Easy DIY Basket Wall (for less than 20 Bucks!)

I’ve been seeing these basket walls everywhere lately and I’ve been dying to give it a try! As you’ll see below, I have a rather large wall that I’ve been looking to “fill up” but artwork can be so expensive! This is a very cost-effective way to use up wall space on a dime!

Wall Space

First things first…find a wall… a large wall. This wall sits above my sitting area and I needed something I could center around the area instead of the wall… If you catch my drift. This basket wall was the perfect solution because I could center the design around the sitting area, but also trail the baskets across the wall to fill up wall space without it looking off-center.

The Baskets

So I wanted to get these baskets on the CHEAP! So I shopped at Savers, The Goodwill, and The Salvation Army. I wasn’t so worried about color, shape, or style. I wanted a variety. Next, Set it all up on the floor until you have your design just right.

Start one at a time

I started hanging one basket at a time. Give yourself a little wiggle room because you think your design looks great on the floor but doesn’t always translate well to the wall.

Layer your design

Continue to layer your baskets until you love your design. It can definitely be a trial and error process. Here I realized I was getting too high so I began to shift everything down. I used small picture frame nails because these baskets were very lite and it wouldnt cause much damage if i shifted them around.

Just about done

One last little tweak and done!  After hanging the last and smallest basket, I just shifted it down and over a tiny bit and Walla! Done!


Check out the images below to see how the swesome baskets help tie in my exposed beamed celings! Fun wall.. for under 20 bucks.. I’d say thats a win!

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