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Top ten tips to having an effective home office

2020 was the year that so many people began their work from home journey. Some have already worked from home, while others had to adjust fast! You can already guess that a home office was top on peoples lists.

I’ve gotten used to working from home, so I’ve got my own tips and tricks. I also have noticed how everyone else has begun to settle in the work from home life.

It can be a very comfortable place to work, but I know that my environment has to stay productive! The way I do that is by always making sure I have my essentials and updating my workspace every so often. 

What is the best setup for a home office?

Every home office needs to work for the person using it! That’s the beauty of working from home- you can make it work for you, whatever that may mean! I think a work from home office needs to be in a designated productive space. It’s always hard to work in the bedroom when the bed is always tempting you to take a nap! 

In the designated workspace, you can decorate it with your own style. I love going to target or office depot to get some fun work from home accessories. 

What are office essentials?

Some office essentials are organizational tools, like a planner and a notebook. A lot of work nowadays is done on a computer, no paper needed, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be useful! I still like a pencil holder and a way to leave post-it notes and reminders when I need them! 

What office supplies do I need for my home office?

This is where back to school shopping comes in handy too! All the school supplies and organizational ideas are right there in a designated section and end caps! Some office supplies that can make the best home office set up for productivity is colored pens, post-it notes, a note tablet that’s easy to leave a reminder on. I also like using to-do lists so that I don’t have to worry about the task until I cross off the one before it! 

What does every work from home office need?

Every home office needs to be convenient and something that you feel productive in every day. If it’s hard for you to get settled in your workspace, it’s going to be hard for you to sit in it for your work hours and feel satisfied. It’s the little things that can make the space feel easy to be in. 

Have extension outlets, so you don’t have to worry about where to charge your devices. Have a speaker in your workspace so that you can play productive music or simply white noise if

that works best for you. You can even put a coffee machine in your workspace if having that convenience is what makes a difference to your daily work! 

My home office essentials 2021 

  1. Your Computer

 My computer is my baby when it comes to getting work done! 

  1. Internet Access 

 I always hate having to wait for things to load, it slows down my workday and my momentum! I always try to make sure my internet connection is strong enough! 

  1. Your Desk 

 It’s key to have a comfortable desk you can sit in for your workday. 

  1. A Good Chair 

 A chair with wheels is the classic way to go, but you can choose something that feels more comfortable to you! 

  1. Adequate Lighting

 This has two points here, you need some good lighting so you can see what you are doing, but having alternate warm lighting that relaxes the vibe a bit is awesome! If I’m not knee-deep in some tasks, but I have to check some things on my list,  I like to put some cozy lights on! 

  1. Reading area 

Sometimes it’s nice to switch things up when I’m working. A designated reading area helps me relax, and it gives me a new place to work if I’m tired of my desk. 

  1. Shelves for storage

It’s always important to keep the workspace organized so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Have some shelves that you can keep work-related papers, books for pleasure, and even some decoration! 

  1. Printer

My Nourished Home says that having a printer is a must in a home office. Depending on what you do, you may have to print some forms out or other resources.

I like to print things out because it’s always good to have a second copy of things like receipts! 

9. Calendar

There are so many ways you can keep a calendar in your office. You can have it on the wall, on your desk, you can keep a planner! Working from home can make the days bleed together, so a calendar can help separate the days a bit!

10.Home office organizer

A wall organizer can be a lifesaver for remembering tasks and events. There is usually a pot fr you to put important papers, a calendar, and a to-do list! Its all-in-one, and you can pick one that fits with your style! 

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