farmhouse dining room with red rug, large table, black chairs, and black light fixture

Easy and inexpensive 5-minute light fixture makeover

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Decor and Styling | September 30, 2020

Updating a light fixture for next to nothing!

Since buying our 300-year-old farmhouse 5 years ago we have been slowly renovating each room. We do all of our renovations ourselves in our spare time and when we have some extra money. Check out our journey to the farm here!

Sometimes days, months, or even years after we’ve finished a room in our home it doesn’t quite feel right. Like maybe I choose the wrong wall color or maybe I need to add a pop of color somewhere in the space. Sometimes it’s an easy fix and other times it’s not so cost-effective.

Well, Lately I’ve been second-guessing my light fixture choices in a few rooms and have been wanting to trade them in but they’re perfectly good condition! They’re newish and in perfect condition. AND I don’t hate them… I just wish they were solid black and didn’t have white candlesticks.

The simplest and most inexpensive solution is to give them a makeover with a little spray paint. The best part is that this DIY only takes about 5-minutes and only costs about $5! What can’t we solve with a little paint and DIY power?

farmhouse dining room with beam ceiling, black chairs, and a large black light fixture

Step 1: Choose the light fixture to makeover and remove the pieces you want to spray paint.

I have one light fixture in my dining room that whenever I see it I think… “I wish the candlesticks weren’t white!”… then it hit me one day! How easy would it be if I popped them off and spray painted them? So easy! So I made sure the lights were off and the bulbs were cooled off and unscrewed each bulb. I put my bulb pile somewhere safely and took my plastic candlesticks to the barn and put them on some scrap material so I could prep and spray paint.

large light fixture with white candlestick

Step 2: Get to spray painting!

First, I grabbed the spray paint I’ll be using. I’ll be sure to link it at the bottom of the post. I love spray paint because it’s cheap. A can usually runs under $5 and works with just about any material! I’m using black flat paint and primer because I want good coverage and I want it to look like my metal light fixture and metal usually doesn’t have a high gloss. I gave it a thin coat – waited for them to dry, and then rolled them over and spray painted the other side once they were all good and dry. Then I gave them all a second coat. Make sure everything is nice and dry before moving on.

black spray paint on white plastic cylendars

Step 3: Reassemble!

After everything dry I put my candlesticks back on my light fixture. Next, I screwed my light bulbs back in and voila! Done!

woman putting black cylinder back on light fixture

farmhouse dining room with red rug, large table, black chairs, and black light fixture

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Kori ~ at The Farmhouse Life




woman holding a pumpkin, corn stock on house, pumpkins and mums on front porch, and orange fall sign hanging on house

How to make an easy DIY fall sign for your front porch

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DIY | September 25, 2020

It’s official – It’s finally Fall!

Happy Fall! I can now officially say that without the death glares from those of you sitting on the beach drinking your white claws soaking up every last bit of summer! Not only does it mean the calendar finally says it’s ok to decorate for Fall, but the weather (at least around here) is changing as well. It was 35* this morning where I live!

So to signify the official start of Fall,  I thought it would be fun to make a Fall sign for my front porch! For those of you that aren’t crafty, I’ve linked my inspiration picture below. I’ve also linked all the supplies below as well for those of you guys who are here for it! You be you girl!

woman holding a pumpkin, corn stock on house, pumpkins and mums on front porch, and orange fall sign hanging on house

The difference between an outdoor sign and an indoor sign

Making an outdoor sign is pretty similar to making an indoor sign… the only difference is a coat of urethane to protect it from the weather outside. Using a polyurethane will give it a shiny glossy look or using a polycrylic will give it a matte finish. Today I’ll be using a polycrylic. The quality of the material makes a difference too. You really want to use real wood – using composite wood isn’t the best idea. Composite wood will swell up during the first rain and start disintegrating. Plastic and metal are two other great materials that work well outside as well.

To start: Gather up all your supplies

I decided to use an old picture frame that was just sitting up in my attic. For those of you guys that know me, know that I’ve got an entire thrift store in my attic.  It’s great when I’m doing projects like this because I can find all the supplies I need without having to spend any money!

The only supply I had to buy was some orange paint. I love getting paint at a home improvement store because the sample size is plenty of paint for most craft projects and it’s sooo cheap! Plus there’s like a million colors to choose from!  I also used some old stencils and some black paint I had stored up in my craft bin. To seal everything up from the weather outside I used a polycrylic that I had in my basement. I did 2-3 coats  – not just on the front of the sign.. but all over, including the back. I didn’t want any moisture getting in there!

Get to work!

I started by taking the plastic out of the frame and giving it 3 coats of paint. Allow the paint to completely dry before applying another coat. Next, I measured out my stencils to make sure my letters would be spaced accordingly. After I was sure the letters were where I wanted them I used my black paint to fill in the lines of the stencil. I used two different size stencils to give the sign a little more dimension. And lastly, After I was sure my letters were dry I used 3 coats of polycrylic. Make sure when using polycrylic that your coats are thin. Otherwise, you’ll be able to see on your sign when everything is dry.


hello fall sign with mums and pumpkin on front porch

wall of planters on front porch with fall decor

Fall orange sign saying hello fall on front porch

Check out my project from start to finish by clicking the video below!

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Thank you so much, pals, for reading along!

Much Love,

Kori ~ from the Farmhouse Life!


wall of planters on front porch with fall decor

Fall front porch decorating – farmhouse style!

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Decor and Styling | September 23, 2020

Fall is in the air

It’s that time of year where the air is chilly and I usually have a pumpkin spiced latte in hand. Yea –  I know, I’m basic. I can’t help it… I love Fall! I usually have something baking in the oven too which I why my pants start fitting a little tighter this time of year as well. Not kidding… I seriously baked cookies, 2 loaves of bread, and an apple pie this weekend 😬. Although my house does smell amazing from all this baking so there’s that. Plus the festive smell makes me want to go all out and decorate for Fall. So today I’m decorating my front porch – farmhouse style!

Buying the goods

To start I Headed to my local grocery store and home improvement store to pick up as many pumpkins as I could. Seriously, my cart was loaded. I also grabbed some corn stalks to frame my pillars around my poch. I also grabbed a bunch of mums too. Seriously, this stuff isn’t cheap, but the way I like to justify it is that all pumpkins are edible and I will eventually I’ll bake them all for dinners and desserts. It’s true… all you have to do is toss the whole pumpkin in the oven at about 400 degrees for an hour. Then, you cut the pumpkin down the middle and scoop out the seeds. Lastly, the pumpkin meat is ready to be scooped out and added to whatever dish you’re making. I explain it all here in my pumpkin bars recipe.

pile of heirloom pumpkins

Frame out the door

I always start by framing out my door. I have to start somewhere and this always helps me have a starting off point. Instead of putting garland all around my door I just went with a simple magnolia wreath and a festive blanket draping down. Next, I put two planters on either side of the door. They are both varying heights but they work because on one side I’ve added smaller planters and the other artwork. They both hit about the same place on either side and evens it out. The eye is going to catch the symmetry on either side of the door. It doesn’t have to match exactly, as long as each side balances each other out.

fall front porch decor with pumpkins, mums, and a green wreath

Adding texture with mats

No Fall font porch would be complete without a welcome mat! It can be so fun this time of year! I went with a simple mat that I actually painted on using a stencil. Check it out here. There are so many farmhouse style mats available all over the place. I’ve linked some of my favorites at the bottom of the post. My favorite trick is to layer two different mats on top of one another in front of the door! I picked a farmhouses style check cotton mat that is larger than my welcome mat. This just adds a little more visual interest making is eye-catchy.

Adding a focal point

 I knew I needed one thing that was going to catch people’s eye when looking at my front porch. Sometimes when there are too many decor items all about the same size and color it can feel overwhelming because there are so many things to look at and the eye doesn’t know where to land. Adding one large eye-catching piece solves that issue. This time I knew I wanted a large Fall sign. I decided to make one, but I’ve linked my inspiration sign at the bottom. I’ll have a tutorial out soon for that sign.

hello fall sign with mums and pumpkin on front porch

Cascading pumpkins and mums

Lastly, It was time to fill in the porch steps with layers of pumpkins and mums. I’ve added a few large pots to try and give the mums a little varying height. This is the fun part. There isn’t a wrong way to layer pumpkins and mums. Just have fun. To give you a little guidance I generally go from large, to medium, and then too small. Start with your large mums and pumpkins. Next layer in the medium size by stacking or leaning them next to each other. Then lastly, I stack in the smallest pumpkins and mums as sort of a filler – filling in any wholes in my decor.

wall of planters on front porch with fall decor

Watch my project here from start to finish! Click on the video below!

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Thanks so much for reading along pals!

Much Love,

Kori ~ From The Farmhouse Life


Fall favorites clothing and home decor

Friday roundup -Fall favs

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Favourite Things | September 11, 2020

What I’m loving this week

It almost Fall ya’ll! And to celebrate that feeling I’ve gathered some links of things that I’m loving lately! I’m sharing Favs from eyelash extensions to Fall decor.

Fall favorites clothing and home decor

  1. I picked up this Round woven rug from Hearth and Hand for in front of my entryway bench.
  2. I’m loving this cozy tie-dye sweatshirt from Old Navy for those working from home days.
  3. I love a good faux plant. This gorgeous 9″ Faux Pilea Potted Plant from Targets Hearth & Hand line.
  4. These High-waisted straight leg jeans from Old Navy are my fav comfy yet put together jeans!
  5. I’m obsessed with this mudcloth rust pillow from Target. It’s gorgeous!!
  6. I love a put-together look of having falsies on all the time. Flutter Habit’s sets are the most inexpensive ones I’ve come across. They run about $30 for a pack of 6 sets and each set lasts about 5 days.
  7. I love a good welcome mat and this one is simple but makes a great statement. Plus this one only runs about $13 at Target!
  8. Benefits mechanical eye brown pencil -mines in shade 6. -is hands down the best eyebrow filler on the market. It has such a fine tip that leaves hair-like strokes that look like the real thing!
  9. I’m the most excited about sharing my new Wander Beauty cream blush/illuminator!  Seriously, one side is the most beautiful creamy coral blush and the other end is a natural illuminator to use as a highlighter.
  10. I’ve added a few amber bottles to my fall decor this year from Target’s Hearth and Hand line. I love amber bottles – and these are super affordable too!
  11. What Fall season would be complete without a yummy Fall candle! I’m loving this one from Target! It’s called Harvest and smells just like Fall.
  12. I love the texture of these hops on this Fall wreath from the Hearth and Hand line.
  13. These comfy mules from Old Navy and adorable and soooo comfortable!
  14. With three kiddos I definitely use my share of concelar...and I’m obsessed with this dual-sided concealer from Wander beauty. One side has a liquid concealer that brightens and the other is a matte stick that offers full coverage which is perfect for blemishes!


Thanks so much for reading along!

Much love,

Kori ~ From The Farmhouse Life

Entryway update: New door and light!

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Uncategorized | September 9, 2020

The Plan

The entryway project is well underway with a new door, light, and hardware. I knew when designing this renovation that I wanted to bring more light into the room. A new door seemed to be the perfect solution to this problem. The old door only had a small window at the top of the door letting in a small amount of light. I imagined a door with solid window panes to allow as much light in as possible.

The door and hardware

I found this door at a barn sale for $20 and got super lucky that it was exactly the right size to fit the doorway. I did have to buy a new handle because the old one didn’t come with a key. A new doorknob kit runs around $50.

Quick change up

The original plan was to paint the door black to contrast that dark color with the white shiplap on the opposite walls. With the new door up it’s obvious now that the design plans need to change. The main goal was to allow more light to shine in and painting it black will only take away from this goal. So the new plan is to paint it all white. I’ll still go with the black tile and black metal railing on the staircase for contrast.

Another change of plans is to add wainscoting to the wall underneath the wallpaper. I think It will add so much more character to a pretty bland wall while adding a bit of sophistication as well. Plus it’s pretty inexpensive to do! You’ll have to tune in next week to see how that tuned out!

Watch the video below to see the process

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Much Love,

Kori ~ from The Farmhouse Life

leaf wall paper and a white board and batten wall

Entryway reno series: DIY Board and batten and hanging a Vinyl mural

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DIY | September 9, 2020

Entryway update

This was a fun week during the entryway reno process. Installing the board and batten was way easier than I ever imagined. Also, hanging the vinyl Mural from Wunderwall was a walk in the park. Seriously the easiest peel and stick wallpaper I’ve ever hung! Wunderwall has a genius no-fail system which makes it foolproof to hang. And I love changes that make a big impact. Going from a blank wall to one with not only added texture, but a print makes a huge impact!

To start

The first thing we did was mud the wall to smooth out any uneven surfaces. The wall is made up of pine boards (that’s what they used for walls back in the day) and the previous owners painted it matte white -yuck! So instead of tearing it down we just mudded over the creases.

Board and batten

After we washed and sanded the wall, we were ready for the board and batten. We decided to use 3 1/2 inch and 2 1/2 inch boards for the board and batten. The 3 1/2 inch board was used as the upper horizontal board. The 2 1/2 inch boards were used as the vertical pieces.

We measured our wall and decided to put our horizontal board at about 4 1/2 feet tall. This may seem a little high, but we really wanted to make a statement here.

Next, we came in with the vertical pieces and we spaced them about 16 inches apart. It’s best to make a spacer that you can put between each vertical board each time to measure for accuracy. We were sure to measure twice, cut, hang the board with a spacer, and nail it down. We repeated this process until we were done.

We used a nail gun, which I highly recommend. It made this whole process go by so quickly. And we definitely took our time measuring. It’s better to measure twice than to having to scrap the wood and start over.

man holding a board

man with a level

man nailing a board to the wall

Putty, caulk, and paint

After the boards were hung, we puttied all of the nail holes, waited for those spots to dry, and then sanded them. Next, we caulked every spot on the wall where the wood touched the wall. This just gives it more of a seamless look. Lastly, we painted everything. We ended up doing two coats to get full coverage. After the second coat of paint it really just looks like one solid unit hanging on the wall instead of individual boards.

man caulking boards on wall


Hanging the Mural

As stated before, the mural (wallpaper) was so easy to hang. In my box from Wunderwall was not only  the mural itself but also a small yellow tool to help with installation, and a diagram to help hang the mural. Each strip of the wallpaper has masking tape on the top corner to match up the next strip of paper. The strips are meant to overlap so the print looks seamless when hung. This made hanging the paper so easy because all you had to do was match the masking tape.

Wunderwall features a user-friendly peel and stick feature. But what makes their peel and stick stand out from other wallpaper companies is that they have a smaller strip in the middle of the paper that you peel of first. This allows you to easily line up the wallpaper and secure it to the wall before having to take the rest of the backing off. Seriously, a genius idea! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve peeled the entire backing off of wallpaper and to hang and try to smooth out wrinkles only to remove and try again! I didn’t have to do that once with Wunderwall. I’ll seriously be using them again in the future.

Once the paper is hung I used a box cutter to trim off the excess paper. I also used the yellow tool that Wunderwall give me and ran it along the edges of where I was cutting to make sure to get a clean line.

leaf wall paper and a white board and batten wall

black and white leaf wallpaper

black and white leaf wallpaper

Here is a video of the process



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Much love,

Kori ~form The Farmhouse Life


staircase painted in a matte finish

Choosing the right paint sheen

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Decor and Styling | September 8, 2020

When to use what sheen

Choosing the right paint sheen can be quite daunting. Am I the only one at the paint counter who answers each of their questions with “whichever is the cheapest”? Well, that answer doesn’t always hold up when they ask you what finish you want because the price is the same irrelevant.

couple holding hands painting

High traffic area

When painting a high traffic area it’s important to try and use either a high gloss paint or a semi-gloss. The reason is that its shine is higher on these two finishes and this makes the surface easier to clean. That is unless the surface you are painting is not the highest quality.

An area in rough shape

If the surface that is being painted has been painted maybe a million times in the past and there are a never-ending number of layers chipping off, then picking a paint finish that will not highlight your flaws is the better solution. For instance, my staircase is about 200 years old and has probably been painted a hundred different times. Paint with a higher sheen is only going to show every uneven surface and highlight all the imperfections. Here, you can see the difference between my first picture and the second one. The first picture shows the stairs in a high gloss black and the second shows it in a matte flat black paint. The first highlights all its flaws and the second hides them all!

staircase painted in a high gloss

staircase painted in a matte finish


The more sheen the more durability

The downside to using flat paint is it’s less durable. The basic rule of thumb is that the higher the sheen the more durability and the lower the sheen the less durability.

When to use what?

Really anything in the Kitchen you want to either be a high gloss or a semi-gloss. The kitchen needs the most durability because the surfaces get washed often. The family room is also a high traffic area and needs to stand up to traffic. A satin finish would be great. The dining room can get away with an eggshell because it’s a low traffic area. The goal is for clean smooth looking walls. For bedrooms you can use matte or flat paint because it’s a low traffic area. Ceilings are another area where flat paint is recommended, but also keep in mind that several manufacturers make paint blends specifically for ceilings.

I like to use this graphic to help me figure out what paint sheen to chose.

paint sheen choices

Thanks so much for reading along,

Much love,

Kori ~ From the Farmhouselife

Creating a cozy bedroom to relax, recharge, and refresh!

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Decor and Styling | September 7, 2020

Time well spent!

My bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in our house! Not only does it have an exceptionally comfy bed, but I have a sitting area to sip coffee in the morning and a roll-top desk to journal as well. Creating a comfy room is very important not only because it has to meet so many needs, but because we spend so much time in there we might as well make sure it’s time well spent! The goal here of course is to feel relaxed, recharged, and refreshed each day and night. 

I always tell people that the most important splurge in a bedroom is always the mattress. If we aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, then nothing else matters! We have a memory foam mattress and it’s like a dream!! I seriously go about each day looking forward to crawling into my bed at night.

Of course, it helps that I’ve decorated my bedroom to be warm and inviting as well. I want to feel relaxed each night when I go to bed or slowly wake up in my comfy armchair with a cup of coffee in hand. The goal is to unwind and de-stress. It’s important to have a purpose for each room, and then decorate that space to help encourage that purpose. This way we are set up for success!

rust colored bedding on large bed


Adding Warm tones

Warmer tones (browns, creams, topes) help to make things feel cozier. In my picture above, the wooden beams, darker furniture, and rust-colored duve are inviting and invoke a sense of warmth.  People use the term “warm and inviting” when describing spaces with wooden floors, wooden furniture, and darker accents. That feeling makes us want to grab some coffee and sink into a comfortable chair – maybe even read a good book! It brings us joy and we feel relaxed! This is why adding warmer tones to a bedroom is always a good idea. This is where we want to be the most relaxed!

Swap out the quilt and duvet cover

Swapping out your bedding is a simple way to bring in change for the coming season. I always find that adding a little bit of change to my space is so refreshing! For Fall, I trade out the cotton sheets for flannel ones and bring in the extra duvet insert to help me sleep better at night. I swap out my white duvet cover for a rust-colored one which ties in well with my Fall color scheme.

Put a throw on it!

Adding a throw pillow or blanket is another great way to add a bit of cozy to any space. I have a few on my bed and on the armchairs in my room. I also have a blanket ladder to store extra throw blankets and a large basket where I keep extra pillows. It’s all about adding layers to different areas in the space. It adds dimension and makes everything feel so much cozier!

bedroom sitting corner

black buffalo check pillows

Add some plants!

Adding bedroom plants can boost one’s mood, enhance creativity, reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and naturally filter air pollutants! There are so many bonuses to adding plants to a bedroom space. They can be layered over a window with a macrame planter, tucked in front of a mirror in a tall planter, or set on an end table or shelf! Plants enhance any space.

buffalo check, gray upholstered bed, beam ceiling, brass lights


I’ve rounded up some of my favorite bedroom furniture and accents for you from Wayfair! Feel free to click on an image to shop!


Thanks so much for reading along,

Much Love,

Kori ~ From the Farmhouse Life


pumpkin centerpiece

Easy DIY floral pumpkin centerpiece

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Decor and Styling | September 2, 2020

A floral centerpiece to last the whole season!

I Love a good floral centerpiece!! Flowers are gorgeous and the perfect pop of color to help achieve any look for really any season! And since we are officially in September it’s fun to start incorporating fun Fall decor to our tables without spending a fortune. That’s the great part about faux florals… they’ll last the whole season!

pumpkin centerpiece

To get started

All we’ll need is a styrofoam pumpkin, a box cutter or knife, faux florals, and of course some floral sheers. I love using a styrofoam pumpkin because there’s no need to shove a floral foam brick on the inside. The stems will poke right into the styrofoam and stay securely in place.

  1. Cut the top off of your pumpkin using a knife of a box cutter
  2. Use your sheers to trim your faux florals (faux florals have wire stems and scissors won’t cut it – literally)
  3. Arrange your florals

The Key to arranging a beautiful floral arrangement

I once read in a magazine that every floral arrangement needs fillers, spillers, and thrillers. So basically, shorter flowers that will work to fill up the arrangement. It also needs spillers. Spillers are the flowers that spill over the edge of the container making it look more dramatic. And lastly, the arrangement needs thrillers. You know, those flowers that are so eye-catching it draws everyone’s eye.

Every time I arrange any kind of floral piece I try and incorporate these three key points. It seems to be a no-fail way of arranging beautiful floral centerpieces, bouquets, and even flower boxes.

Watch the process of here!

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pumpkin centerpiece

pumpkin centerpiece

Thanks for reading along, pals!

Much Love,

Kori ~ from The Farmhouse Life!

DIY outdoor Fall welcome mat

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DIY | August 25, 2020


It’s Fall ya’ll… well almost anyway

This year I wanted to get in the DIY spirit by making my own Fall inspired welcome mat instead of buying one new. I love the idea of being able to customize it to say whatever I wanted! I had most of the supplies on hand so this DIY cost next to nothing! Those are my favorite kind! 

Fall welcome Matt that says bless this nest

To start:

I gathered my supplies together (I have mine linked at the bottom). I needed a mat, black paint, a stencil of my choosing, tape, and a paintbrush.

welcome mat, stencil, paint, and paint brush

The process

To start, I tape the stencil in place on my mat. After it was secured I added the paint to my dish. I found it easier to blot on the paint with my brush onto the stencil. This made sure to get in between all the nooks and crannies. When finished, I allowed the paint to dry before removing the stencil. And that’s it my friends… it’s that easy! It’s such a great way to make a custom welcome mat say whatever you want it to!

welcome mat, stencil and paint

Watch the project from start to finish!

welcome mat that says bless this nest with pumpkins

mums and pumpkins that says bless this nest

woman boots on welcome mat

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Thanks so much for reading along, pals!

Much Love,

Kori ~ From the Farmhouse Life



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