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Beddys bedding and the 5 reasons it’s the best bedding for kids!

There’s An easier, better way to make your kids bed! I’ve recently partnered with Beddys to try out their bedding for my boy’s room. They’ve graciously sent me their bedding for my boys rooms and I’m not going to lie… I’m pretty obsessed.

I have to be honest, this was one partnership that I have been itching to do! I have been a huge fan of their bedding for quite some time, but I was totally scared off by the price.

So I never made the switch. Now, having them for about a month I’m totally kicking myself for not switching sooner. The kids are making their beds every day and it looks perfect every time!

They’re staying in their beds all night long which makes mom and dad happy and washing their bedding is easier than ever.

I’ve already promised my daughter that I’ll order her a set this week! This bedding has seriously saved me time, stress, and has given me peace of mind! It’s absolutely the best bedding out there for kids and I’ve put together the top 5 reasons why Beddy’s ROCKS! Plus, Beddy’s has graciously offered a 15% discount code to all of my readers. Use THEFARMHOUSELIFE15 at checkout. CLICK HERE! *Affiliate link

Beddy’s is the easiest bedding to make

Reason one is that this bedding has to be the easiest bedding to make! Literally one zip and the bed looks perfectly made every time.

It saves me time in the morning because the kids can make their own beds every day and I don’t have to re-make them – if you know what I mean.

Putting Beddys bedding on the kid’s mattresses took less than 5 minutes! Seriously, I just unrolled it and put the bedding on like a fitted sheet and voila. Done!

You can wash all your Beddy’s bedding in one load!

Reason number 2 is that washing isn’t an all day ordeal anymore! I used to separate the sheets and the pillowcases from the blanket and the comforter.

This turned into 3 or 4 loads of laundry. Then drying everything is just a pain in the butt! Beddys has changed all that for me! Now, washing has turned into one load and one dry cycle every 2 weeks! It’s been a major time saver and a life changer for me!

For twin beddys bedding, they recommend throwing the whole set in the wash completely zippered up and using cold water. Also, be sure to take the bedding out of the washer right away and tumble dry on low.  It’s super easy and quick!

Beddys feels like a sleeping bag for kids!

Reason number 3 is that it feels like being zipped up in a sleeping bag! Since my 4-year-old transitioned out of the toddler bed, it’s not uncommon for him to roll right out of bed at night and hit the floor.

 I’m sure we’re all so familiar with the sound they make when hitting the floor. Sometimes they sleep right through it! Beddys keeps my kids zippered up so they stay put! It’s a great alternative to using a bed rail.

No need to worry about their blankets falling off at night either because Beddys all-in-one bedding stays zipped up all night long . My kids describe it as a big hug snuggling them up at night! Which in turn keeps them in their beds all night long and out of my bed – which helps me sleep better.

Beddys bedding is so soft and cozy!

Reason 4 is that Beddys is an all-in-one bedding, meaning its the whole package! It includes the sheet, cuddle blanket, and comforter all wrapped into one!

The set comes with a matching pillowcase and coordinating sham. There’s a minky cuddle blanket sewn into the comforter and it’s ridiculously soft and comfortable!

The best part is that it includes a comfort panel that gives extended coverage and protection from the zipper. So when my boys are snuggled in their beds they don’t feel the zipper, just the soft minky blanket.

The comforter and sheets are made of 100% cotton with a 300 thread count. The boys definitely have the best bedding in the house. I actually find myself staying and cuddling a little longer than needed at bedtime… I can’t help it! That minky material is amazingly soft!

Beddys bedding is high quality and super durable!

Reason 5: Beddys bedding is all handmade and has exceptional quality. I was a little nervous about the zipper functionality.

I was afraid it would get caught and the zipper would break.  After receiving my boys Beddys, I realized that the zippers are heavy duty and they zip up quite smoothly.

The fabric is also incredibly durable. The quilted, 100% cotton exterior makes it look like the quilt is tucked in nicely! There’s also elastic around the bottom of the bedding to hold it tightly in place so it doesn’t shift.

Pros and cons to beddy’s bedding

The biggest reason I didn’t pull the trigger earlier on this bedding was because of the price. It starts at about $250 and for a momma of three that adds up real quick!

I soon realized that the cost of sheets and pillowcases, a blanket, and a comforter with a coordinating sham would probably total up to about the same price.

Plus, the quality is out of this world and I know that my boys Beddys bedding will last a very long time. There are so many pros to Beddys bedding (Affiliate link) that it’s hard to pick my favorite.

I mean it’s easy to put on, zipper up, clean,  and not to mention they come in some really cute patterns! I’d probably have to say that I’ve noticed a real difference in my children’s sleeping patterns and for this momma, I’ll do just about anything to help my kids sleep better at night! – and for that, I say Thank you Beddys for creating a one of a kind bedding that makes my kids think they’re getting a hug all night long.

don’t take it from me – take it from this guy!

Beddys discount code

Beddys has graciously extended a 15% discount code for all my readers on any of their bedding sets! (Affiliate link) CLICK HERE and use code THEFARMHOUSELIFE15 at check out! I know you won’t regret it, I certainly don’t! I’m going to cash in on this coupon code to buy my daughter a set.. she’s already asked me like 20 times today.

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