing. They were really only worn for a few hours anyway. And of course their play clothes can certainly be worn a few times before they need washing as well.

Shoe Storage

Probably the biggest time suck for my daughter was trying to find the specific pair of shoes that she just haaad to wear. We used to keep them in large bins, but she was constantly dumping them out creating more of a mess to find what she was looking for. I wanted a shoe solution that displayed easily. The over the closet door was the best solution for us. Although, we didn’t use the hooks to hang them over the door because it prevented the closet door from closing. We ended up screwing them to the back of the closet door instead.  It didn’t take up any room in the closet and she could easily see all of her shoes at once. Problem solved!

Lighten it up!

The other issue that my daughter was having with her closet is that is was so dark. So we painted the wood white to try and lighten it up and we knew she needed a light fixture. We quickly realized that space was a huge factor and decided to just tuck some puck lights in the corner of the closet – low enough for her to reach to turn on and off.  

Small closets can be just as impactful in organization as large closets! It’s how you utilize your space that makes the difference. Figure out what your specific needs are and find storage solutions to meet those needs.

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