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Bold Brows! How to Shape and Fill Your Eyebrows

Are you on the quest for perfect brows? My easy tutorial will show you how to shape and fill your eyebrows!

A woman shaping her brows.
You may’ve noticed that prominent eyebrows have made a huge comeback. When I was in high school the style was the skinniest little caterpillar eyebrows. We plucked those things until they were almost gone. Over the years – thankful mine have gown back and with a few brow tools I’m able to have full brows again. Now, I’m not talking Brooke Shield brows in the 80s, but still full shapely brows. I look back to pictures of myself in high school and my face looks rounder. My weight has fluctuated slightly through the years… but I pretty much look the same. The only difference is that instead of my face looking round, It looks a little more oval. My secret is eyebrow shaping! Here I’ll show you how to get those full eyebrows you’ve been looking for
Here are the tools you’ll need to shape and fill your brows. I get my supplies at Ulta, but I’m sure most beauty supply stores will have them. When choosing your brow colors remember if you’re a brunette don’t choose black, but a darker brown and if you’re blonde don’t choose a yellow, but a very light brown.
  1. tweezers… I like tweezerman
  2. magnified mirror
  3. brow pomade
  4. brow powder
  5. brow tools
  6. brow gel
Drawing the lines to shape your brows.
The key is symmetry. Draw a line with the tip of your eyebrow angled brush from the corner of your eye diagonally out. This is where the start of your brow should begin. Next draw a line with your angled brush from about the center of your eye diagonal to the arch of your brow. Then draw a line from the other end of your eye crease up and out diagonally. This is where your eyebrow should end. This is the basic Shape of your brow.

Plucking Your Eyebrows

Now that you know the shape of your brows from the diagram above you’ll start the process of plucking your brows and allowing the spots to start to growing back where you’ve over-plucked. The magnified mirror helps to get those small stubborn hairs that you just can’t see.
First start with combing our your brows so all the hairs are going in the right direction using the brow tool with a comb end.
Next outline your eyebrow lightly with the brow pomade and the small angled brush. Once outlined, start filling in with the pomade.
Then use your brown powder to fill in the whole brow giving it a more natural look using the small angled brush. Lastly use your brow gel to comb over your brow and to lock in the color.
The perfect eyebrows shaped.
That’s it…Beautiful bold Brows that compliment your face shape!

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