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5 steps to a perfectly styled entryway

I am sharing my best tips to make entryway styling easy!

Do you have an entryway that you just aren’t sure what to do with or how to style it? Well, I feel ya! I was in the same spot. This area had a huge heater and without removing the cover and building a custom table it was just going to stay an awkward entryway that we all avoided.


Entryway wooden table and decorations such as woven baskets, and pictures.

My husband custom built this wooden farmhouse table around the heating unit hidden on the bottom shelf. After we had the heating dilemma fixed… it was time to style… which is the most fun part!!


Entryway table with tall mirrors one is round and one is rectangle.   There is a small lamp on the table as well.

 5 steps to a perfectly styled entryway


    1. Layer your larger decor items. Start with one large mirror or artwork. Then add two other pieces in varying heights. The reason you have one tall item is that your eye is going to catch the tallest part of your display. You don’t want anything competing with that.
    2. Add a light fixture. A lamp or a hanging light fixture will add some warm light to your styled table.
    3. Add some Greenery! Plants always look great on an entryway table. My plants are the lowest point of my decor.
    4. Add in smaller items to help add to the layers. If you look at my picture… I’ve tried to mimic the lines of the stairs. Keep in mind the size of your table and the wall it sits on.
    5. I put baskets on the bottom shelf. This is a great way to add some storage to make this space not only beautiful but practical!


Looking down the hall there are wooden beams in the dining room, and a red rug runner beside the entryway table.

These 5 style tips will take that awkward entryway area and transform it!

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