boys bedroom, red valances, desk and wooden dresser

Kids bedroom decorating ideas for boys

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Uncategorized | March 31, 2021

Looking for Decorating ideas for boys? Here I’ll show how I decorated my boys room; answering your questions and giving ideas along the way!

My boys room was in need of some TLC! Not only was their rug needing to be replaced, but they were feeling that their room was too “little kid’ish” and didn’t feel their space reflected their personalities!

So, I set out to create a kids bedroom that inspired them to do all things boys want to do in their room like read, play legos, draw comics. etc.

As I update my boys room decor I’ll be sure to answer your decorating questions and try and give you lots of ideas for decorating your kids rooms.

What’s the best way to decorate a kids bedroom?

You might be asking yourself what’s the best way to decorate a kids bedroom? Where do I start? What elements do I need to make sure I add to my boys space?

Well, I always say, start by making a list of all the activities your kids like to use their space for? Do they love to read? Then add a bookshelf to easily display all their books. Add a cozy chair that they can curl up in to read.

Maybe your boys like to play legos but you aren’t sure where to store them all? This is where I ran into trouble. My boys bedroom was completely covered in legos leaving no room to walk around! The solution was under the bed lego storage bins! This way they can slide out their bins to play legos whenever they want, but when they’re through, they can just tuck them away back under the bed so they aren’t in the way!

When decorating a kids bedrooms It’s always best to pick a theme that reflects their personality. This way, once you have that theme you can easily coordinate decor to piggie-back off that idea.

My boys love to play outside and in the woods. They love to explore. So, I went went a map/adventure theme. And this theme was pretty easy to find coordinating decor.

What are the best boys room ideas?

If you’re wondering what are the best boys room ideas when considering a theme, then I’d say first check out Pinterest. Simply type in boys room theme ideas and you’ll be shown thousands of options.

Try and pick something that reflects what stage your boys are in and their interests.

I found some really inexpensive boys room decor at Hobby Lobby, including an awesome large map! These items fit in so well with my overall theme!

The best way to organize a kids room

The best way to organize a kids room is to try and work their favorite toys, books, or games into the layout of their room.

For instance, my boys like to draw comics. So I make sure to add a desk with all their “comic” supplies. This way they’re accessible and organized in the desk drawers.

They also love to read. So I added a cozy reading nook for them to curl up and read in. I also added a reading light over their bed to make it easier to read at night.

Don’t forget to utilize all the space in their room. This includes under their beds, desk, closets, and bookshelves.

Adding plastic containers to sort out things like Pokemon cards and storing them under their beds or in their closets will help everything stay organized.

What colors are suitable for kids bedroom? And why?

This is an interesting question and I think it has many answers. First, choose a color that is going to fit in well with the theme you’ve chosen always comes first. That will still leave many color choices available.

Next, I’d say look for colors that are categorized as being “calming”. Because at the end of the day we want our boys bedrooms to be relaxing for them to catch some zzzs at the end off the day.

If all else fails and you still aren’t sure, stick with something neutral like a creamy white or off-white or even gray.

Where to find kids room decor?

My favorite place to find kids room decor is Hobby Lobby. They have a great kids section that can accommodate lots of different themes. I was able to grab a lot of different signs to create murals in my boys room.

I also needed a new rug for my boys room. I ended up snagging one on Overstock for a steal of a price. I love the way the pattern fits in with my boys bedding.

My favorite bedding for my boys are hands down beddys. They have the best features and my boys are obsessed with them. Read about it here to see if they’re a good fit for your kids room.

I hope you’re feeling inspired! Be sure to pin for later!

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wooden ceilings, gold mirror, sitting room with gray chairs

Boho Farmhouse Spring decorating ideas + whole house tour!

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Uncategorized | March 25, 2021

Come see how I’ve decorated my house for Spring with boho farmhouse vibes! I’m doing a whole house tour and can’t wait to share all the details with you!

Welcome! Thank you so much for being here! If you came over from Leen at Sanddollarlane… Thanks for popping by! I just love what Leen has done with her home and all her Spring touches! Simply beautiful!

And of course a big thanks to Kelly and Mansa for hosting this blog hop! It’s always such a blast and I always walk away feeling so inspired!

Alright.. let’s get this tour started!

First stop on this boho farmhouse Spring home tour… the Dining room!

I love to decorate my dining room for Spring. After a long winter I’m all about bringing in all the Spring florals and wreaths to brighten things up!

In keeping with my boho farmhouse style, I kept things neutral in this space except for my pops of bold colors. Although, I have to say my favorite feature has to be my eucalyptus wreath with the pink spring florals tucked inside. And isn’t it cool hung over the butcher paper roll?!

Second stop on my Spring home tour is my boho farmhouse style sitting room!

My sitting room Is my favorite place to sit, have a cup of coffee, and relax and read a good book! Those oversized arm chairs are so cozy you just sort of sink into each chair and never want to leave.

It brings me so much joy to look up from my book and see Spring decor! I wholeheartedly believe that we are influenced by our environment. That’s why I love to decorate for each new season. It brings me so much joy!

Third stop on this Spring home tour is my boho farmhouse style family room!

Every house needs a large and cozy room with a comfy couch that everyone can pile on. We love to snuggle up and watch a movie or play a board game in our family room.

We spend a lot of time in here which is why I like to add Spring home decor touches to brighten my families moods – since we all spend so much time in there!

Lastly, but surely not least… my bedroom and the guest bedroom!

It’s always fun to add some bright colors and some florals to any space for Spring… so why not our bedrooms too!

I generally go with traditional all-year decor in the bedrooms and occasionally will add in seasonal decor with wreaths, pillows, and florals. I know how much joy it brings me to see it – I want my guests to feel that way too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my boho farmhouse spring house tour! Be sure to head over and checkout Lindsay at Aratariathome! I know you’ll leave feeling inspired!

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Easter table display with cherry blossum flowers and wooden easter bunnies

6 simple steps to creating an easy Easter tablescape this Spring

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DIY | March 23, 2021

With 6 simple steps you too can create an easy Easter tablescape. Plus, I’ll show you how to make this tablescape last all Spring long!

Can you believe that it’s already Spring and Easter is just weeks away?! I told myself this year I was going create an Easter tablescape early that way I didn’t miss out on all the cute stuff before they sell out!

AND I really wanted to try and use some home decor items I already have and only add in a few new things. This way I can still freshen things up without killing my budget!

I decided to really go neutral this year for my Easter tablescape. I wanted it to have more of a Spring vibe that way, after Easter, I could just remove the bunnies and Easter eggs and keep my tablescape for the rest of the Spring season. Alright, let’s get to creating!

Step one: Add texture by using a tablecloth or a table runner

Start by adding your favorite tablecloth or runner to your table. Because I wanted to create more of a rustic tablscape this year I decided to add a jute runner.

Jute runners are so great because they add a different texture to the mix. I also added my favorite ticking table runner as well. This just make things more visually interesting.

Step two: Add your focal point

Next, be sure to pick one focal point in the center of your Easter tablescape. Otherwise, it can seem to busy and people don’t know exactly where to look.

I decided to make my Spring florals my centerpiece.  Yes, there are two vases but it works because one is taller than the other so they sort of go together as one unit.

Step three: Add your accent decor to your Easter tablescape

Next, add your accent decor to your Easter tablescape. This is where you get to have a little fun! I used coordinating wooden accents in my bead garland, Easter basket, and wooden Easter bunnies.

I also repeated the same few colors over and cover again to try and tie everything together. Otherwise, it can look random and misplaced.

Step four: Add warmth by adding candles to your Easter display

Adding candles is such a great way to add warmth to your Easter tablescape display. Bright and white is always beautiful, but adding warmth just makes everything cozier.

To warm things up I used some pillar candles which I already have and added some cute Easter egg ones as well.

Step five: Table setting with all the essentials

The nest step is to set your Easter table with all the essentials. This is where you want to add anything that your guests might need for dinner. I used my white threshold plates from Target. They’re beautiful and so versatile! I use them all the time!

Next, I paired them with some gold flatware also from Target. Then I added some neutral cloth napkins. I also wanted to add a pop of color so I used some green hobsnail glasses.

Step six: Add a personal touch to each place setting on your Easter tablescape

For the last and final step, add a personal touch to each place setting. Last year, I added personalized postcards to each plate, but this year I wanted to go a little more simple.

I landed on Easter candy… Because no one can say no to a Reese’s Easter egg!

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planter on table with flowers inside. candles on the table

5 steps to creating a beautiful dollar store centerpiece

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Decor and Styling | February 27, 2021

In 5 simple steps I transformed a $3 planter from the dollar store into a beautiful centerpiece! Just in time for Spring!

I know what you’re thinking… you can’t turn dollar store supplies into a centerpiece for Spring. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can!

In 5 simples steps I’ll show you how to level up a cheap planter from the dollar store using a little joint compound, water, plaster of Paris, paint, and dirt (yes, you heard that right!

Step NO. 1: Apply the joint compound.

The first step I did to level up this dollar store planter was to apply the joint compound. I used a small paint brush to apply it.

Once I had an even coat applied to the whole planter I let it dry over night.

Step NO.2: Apply the Plaster of Paris mixture

The second step is the Plaster of Paris mixture. To make the mixture it’s just 1/4 cup of water to 1/2 cup of plaster of Paris. Stir until the mixture thickens up. Apply a generous amount all over the dollar store planter.

Believe me, this step will make all the difference in adding texture to really level up this centerpiece!

It’s ok if the mixture is a little on the watery side. It’ll thicken as you go. Apply a generous amount of the mixture all over the planter. Work quickly! The mixture may get too hard if this process takes too long. You may have to add a bit more water to get the right consistency again. Let the planter dry for 2-3 hours.

Step NO.3: Dap on the paint

The third step is to take a paper towel and ball it up to dab on the paint. I’m using Glidden off-white. The reason I’m dabbing it on instead of painting it on is because I want it to have a speckled look instead of the surface being completely covered. Let the paint dry 2-3 hours


Step NO. 4: Rub dirt all over it

Once the paint is completely dry, I rubbed dirt all over the dollar store planter. I know this sounds so funny, but this will give the soon to be centerpiece a more of antique-look.

Brush off any access once finished. I also re-dabbed a few more paint spots afterwards to help it blend a bit more too.

Step NO.5: Add florals to create the centerpiece

Lastly, I added my florals to make a beautiful centerpiece. My florals are from the dollar store and from Micheals.

I started with some tape to make a grid to hold the flowers where I wanted them. Then I stuck in my florals in-between all the grids.

 Be sure to pin for later!

And done! I turned this $3 planter from the dollar store into a beautiful centerpiece for my Spring table!

Thanks for reading along!

living room with red rug

Top 5 places to buy affordable rugs

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Entertaining | February 24, 2021

Looking for places to buy rugs but are scared off by the prices? I’ve gathered the top 5 places to buy AFFORDABLE rugs to take the guess work out.

I get asked by a lot of readers where I buy my rugs. The short answer is lots of places. But what people really want to know is where they can buy affordable rugs. 

I decided to write a post to answer this question coincidentally because I am shopping for a new rug for my dining room.

Right now I have a large tribal print rug under my dining room table and I’m looking for something more boho.

So while I shop for the perfect rug to go under my dining room table I thought I’d share my favorite places to buy affordable rugs!

Shop NO. 1: Ruggable

I absolutely love a Ruggable rug! If you aren’t familiar with Ruggable rugs they are washable rugs. It’s basically a two part system with a rug pad and top layer that peels on and off easily. This way when it gets dirty or there’s a spill it can easily be removed and thrown in the washing machine.

Shop NO. 2: Boutique Rugs

Another one of my favorite places to buy affordable rugs is Boutique rugs. They always seem to have a rather large coupon code to use at checkout sometimes taking hundreds of dollars off the price!

Currently If you use code Winter60 at checkout you can get 60% off! Check it out here!

Shop NO. 3: Rugs USA

Rugs USA is another great place to buy affordable rugs. Not only do they have great sales that run all the time, but they also have a HUGE variety of styles.

What I love most about Rugs USA is that they recommend similar styles based off or your rug selection. Which is so great! I generally buy one of their selections instead of the rug I went there looking for.

Cozy farmhouse guest bedroom refresh on a budget

Shop NO. 4: Wayfair

Another great shop that sells affordable rugs is Wayfair. Not only do they have a huge selection of beautiful rugs, but when it comes to home decor… they sell literally everything!

Prices are also great and shipping is free when you spend over $35 – which is easy to do when you’re buying a rug!

How to transition from Christmas decor to winter decor

Shop NO. 5: Target

The last affordable shop is of course the one and only Target! Not only is Target the shop I go to often for really anything I need, but they have such a great variety of rugs available online only!

My absolute favorite rug I have in my home and the one I get the most compliments on is my round Target rug! It’s super inexpensive and if you have a redcard you get an extra discount!

That’s it for now, Thank you so much for reading along!


pink pillows on white bedding and doll stuffed animal

5 must have design features every little girl needs in her bedroom

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Decor and Styling | February 23, 2021

  I’ve narrowed down the top 5 design features to add to every little girls bedroom. Our space should reflect the personality of the owner; encouraging us to be us! The same goes for our kids rooms too!

Well, After 5 years with pink and peonies walls my 9 year old has had her fill. She is ready to call it quits and is reaching for something a bit more “sophisticated”.

I told her that I want her space to be a reflection of her! So together we searched high and low to figure out what her favorite colors where, what style is her favorite, and what elements would bring her joy!

After sorting through her personal preferences, I’ve come up with a plan to implement her style AND 5 design features I believe every little girl needs in her room.

NO.1: Add a comfy spot that they can’t wait to dive into

I’d say the most important feature in a little girls bedroom is to make sure they have the comfiest beds that they just can’t wait to cuddle up ad catch some zzz’s in.

My absolute favorite kids bedding is Beddys. They have the best bedding for kids because it takes them seconds to make their bed every day. Literally they zip up the sides and they’re done! Read more about it here!

white bed with pink pillows and pink wall. white tall dresser

No.2: Design an area where they can do their favorite things!

Designing an area where they can do their favorite things is so important when designing a little girls room. This is going to look different for every girl because all little girls are different!

My daughter had a rather large area to play with her American Girls dolls, but I’m sad to say she’s growing out of that stage.

Now, she’s into crafts and sewing. In our new design plan we will be taking all the dolls toys out and adding in a large craft table and cube storage so she can craft and sew to her hearts content!

large art work you are fearfully and wonderfully made

No. 3: An area for school and reading

Adding an area for little girls to read and do their school work is also an important design feature. Especially with remote school being so relevant these days. It’s important to create an inviting space that encourages them to do those things.

white desk shelf with plant and pink globe

mosquito next with pink ribbons

No.4: Adding a spot to store toys

Be sure to add a spot when designing their room to store all of their toys when they’re not being played with.

My daughter has a rather large trunk at the foot of her bed that we store all her stuffed animals and costumes in.

Since she’s growing our out the costume phase we’ll probably use it now to store things like board games and smaller toys.

white bedding with coeval mirror and pink wall with flowers

No.5: Choosing design features that suites them and sparks joy!

Lastly, I’d say at the end of the day, It’s their room and they have to live in it. It should spark joy! Letting them pick the color palette and textures is so important.

This is the phase we are in now. My daughter has opted out of pink and we are in for a change. She is thinking of a fun blue floral wallpaper. Check out the design plan below!

She’s decided that she wants to go Bold with wall to wall wallpaper and I commend her for it! We’ll do bright and neutral everywhere else that way nothing completes with the fun wallpaper. And tie in the teal in fun pops like pillows and throw blankets

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That’s it for now, thanks so much for reading along!


Boys sharedroom desdign plan-2

Boys shared bedroom design plan and update

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DIY | February 22, 2021

Today I’m making a plan to change up the design plan and update my boys shared bedroom.

MY eldest (11) has recently expressed his feelings about having bedroom decor that says “lil man cave” on the wall and has requested something for “bigger kids”. So today I’m creating a mood board with a kid approved design plan to make both boys feel like their room is more of a reflection on them.

To start: I’m taking down all the old decor

I guess the only place to start is a thorough cleaning and to rid the room of all of the old decor.

We have framed art that says lil man cave, mommas little bears, and many more (I’m sure embarrassing) sayings on the wall. Those will all come down to make room for “bigger kids stuff.

Next, I’ll Pick a theme to make both boys in this shared space happy

Originally we had a campout theme in their room shared room. They had a tent next to their small bookshelf and a bean bag chair to read in. Since then, I’ve taken the tent down to allow for more room for a wall mounted book shelf. This has really opened the space up.

large bookshelf with colored books

We’re keeping the Beddys Bedding we have on both of the boys beds. It’s my absolute favorite bedding for kids. Read all about it here!

We’ve gathered a few prints that have more to do with travel and maps that I think we’re going to try to incorporate. So good by to the campout theme and hello to travel theme.

Lastly, time to get shopping!

I’m keeping most of the furniture and am adding a desk. But I’m swapping out the rug to something more cozy, adding some new bedding, and need to come up with a creative lego area.

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I also have a discount code for 15% off Beddys Bedding. Use THEFARMHOUSELIFE15 at checkout  here:This is the DASH bedding

Alright, That’s it for now. Next, I’ll need to gather everything so I can give this shared bedroom a refresh!

Cozy farmhouse guest bedroom refresh on a budget

Cozy farmhouse guest bedroom refresh on a budget

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DIY | February 19, 2021

Cozy farmhouse guest bedroom refresh on a budget

Today, I’m doing a cozy farmhouse guest bedroom refresh and on a budget none the less! It was time I gave my guest bedroom some cozy farmhouse vibes, like the rest of my house.

I noticed my guest bedroom looking a little mismatched due to it being a room that doesn’t get used a whole lot. Plus, it was getting second picks for decorations and needed a cohesive look.

So, I decided to make a plan, mix up some chalk paint, and give this guest room a proper refresh!

To start, I Made a design plan and picked a budget

I decided the direction I wanted to go in was cozy farmhouse. I wanted to pull in as many creamy whites and off-whites as I could.

The wallpaper was one of the first things I did when we moved into our new home. I’m still just as in love with it as I was the day I applied it to the walls.

I didn’t want anything to compete with the wallpaper, so everything else I was going to add needed to be neutral.

A lot of the furniture I already had was dark wood and mismatched. I didn’t have a budget to buy any new furniture, so I decided to mix up some chalk paint.

This just left the bedding. I gave myself $100 to buy some new bedding that was going to help tie everything together.

Next, I Used chalk paint to create a cohesive look

Making chalk paint is super easy! I already had the color I wanted to use (off white by Glidden) which was great on my budget. All that was left to do was add in the plaster of Paris and the water.

The chalk paint ratio for every 1 cup of paint is 1/3 cup plaster of Paris and 1/3 cup of water. I tripled this batch to start because I knew I needed quite a bit of paint to cover all the furniture I was planning on painting. I had two bedside tables, a bench, and a small foot stool to paint.

Everything got two coats of chalk paint and then a coat of polycrylic to protect the finish. After adding these chalk painted pieces to my guest room I finally created that cohesive look I was going for.

Then, I picked budget friendly bedding to tie in my cozy farmhouse vibe

My next challenge in my refresh was finding budget friendly bedding that helped tie in my cozy farmhouse vibes. I wanted something creamy and neutral that wasn’t going to break the bank.

I started at Target and got really lucky with an off-white quilt that matched my throw pillows well and tied in nicely with the chalk painted furniture I just added.

I also snagged a king-sized gray knitted throw blanket for the end of the bed. I wanted something that would tie in nicely with my gray curtains that I already had and thought a gray throw blanket was the perfect solution.

Lastly, I added some farmhouse decor as the finishing touches to my guest bedroom refresh

Sticking with my color palette, I decided to add warm tones to my farmhouse decor in my guest bedroom. I wanted to add old-world farmhouse decor in browns and wood tones. I added a few crocks, picture frames, and vases to complete the decor in this space.

Most of the decor I already had in my attic. I did create a new print from one of my favorite Mark Twain quotes and printed it off to frame. It’s available in my shop to download today! Check it out here!

Thanks so much for reading along! Be sure to PIN to reference later!


How to antique a picture frame

How to antique a picture frame

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Decor and Styling | February 15, 2021


How to antique an old picture frame to look much more expensive then it really is!

I’ve been really obsessed with Mcgee and co lately and have been drooling over their artwork. I love the look of art in a gold antique frame. The problem is that they can be quit pricey!

So I decided to antique an existing frame I already had and turn it into something that looks much more expensive then it is. With a little Rub N Buff, I transformed this old outdated frame into something beautiful in one step!

I Used Rub N Buff to get that aged antique look

Rub N Buff is a blend of waxes, metallic powders, and pigments that create a painted look – without the paint!

Simply rub it onto the surface of the frame with fingers or a dry bristled brush. One container will cover about 20 square feet, which was the perfect amount for my large frame.

While applying it, I noticed little textures of wax on the surface of the frame. With a few swipes of my brush the small textures dissolved into the frame giving it the perfect antique solid gold look!

To Start: I gather all the supplies I needed to antique my frame

First, I gathered up my frame, a drop cloth, the rub n Buff, and a paint brush to get started. I also folded a piece of paper in fourths to squeeze the rub N Buff onto to make it easier apply.

Next, I applied the Rub N Buff onto the frame

The Rub N Buff is really thick and spreads rather nicely. I dabbed the Rub N Buff on the top of the bristles of the brush and sort of patted it into the frame to get all the different angles. Then, just swiped back and forth to cover the flat surfaces.

This process takes minutes! That’s the great part – you only need one coat to get that antique look! AND it doesn’t take long to dry at all! Mine was dry within about 10 minutes!

Be sure to pin so you can access it later!

And done! From “newish” to aged and antique in one simple step!

I love how the one simple step of using Rub N Buff was all my frame needed to transform from “newish” to aged and antique looking!

I knew exactly what print I wanted to use to showcase it too! This ones available in my shop! Check it out here! Subscribe today to get 50% off!!


That’s it! Thanks so much for Reading along!

Much love,

Kori ~ At The Farmhouse Life

How to make a Valentines day wreath with leftover Christmas Decor, bar cart, butcher paper, and wreath

How to make a Valentines day wreath with leftover Christmas Decor

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Decor and Styling | January 26, 2021

Creating a Valentines wreath out of your old Christmas decor!

Good morning Friends! Today is the first Pinterest Challenge of 2021 and today we’re creating our own unique valentines wreath based off of one inspiration photo.  If you’ve hopped over from French Ethereal, welcome and so glad you’re here!  Do you decorate for Valentines day? If so I’ve got so Inspo for you!

A big thank you to Cindy at Country Road 407 for coordinating this fun blog hop!

This month’s inspiration photo (above) comes from Sky at Capital B.  I love her cute and simple heart wreath! The perfect Valentines inspiration photo! I decided to give a valentines day wreath a go – but with a little farmhouse twist- and using my left over Christmas Garland!

Step 1 Gather Christmas decor supplies

I started off by gathering my Christmas Garland to use in my valentines wreath. I also grabbed a grapevine wreath to attach my Christmas Garland to.

I also grabbed some hot glue to attach the garland to the wreath.

And lastly, I grabbed a cute Valentines sign from Micheals for a few bucks to attach to my Valentines wreath.

Step 1: Attach the Christmas garland to the wreath

To start I wrapped the Christmas Garland around the grapevine wreath. then I tucked the leaves through the grapevine wreath to help secure it in place.

Next, I used my hot glue gun to make sure the garland stays where it’s supposed to stay.

Next, I attached my valentines day sign

So I thought about attaching my sign by hot gluing the crap out of it, but instead I just used the twine that was attached to the sign and hung it over the wreath hook.

This way I can reuse this wreath season after season!

Well that’s it.  So easy, right??  Now it’s time to check out how House On Silverado recreated Sky at capitol B.’s wreath. Trust me, it’s beautiful!

And then be sure to checkout all the others Inspo pics as well!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Thanks for reading along, pals!

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Kori~At The Farmhouse Life





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