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How to antique a picture frame

How to antique an old picture frame to look much more expensive then it really is!

I’ve been really obsessed with Mcgee and co lately and have been drooling over their artwork. I love the look of art in a gold antique frame. The problem is that they can be quit pricey!

So I decided to antique an existing frame I already had and turn it into something that looks much more expensive then it is. With a little Rub N Buff, I transformed this old outdated frame into something beautiful in one step!

I used Rub N Buff to get that aged antique look

Rub N Buff is a blend of waxes, metallic powders, and pigments that create a painted look – without the paint!

Simply rub it onto the surface of the frame with fingers or a dry bristled brush. One container will cover about 20 square feet, which was the perfect amount for my large frame.

While applying it, I noticed little textures of wax on the surface of the frame. With a few swipes of my brush the small textures dissolved into the frame giving it the perfect antique solid gold look!

To Start: I gather all the supplies I needed to antique my frame

First, I gathered up my frame, a drop cloth, the rub n Buff, and a paint brush to get started. I also folded a piece of paper in fourths to squeeze the rub N Buff onto to make it easier apply.

Next, I applied the Rub N Buff onto the frame

The Rub N Buff is really thick and spreads rather nicely. I dabbed the Rub N Buff on the top of the bristles of the brush and sort of patted it into the frame to get all the different angles. Then, just swiped back and forth to cover the flat surfaces.

This process takes minutes! That’s the great part – you only need one coat to get that antique look! AND it doesn’t take long to dry at all! Mine was dry within about 10 minutes!

Be sure to pin so you can access it later!

And done! From “newish” to aged and antique in one simple step!

I love how the one simple step of using Rub N Buff was all my frame needed to transform from “newish” to aged and antique looking!

That’s it! Thanks so much for Reading along!

Much love,

Kori ~ At The Farmhouse Life

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