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DIY Farmhouse Easter Tablescape – on a Budget!

Here I’ll show you my DIY farmhouse Easter Tablescape – and I’ll show you how YOU can create yours on any budget!

Spring is almost here which can only mean one thing, it’s time to start planning that DIY farmhouse Easter tablescape! Here I’ll show you how you can create yours on any budget!

Even though I get excited for yet another seasonal holiday to decorate for, I have to carefully plan out a budget and try my best to use what I have and strategically implement new items to plan my tablescape. This way I stay within my budget. I wholeheartedly believe you can decorate on any budget!

Easter table setting on a budget

Feel the freedom to be creative without the guilt

It wasn’t until I set a budget for myself with each new project that I finally felt the freedom to be creative without the guilt! I’ve gotten into trouble in the past by blowing our budget too many times on decor that just keeps changing.

It wasn’t until I set a monthly budget for decor and started saving for staple pieces that I could layer into “new looks”  that I finally felt the freedom to decorate for every season and holiday without blowing our budget.

Creating an Easter tablescape for around $20

I was able to Create my Easter tablescape for around $20. Essentially, I had all the other staple pieces to create the look and I just needed a few new pieces to pull the look together.

Below I’ll show you how I got my tablelscape look for such an affordable price!

Farmhouse table setting on a budget

Add Layers on your Easter tablescape

To add dimension and depth to your tablescape, add different layers to your Easter Tablescape. Simply by adding different colors and textures to your table will make it more visually interesting

The pinestrip runner I bought on Etsy, but You could easily make on for dollars at your local fabric store. I also used some eucalyptus garland that I’ve had for years. Micheals sell them for around $20… but they often run 50% off sales. I’d wait to catch one on sale. It’ll last you forever!

farmhouse table setting on a budget

The most multifunctional item in your house… the Mason jar!!

I love mason jars because they are most certainly the most multifunctional Item you’ll have in your house.Not only are they perfect for canning, but great for drinking glasses, and vases for your flowers!

They’re my favorite little kept secret. They’re also very inexpensive so I keep them stocked pilled in my attic.So I grabbed a few to use in my Easter tablescape as vases this year. This bouquet I grabbed at check out for only a few bucks! Score!

Easter table setting

Don’t be afraid to get thrifty!

Never be afraid to get thrifty! I have miss matched white dishes form thrift store that all work nicely together because of their color.

I also picked up some cute bunnies for my Easter tablescape a the dollar store and used a white chalk paint to make them look more rustic.

And to make my farmhouse Easter tablescape more personal, I made place cards that all said happy Easter! I grabbed a stamp set at Michael’s for around $5 and set tot work.


A small budget can go along way

My Small budget Farmhouse Easter tablescape certainly went along way, and yours can too! Just remember to set a budget, invest in staple pieces, get thrifty, and of course get crafty!

farmhouse table settings on a budget

And to add a pop of color to my Farmhouse Easter tablescape… I added succulents!

I needed a bit more color in my tablescape, so I picked a up a few succulents at the Home Depot at about a dollar a piece. They were pretty small which is why they were so affordable. I popped them in a copper tin set. Which actually is supposed to be used as an office organizer to sort pencils and such. But also works great as a little planter too!

To help tie in the succulents I picked up a few bottles of  S.Pelleorino sparkling water. Not only does it tie in the colors for my tablescape, but my guests can help themself to a drink as well!

Decorating on a budget it doable –  It just requires on some planning!

Decorating on a budget is totally doable It just requires self-control, planning, and a little DIY. Once you get the hang of shopping for staple pieces, creating different looks gets easier and easier. I was able to create this farmhouse Easter tablescape for less than $20 and it will easily transition into a Spring tablescape.

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farmhouse easter table setting

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful tips! You have inspired me to hunt for white dishes, and I agree that it is okay that they don’t match. But honestly I would not have thought of that until I saw your post. I have searched for large sets of dishes because I host Easter and Thanksgiving at my house. I can have between 15-20 for dinner. I’m off to hit Goodwill to find white dishes 🙂

    1. Yes! Good luck… White dishes seem to always be in abundance when I’m thrifting. I’ll send you good vibes today In hopes that you find some! I also host a few holiday parties which is why we build such a large table… but hosting can add up quickly which is why saving money on your table setting is soo important!
      Thanks for reading along!

      1. Hi Korilyn, I hit the jackpot at Goodwill for cream colored dishes!! Your good vibes worked! I think I got 19 dinner plates and 20+ dessert plates as well as some serving pieces. It will be fun to shop for more serving pieces. Thank you again for the awesome idea.

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