Wreath Making for Every Season

I will show you how to make a wreath that is basic so that you can use it for every season!

Wreath making for every season graphic.

Wreath Making for Every Season

Making wreaths came be very easy and very affordable! Convincing yourself to spend $100 on a faux wreath can be tough, so why not make DIY a wreath yourself?

 Sometimes we associate wreaths with the holidays, but wreaths can be used for any season! The green that you choose to use is really going to give the impression for the time of year. For instance for warmer months I like to use eucalyptus, magnolia, redwood, boxwood etc. For the colder months I like to use the more traditional earthy greens like pine, blue spruce, cedar, or juniper. There’s also the option of using fresh material or faux. For the colder months I like to use fresh material because I think it adds to the fun holiday spirit, but in the warmer months I like to use faux for the longevity. The preference is really yours.
Today I’m going to show you how to make a faux eucalyptus wreath. To follow along you can choose any green stems, the choice is yours. The project shouldn’t take more then 20-25 minutes total.
The supplies for making the wreath on the table ready to assemble.
List of supplies
  1. Floral Sheers
  2. Floral wire
  3. Wreath frame
  4. Greens of your choice.
I went to Michaels and brought three bundles of faux eucalyptus branches for about $12.00 on sale. That was just enough to cover my frame.. But If you want a more full look you may want to buy more bundles of eucalyptus.
A bundle of Eucalyptus on the table.
First ~ Cut your greens to size. Cut off all the stems to make your greens about the same length. This makes for a more cohesive wreath.
Next, take a handful of greens (about three pieces) and weave the stems through the wreath frame. Cut your floral wire a good 4 inches and began to wrap and secure the stems to the frame. Then repeat this process until the wreath frame is completely covered! Make sure to layer your greens on top of the stems of the previous layer. This ensures that you won’t have gaps in your arrangement.
Weaving the stems of Eucalyptus into the frame of the wreath.
Using the wire to put the eucalyptus on the wire wreath.
The wreath all put together on the floor.
And Walla! Done! Now you have a beautiful DIY wreath to display on a door. mirror, or mantel!
The Eucalyptus wreath on a grey door in the house.
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