Welcome! My name is Kori and I’m so grateful you’re here!

Years ago my husband and I had a dream to leave city life behind and take residence somewhere in the woods. We wanted our family to be raised with values that farm life provides. My husband grew up on a farm and I’ll tell ya… It’s evident in his work ethic. I want my kids to know how to work hard for something that doesn’t always allow for an immediate reward.

Here on the farm we have pigs, chickens, turkeys, a bunch of cats, and one very special dog! Our Mona is a livestock guardian dog which means she’s a working class dog. She watches over our farm animals making sure no predators come our way.

We also enjoy gardening and eating from our land. So from time to time you’ll see me sharing my favorite recipes too! Mostly though, I share about our renovation progress from our 1700s farmhouse. There’s definitely been a few bumps in the road due to old houses being wonky, but it’s been worth every minute!