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Cleaning schedule to keep you sane during this quarantine – with free printable!

I have put together a cleaning schedule that is also a free printable for you to download!

Just call me Suzie Homemaker!

Not really, but it sort of feels that way being stuck at home trying to keep my house in order during this quarantine.

I find myself cooking and cleaning a whole lot more. But really I’m just trying to make our home as peaceful for everyone as possible – including myself!

Cleaning and organization doesn’t come natural to me

If I’m being completely honest, cleaning and organization doesn’t come natural to me. I’m generally a fly by the seat of my pants – inspired in the moment kind of person.

And to keep a house clean and organized you really need to be habitual about keeping up on it. That’s why I’ve decided to create a 30 day challenge for myself.

30 day organization challenge

In this 30 days challenge, I’ll be doing a little cleaning and organizing every day. By the end, I’m hoping I’ll have picked up some new habits that will keep this house of mine running a little but smoother.

Consistency is key to creating new habits! And once that is accomplished, it will be like second nature!

We are a 100% effected by our environment!

I believe we are 100% effected by our environment! I notice when my home is cluttered and messy my stress level goes up by like ten notches. And when things are clean and organized, I feel so much joy that I end up being more efficient in my work!

Cleaning and organizing schedule to keep me accountable!

So in order to accomplish these goals – I’m creating a cleaning and organizing schedule to keep me accountable. Basically I’m going to create morning and afternoon routines where I do x,y, and z at the same time every day… mixing in a few new things to cover all the bases.

I’ve created a printable so you too can print it off and join me on this challenge!

Simply click the link here to print yours off today. Below I’ll show mine all filled out so you get an idea of my cleaning schedule, but feel free to fill yours out however you feel inspired!

Need more accountability on this cleaning/organization challenge?!

If you need more accountability on this cleaning challenge be sure to follow me over on Instagram AND watch my stories daily. Each day i’ll ask you what you cleaned/organized that day… and I’ll share what I did too!

Then, each week I’ll share a recap of all the projects i’ve worked on to inspire you!

My weekly cleaning/organizing schedule

Want to print off my cleaning schedule? Click here!

A basic run down of my cleaning schedule

So a basic run down of my cleaning schedule is to do all thine things I normally do in a day – make my bed, pick up my room, clean up after meals etc.

But now, adding in a few of these small daily tasks will help keep my house tidier overall.

For instance, If I empty the dishwasher first thing in the morning, then it will be empty all day long and will encourage everyone to put their dishes in it when they’re done. Eliminating a longer task later in the day.

Also, by simply putting in one load of laundry every morning takes minutes.. but if I wait and do all my laundry in one day – then I’ll have lost a whole day.

Then lastly, I’ll be picking one deep cleaning chore a day and one organizing task a day. This will keep me motivated while not feeling likes it’s an overkill. For instance, cleaning all my floors and emptying out and organizing my junk drawer will probably take 1ish hours. Totally doable!

Making your cleaning schedule

First, before you fill in your cleaning schedule, write out a list of all daily chores –  example… dishes, laundry, making beds, etc

  1. Write out a list of once a week chores – example… vacuuming, dusting, deep cleaning the bathroom, etc.
  2. Write out a list of monthly chores – example…wash windows, clean refrigerator, vacuum curtains, organize garage, resealing your countertops, etc.

Next, Print out my FREE downloadable printable weekly – or once and laminate it so you can put it up on the refrigerator and reuse it. Fill it out on Sundays and let it work as a visual aid!

Download the printable here!

Ps – Looking for an effective DIY cleaner? Check out my post on the different uses of Castile soap! 

Alright – That’s it for me!

As always… Thanks for reading along!

Much Love,

Kori from the farmhouse life

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