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Bar cart essentials and styling

With the holidays around the corner now is the time to stock up on bar cart essentials and styling!

Stocking up on bar cart essentials is always a good idea. Especially with everything going on right now! We can’t go out and get a drink – But that shouldn’t stop us from making a cocktail at home and enjoying ourselves.

Since my husband and I cant have a date night at the moment we’re treating Friday evenings like “date night” by making a couple of drinks and spending a little one-on-one quality time together.

Bar cart essentials to keep on hand

Isn’t being at home quarantined with your significant other enough one-on-one time? Well – For us we don’t really have a lot of time to spend with one another on a regular basis.

He spends most of his time upstairs doing all of his work appointments while I’m downstairs taking care of the children, the house, etc. And in the evenings I try to get all my work done for the day while he switches into parent mode.

Needless to say, life can get busy – even when you’re stuck at home. So let’s have a drink and enjoy ourselves!

Two arms toasting two margaritas with black straws.

Want to stock up on essentials but you’re not sure where to start?

Knowing what items to stock up on really depends on what your favorite drinks are. For instance, we love a good Moscow mule and I wouldn’t say no to a mimosa on a Saturday morning either.

Bloody Marys are fun and probably my go-to drink is always a good old glass of cabernet. Really, whatever your fancy – you can probably bet items like rum, tequila, vodka, and wine are a good idea to have on hand.

Then grab those mixes… Margarita, ginger beer, orange juice, coke, cranberry juice, limes, Mint, etc.  These are perfect bar cart essentials!

I like to hide some of the smaller nips in a cute cookie jar to style on my bar cart and I also have a marble cutting board too. This way everything is accessible when you are ready to make that cocktail and slice those limes.

Also, make sure your bar cart has all the tools it needs to make your favorite drinks too and of course the appropriate glasses.

Bar cart essentials such as ice bucket, wine glasses, bar cart tools.

A gold bar cart in the living room with a bottle of champagne in the ice bucket.

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Looking for ways to style your bar cart?! Check out this short video below!

I hope you enjoy date night as much as I do!   Cheers!

As always pals – Thanks for reading along!

Much Love,

Kori ~ from The Farmhouse Life

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