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I’m Kori and my husband and I have just recently purchased a 1700’s colonial in beautiful New Hampshire. We’ve been renovating each room full of purpose for our family of five! Read about our journey to the farm here! I love all things decor and DIY. I’m a stay at home mom/blogger/decorator during the week and on weekends I judge gymnastics meets. I've got three kiddos all under 10 and my husband of 14 years is a good ol country boy (who is beyond thrilled to be back in his element). We love to garden and eat from our land including raising animals like chickens, turkeys, and pigs. Here at The Farmhouse Life,​ you’ll hear about all things home! From design tips to DIY’s - Even recipes, entertaining, and organization! 

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These guys are my why… Years ago my husband and I had a dream to leave city life behind and take residence somewhere in the woods. We wanted our family to be raised with values that farm life provides. My husband grew up on a farm and I'll tell ya… It’s evident in his work ethic. I want my kids to know how to work hard for something that doesn't always allow for an immediate reward. Doing daily chores like feeding the animals, cleaning our pig pens, collecting eggs, and helping stack firewood are just a few of the things that our children have to do around here. Having a hobby farm isn't a one man job! We rely on everyone to pitch in and help out. I am so thankful these kiddos are growing up learning how to work hard... Because in life they’ll have to do lots of things they don't want to do - but it’s all about strengthening that habit reel for the future.. Am i right?! Any Charles Duhigg fans out there?!

Farm living has been a new experience for this city slicker. I’ve always been interested in natural living and here on the farm that's what we’re striving for. We raise animals for food and grow and can fruits and veggies. We’re in the process of building a greenhouse to extend our growing season too. I - not the fam - eat mainly plant based, so growing veggies year round is important to me. I'm working harder than I’ve ever before between farm chores, hauling firewood, and reno-ing our home. But the truth is - country living is all so worth it! We’re situated in the woods on 25 beautiful acres here in Northern New Hampshire. It’s quiet, peaceful, and worth every bit of work!

Here on the farm we have pigs, chickens, turkeys, a bunch of cats, and one very special dog! Our Mona is a livestock guardian dog which means she's a working class dog. She watches over our farm animals making it all possible. When we first got to the farm we jumped right into animals (sort of with our eyes closed) and unfortunately being situated in the woods we lost them all to predators. We knew we needed a good farm dog and brought Mona home shortly after. Since then, we haven't lost any animals! She does her job well. As a bonus she has imprinted on our kids too! When they play outside they are never out of her sight! It’s so reassuring knowing that there's another momma bear around here making sure my kiddos - and farm animals are safe!