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Table Setting For Any Occasion

I will show you how to create a table setting that you can use for any occasion!

Ok… so you’re having a party and want to make a great impression by having a beautiful tablescape. Or Maybe you just want a beautiful table setting to display in your dining room as decor. Whatever your reasons, here I can show you the etiquette in table setting and the essential foundation needed to set a beautiful table.

This rustic table setting above is simple… but very beautiful! The gorgeous wood is the backdrop for this neutral pallet. The simple but fresh eucalyptus gives this tablescape that pop of color. Add the linen table runner and the classic white plates and you’ve got yourself a beautiful set table.

The first place to start when setting your table is to decide if you want a tablecloth or to go bare table. This will help you determine if you should use placemats or not and or a table runner.

I’d recommend using placemats if you’re not using a tablecloth. Using one or the other adds to the layering of your tablescape. Layering is key because it adds dimension.

You can also use both if your placemat is not a cloth material but a hemp or wood to add contrast. The picture above doesn’t have placemats or a tablecloth  –  but works because of the bottom gold ringed plate. This just gives it a little more visual interest.

Next, you can decide on your centerpiece. You can go with garland and candles like above, or do something completely different. The choice is yours.

This one works so beautifully because of the wooden cake stand in the middle. It just adds something special to the green eucalyptus garland.

Your tablescape is just like decorating your home. When you walk into a room you want one focal point for the eye to be drawn.

Everything else should be a neutral that compliments that one focal point. When setting your table, keep that in mind. Let your backdrop be neutral and have one focal point. Whether that be your centerpiece or bold dishes you want to display.

Lastly, using basic table setting etiquette you can set your dishes and silverware. Remember –  your plate in the middle (obviously lol) with your fork to the left and your knife and spoon to the right. The knife goes closest to the plate, blade side in with the spoon to its right.

Your fork or forks would go salad fork then dinner fork with the dinner fork being closest to the plate. Your salad fork would be the smaller of the forks.

Then you can set your cups. It all depends on what kind of party you’re having… but generally you want your tea or coffee cup to go above your spoon with the handle toward the right.

Then your water and wine glases would go to the left of the coffee cup. You certainly don’t have to offer all of those glasses, but depending on the kind of party you’re having, some would be nice.

That’s basically the general basis for setting a table. Below I have step by step pictures in my dining room on how to set a table. I like to keep mine set all the time to add to the decor of the room.

We generally eat in the breakfast nook in my kitchen so this room can stay neat and pretty until company comes and we can entertain.

table with Christmas garland.
Table setting for Christmas
Christmas table setting

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