Creating Farmhouse Charm on a Budget

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It seems like every store is capitalizing on farmhouse styling options. I swear everywhere I look.. there it is! And It can be tough to decipher where to splurge and where to save. I’m here to help you create that farmhouse charm on a budget. There are so many places to shop that are wallet friendly. Some of my favorites are Target, Amazon, and Thrifting.

















I’m sure we’ve all experienced targets ability to take all of our money. I repeat to myself when walking in “toilet paper and bananas, toilet paper and bananas” and still walk out with a bill too embarrassing to mention. I know I’m not alone here. Targets done their job well. It’s become a retreating place to quietly shop, sip your starbucks, and browse the newest trends.. because somehow they are always up on them! Farmhouse style is all over target right now… Plus it doesn’t hurt that they have a deal with the one and only Joanna Gaines with Hearth and Hand. Their decor items are very affordable and in moderation can add to that farmhouse charm that you’re looking for.



















Amazon is another great place to find that Farmhouse decor as well. Whether your looking for that rustic light fixture or that perfect farmhouse wreath to complete your mantel (check out my DIY Wreath making for any Season HERE) Amazon has it! ~ and at just about every price point. Although sometimes you have to be willing to spend time searching and reading through reviews to make sure you’re getting a quality product, it’s still very convent. Especially if you have prime and qualify for 2 day shipping.











My favorite thing about The Farmhouse style is that really – its mixing a few new pieces with a few old pieces. For instance, like the picture above…I have our bedroom side table painted black with a gold lamp. The lamp is new from Ikea and the older table has been restored with some chalk paint. I added the old fashioned alarm clock (which is an amazon find), the antique books from thrifting, the new green plant, and an old picture frame with a water color eucalyptus plant that my sister painted. The cost of this whole area wasn’t more the $30.










In this next area I wanted to create a place that would invite me to grab a cup of coffee and journal. So it was important to create something practical and inviting. I started with a very neutral farmhouse color pallet. I used white, black, gray, and a tough of green. I started with these basic gray upholstered chairs from Wayfair. They were on sale for only $100 per chair! They aren’t the best quality, but since they aren’t in my main living area and won’t have three children jumping and drooling on them, they should last. The side table was something I had sitting in my barn. Next I spray painted with chalkboard paint an old mirror I found on the side of the road and wrote our Love story on it (Well actually my cousin did becuase she’s amazing). I also placed an amazon boxwood wreath over it to really give it that farmhouse look. Next I purchased this black and white buffalo check throw blanket on eBay used (washed it of course!) and the white throw pillows came with my comforter set. The antique books I bought from thrifting and the green plant helped complete the look. Plus the personal picture frames make the area look more homier.  This area probably costs me a total of $250.









Remember you don’t need to spend a lot to create that beloved farmhouse look. Just get creative with some of the older pieces you have and mix in new inexpensive pieces to complete your look!
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  1. Charlotte says:

    Kori, you have done a beautiful job decorating your home. And have a handy husband as well. Wishing you all the very best.

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