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Fall Butcher Paper Scroll Ideas

This easy fall decor idea includes butcher paper as a scroll!

I don’t know about you… but when it comes time to change the scroll on my butcher roll I’m left feeling unsure and uninspired! With Fall around the corner, I wanted an inspiring scroll to bring the season in –  in style! So I set out to find drool-worthy butcher block paper inspo!

With Pinterest at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to find inspiring decor. I’ve made it easier for you to find them all on one page! I’ve linked each image to its owners – so click away to check them out!

Butcher roll pumpkin patch scroll.


Don’t be afraid to use stencils on your butcher block paper roll! I love this one from Liz Marie Galvan… It’s a good mix of artisan freehand and stencils!

A pumpkin pie scroll recipe on the wall.

recipe board

I love the idea of putting a fall favorite recipe on your butcher paper roll!  It adds instant personality to your kitchen!  This one is from  Seekinglaverdarlane

Gather here scroll decor.

Adding greenery

Try drawing or adding real or faux greenery to your scroll! This is always a fun idea to bring some contrasting texture to your note scroll.

One of the reasons I love decorating with Butcher paper is because its sooo versatile and can be changed and transformed with every season… or whenever you feel like it! I love any home decor items that can be reused season after season… It’s great when you are working with a budget!

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