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My 20 Minute Exercise Plan: How I’m Transforming My Body 20 Minutes at a Time

 I’ve been on a journey to create an exercise plan that I actually stick with and that will transform my body 20 minutes at a time. Here I’ll share the key to my success.

woman in black leggings and black sneakers with dumbbells and a water bottle.

Whether you are looking for weighloss or to build muscle, It can be hard to find what work outs and diets works best for you!  What works best for me is something that fits easily into my schedule, and is free! My workouts span about 20 minutes and I do them 6 days a week. 

Workout Videos 

I have found a few workout videos on youtube that are perfect for calorie burning and a total body workout. My favorite trainer is Rebecca-Louise on her channel and on the channel and XHIT Daily


I believe in the 80/20 rule. Working out is important, but I believe 80% of healthy living is in nutrition, and 20% is in working out. I am not one to count calories to keep up with a healthy diet, I just do my best to make healthy eating a habit – it needs do be apart of my every day habit so that I stick with it! 

My Schedule

woman with dumbells, laying on a yoga mat, looking for a workout on the computer.

Without further adieu, here is my usual weekly schedule. The videos are  7 to 10 minutes long, so two of them gets my heart rate going for 20 minutes a day. 

Monday: Arm and Abs day

I follow XHIT Daily’s How To Lose Arm Fat. Rebecca-Louise does Shoulder presses and triceps extensions to make me sore but brings results! 

I also do the XHIT Daily’s 10-minute Ab Workout to work on my upper body and core strength! The flutter kicks where I have to keep my legs straight and the side planks are brutal but work! 

Tuesday: Leg and Butt Day 

I follow the same 7-minute video for legs, and I follow Rebecca Louise’s Tone Thighs & Build Booty. This one has a lot of squats and leg lifts to help tone your butt! 

For legs, I follow the video No Equipment Toned Sexy Legs in 7 Minutes. It has side lunges on the right and left sides, reverse lunges and squats that build my leg muscles!

Wednesday: Arm and Abs Again! 

Thursday:  Leg and Butt Day Again! 

Friday: Arms and Abs Again! 

Saturday: Legs and Butt Again! 

Sunday: Rest Day 

I don’t follow any videos on Sunday, but I will take the chance to go for a walk or a hike on these days to keep my body moving! 

woman flexing her arm in a before shot.
Woman flexing her arm showing her muscle.
Woman in an after shot flexing her ab muscles.


It can be hard to keep the routine going every day sometimes, but I know it’s worth it! I know that this method is what helped me get the best results! If you need some inspiration yourself, I have a few books that keep me going: 

How not to die: Dr. Greger

In defense of food: Micheal Pollan

Lean habits for life long weight loss

Thanks for reading along, friends!

Much Love,

Kori ~ The Farmhouse Life

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