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High end Designer look for less with Studio Mcgee – 2022 Spring line at Target

If you’re like me, you love to find designer looks on a budget!

Well now, you don’t have to look much further than Target! I mean, I love shopping at Target normally, I can almost always find a cute decorative Item, or even new furniture when I need it.

But, Target has really stepped up its game! 

Target line Threshold has partnered with Studio McGee to create some beautiful home decor and products.

Let me tell you, they are perfect for a farmhouse or transitional themed home. This collection has wonderful earthy tones, with natural wood!

There are many pieces that let you play around with texture and color, while keeping that high end design look. 

What I really love about Targets Collaboration with Studio McGee is that it is guaranteed to have high quality products.

This means that even when I see the low prices at Target, I can trust that the quality won’t be sacrificed.

As these products go on sale, I’ll definitely be looking online to find my next bookshelf or comforter!

Maybe I can talk you into it too as I show off some of my favorite pieces in this line! 

Woven Wooden Console

*The links below are affiliate links. If used I make a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog of mine!

This console table is on sale right now for $245, and it is very tempting. I love the natural wood and the texture of the woven drawers!

You can even tell in the picture how great the style would look in my home!

This would be perfect to place behind a couch in the living room, or even be placed against the wall for extra storage and decorative space! 

The perfect Entryway table and styling!

Curved Wooden Bookshelf 

It is definitely hard to find a bookshelf with so much character and this inexpensive! It is $250 at Target right now.

I think this bookshelf would be great for not only books, but showcasing some of my favorite decorative items.

This bookshelf also has a natural wood look, and while it can be placed in the corner of a room, I believe it is definitely a staple piece to a living room or an office.

It might even find a perfect home in a reading nook! 

Lace Border Bedding 

Targets Studio McGee spring line doesn’t stop at furniture.

Look at this beautiful lace border bedding! It is only $129 at Target. It is hard to find high quality bedding at a good price these days.

This comforter is subtle and classy, while still giving that touch of character that is perfectly farmhouse! 

Or if you perfect pops of color check out this gorgeous blue and lace Spring comforter set!

Stone Round Serving Platter


I still very much appreciate the little things in this collection! This is a stone round serving platter, and it is only $19 right now!

Like I said, you can certainly count on these products being quality, even at such a low price.

In this picture, they showcase this platter as being perfect for charcuterie, but I can also see this earthy green working very well at my own table setting for dinner! 

Textured Cube Bench 

Finally, I wanted to showcase this cute textured cube bench! It is perfect as a coffee table or an ottoman, and it’s only $175?

I really love the fabric texture, and the clean striped pattern. This bench contrasts very nicely with the solid natural wood look, and can even partner with the wood’s texture in this collection.

I think this bench perfectly fits within the collection, and within a cozy farmhouse or transitional home! 

Transitional furniture and Living room styling

Wrapping Up

Did I talk you into getting anything from this collection yet? I’d be surprised if I didn’t! This collection also has wonderful pillows.

You could use the pillows with the lace bedding, but I may use them as a throw pillow in the living room! 

This collection also has an end table with beautiful wood texture, and wall decor that fit perfectly within this theme.

I love the way that this collection plays around with a milnimalist style, while having showcasing its character in creative ways.

I think Targets collaboration with Studio McGee has inspired my own home decor spirit!

It is so fun to find these products, and think of the perfect spot they can go in my home. 

Be sure to pin for later!

Talk soon,


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