Cleaning schedule to keep you sane during this quarantine – with free printable!

I have put together a cleaning schedule that is also a free printable for you to download!

Just call me Suzie Homemaker!

Not really, but it sort of feels that way being stuck at home trying to keep my house in order during this quarantine. I find myself cooking and cleaning a whole lot more. But really I’m just trying to make our home as peaceful for everyone as possible – including myself!

I don’t know if you are all like this – but my productivity depends on my environment. Meaning – if my environment is totally chaotic… you can totally bet my work for the day will not have been very productive. Working from home can be a challenge – but to make it work, I’ve found you have to figure out what makes you tick – and do it. For me, I know that I need a tidy house to start with and because the kids are doing distance learning they do need me close to help clarify or explain. So, I make sure to do all my tidying in the morning while they’re doing school because it’s mindless and being interrupted a 100 times is totally fine. Unlike trying to work and being interrupted.

Again, this works for me. I have a very flexible work schedule so I can push my work towards the end of the day. I use their quiet reading time, electronic time, and outside play to do my actual work. After all that is done, I do my “extra chores” for the day and start on dinner.

Bronze bathroom sink with a soap dish and brush.

Now, everyone’s chores are going to look different.

I print out a cleaning chart every week to keep me on track with keeping my house tidy and in order. This really just helps me be mindful of everything that needs to be done. Plus, it works as a visual on my fridge to remind me of what I should do that day. (Scroll to the bottom to download yours). He’s a screenshot of one week’s cleaning chart all filled out.

Weekly cleaning chart that you can write on.

Like I’ve said before…

I start my day tidying up the house while the kids are doing school. This is where I pick everything up. Any deep cleaning I add as my “extra chore” for the day. I try and only add one extra chore per day… otherwise, it’ll feel like all I’m doing is cleaning my home. So one day it might be to take care of all the floors in the house or clean the bathrooms. Another day might be to do the dusting and to wash the furniture down. I do try and do a load of laundry every day to stay on top of the endless laundry phenomenon. Then, I try and consider the bigger picture chores… You know the once a month chores. Like washing all 40 windows in our house 🤦🏻‍♀️. Yeah – those. I save those for Saturdays. And on Sundays, I wash all the sheets in the house.

Laundry basket that is wire.
So here my encouragement –

Try your best to create a home environment where you can prosper during this time of quarantine. If a tidy home helps make things easier for you to do that – I encourage you to first –

  1. Write out a list of all daily chores –  example… dishes, laundry, making beds, etc
  2. Write out a list of once a week chores – example… vacuuming, dusting, deep cleaning the bathroom, etc.
  3. Write out a list of monthly chores – example…wash windows, clean refrigerator, vacuum curtains, organize garage, resealing your countertops, etc.

Next, Print out my FREE downloadable printable weekly – or once and laminate it so you can put it up on the refrigerator and reuse it. Fill it out on Sundays and let it work as a visual aid!

Download the printable here! 

Ps – Looking for an effective DIY cleaner? Check out my post on the different uses of Castile soap! 

Alright – That’s it for me!

As always… Thanks for reading along!

Much Love,

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