Easy Thanksgiving tablescape

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Uncategorized | November 21, 2019

This year for my Thanksgiving tablescape I wanted to go really neutral. I found these great burlap table runners on Amazon and decided that was going to be my inspiration! I ended up buy 4. One that ran the length of my table and 2 that I could cut in half and run the width of my table to use as placemats.

Cutting burlap

I have a really useful tip to use when cutting burlap. Measure your burlap to size and snip the edge of the runner exactly where you want to cut your burlap. Then, find a loose thread and pull all the way until the tread comes out. It will bunch together until the tread comes loose. This will leave you a perfect line to cut and your edges won’t fray.

thanksgiving table with pumpkins

Add layers to your tablescape

First I added my burlap runner down the middle. Then, I added my cut burlap to the width of the table creating placemats for each chair. Next, I added my pinstripe table runner to add some color and texture to my tablescape. And lastly, I added greenery! I love to use real or faux garland to my tablescapes.

thanksgiving table with pumpkins


Add your centerpiece to the center of the garland. If you missed my post about making a Thanksgiving centerpiece you can read on here. I also added varying size pumpkins from our garden and taper candles and candle holders to add height to my tablescape.

flowers and white jar

Table setting

I like a more eclectic vibe for my table setting. I used mismatched white dishes that were thrifted and drinking glasses that were also thrifted. To help the table feel more cohesive with my eclectic vibe I used matching black chargers and buffalo check napkins. These napkin rings were from Target long ago –  But you can find similar ones here.

white plate and buffalo plaid napkin

The key to tablescapes

The key to any tablescape is to add many layers and varying heights. This adds depth and dimension and is visually appealing. Basically, you want one thing that your eye is going to be drawn too (here – my floral arrangement) and then other things that aren’t going to compete with it, but complement it.

Watch me build it here

pumpkins on table


I hope you’ve enjoyed friends.. checkout my Pumpkin bar recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving day treat!

Love, Korilyn

Easy and affordable Thanksgiving centerpiece

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Decor and Styling | November 19, 2019

Thanksgiving is literally around the corner… are you ready? If your list is anything like mine – you’ve got a million and one things to do to plan for the big day. Well – If one of those things was  – come up with a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece that will literally make all of your guests oohh and aahhh – I’ve got you covered!

White jar with flowers

Use what you have first

I always try to use what I have first before I head to the store… If I can use the majority of what I have and then only have to buy one or two things to keep things looking fresh and new I’d call that a win. So for this arrangement, I used a jar that I already had, brick foam, faux stems, floral shears, and real flowers from my local grocery store.

  1. First, cut your brick foam to fit neatly inside your jar.
  2. Add in your fresh stems to your jar sticking them in all different directions.
  3. Lastly – add in your faux stems to fill in any gaps



Voila -Done

Sometimes the simplest centerpieces can be the most impactful! Pair with some taper candlesticks and layer pumpkins on either side and you’ve got yourself a beautiful centerpiece!


flowers and white jar


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foam brickfloral sheerswhite jar

Fall Butcher Paper Scroll Ideas

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featured | September 6, 2019

I don’t know about you… but when it comes time to change the scroll on my butcher roll I’m left feeling unsure and uninspired! With Fall around the corner, I wanted an inspiring scroll to bring the season in –  in style! So I set out to find drool-worthy inspo!



With Pinterest at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to find inspiring decor. I’ve made it easier for you to find them all on one page! I’ve linked each image to its owers – so click away to check them out!


butcher roll pumpkin patch scroll


Don’t be afraid to use stencils on your roll! I love this one from Liz Marie Galvan… It’s a good mix of freehand and stencils!


recipe board

I love the idea of putting a fall favorite recipe on your butcher paper roll! This one is from  Seekinglaverdarlane


Adding greenery

Try drawing or adding real or faux greenery to your scroll! This is always a fun idea to bring some texture to your note scroll.


One of the reasons I love decorating with Butcher paper is because its sooo versatile and can be changed with every season… or whenever you feel like it! I love any decor that can be reused season after season… It’s great on the budget!


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DIY Fridays – How to Transition from summer floral arrangements to fall

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featured | August 23, 2019

Anyone can transition their summer vases into a fall floral arrangement. I took a trip to my local craft store and found some awesome orange and red stems to add to my green and white summer florals.

You can sometimes find great deals to make them more affordable. Mine was buy one get one free. So I grabbed enough to do several projects around the house to get ready for Fall.


Fillers Thrillers and Spillers

Use your floral sheers to cut your stems to size and just start inserting them into your summer vase. I thinned mine out a bit so I could have room to add in the fall stems.

It’s that easy friends – just start popping them in. I like to use the phrase Fillers, Spillers, and Thrillers when doing arrangements. This means you want some stems to spill over the side, some stems to fill in the center of the vase, and some stems to being thrillingly beautiful. I always keep this in mind to help my arrangement stay balanced.


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Front staircase update

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House and Home | June 24, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to decorate with plants. I think they add the perfect pop of color and just the right amount of rusticness to add to the boho-farmhouse vibe that I love.  Any chance I get to incorporate a pant in a space I jump! I found a few gold hanging planters in my attic – which I totally forgot about – and I ran to my local greenhouse which was limited and of course to the chain home improvement stores to see what they had to offer. I was disappointed, to say the least.

I hear a lot of people these days are buying plants online… I was so skeptical! I mean – how does the plant not get all jumbled and distroyed in the box? I know what my plants look like sometimes on the short drive home from the store, I can only imagine what it looks like being shipped cross country. And are you really getting what you thought you were?

I decided to push my doubts aside and give it a go. Heres what I found!


wallpaper and picture frame wall


Choosing a fun wallpaper

I knew I wanted to choose a fun wallpaper… but I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go when it came to color or pattern. Check out my post here with how I installed the wallpaper! The staircase is right in the middle of my dining room and our family sitting room. Ultimately, I decided because both rooms were very traditionally designed with lots of shiplap I wanted a bold wallpaper.  If you’ve been following along you know that I love farmhouse/ boho themes. So I decided to go in the farmhouse direction for the wallpaper and what can be more farmhouse than buffalo check?



A fresh coat of paint goes a long way

As I said before – the stairs were in rough shape. They were in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. I decided to go black not only for aesthetic reasons (i didn’t want the dirt to show if I painted them white) but because I love the way it looks with the black buffalo check. The walls all around are white shiplap so It also adds a nice contrast.




Shiplap can add so much character and texture to your home. I’m so drawn to it! I think it’s the perfect backdrop to farmhouse design. The problem can be that it’s so expensive. Our first shiplap project was tongue and groove for our kitchen fireplace – and boy was that a pricey project! We knew we needed to go another route for our two large front rooms and decided to order rough cut lumber from our lumber yard. My husband cut to size and ran each piece through a plainer before hanging. This was much more affordable. But we had run out before our front staircase was done and we weren’t able to order another load in time. So for our staircase, we ended up using thin paneling and cut each piece to size. We were really unsure of how it would turn out and didn’t want it to look cheap. But after a few coats of paint, it looks great and you’d never be able to tell!




choosing the right light fixture

Choosing the light fixture for me was so challenging and took way too much time. I wanted to offset the very farmhouse wallpaper with some lively color and some natural wood to add some boho to this space. I loved the beaded chandeliers in boho dining rooms and wondered if I could pull it off over a stair landing. I was so nervous – but I went for it! And I’m so glad I did! We hung it over the bottom stair landing which allows for the most clearance overhead. I didn’t want to chance any tall friends bopping their heads. That’s the thing about old homes.. they sometimes have low ceilings… and mine is as low as they get! Were people shorter in the 1700s???



The finishing touches

The main themes in this space are very farmhouse. Shiplap and buffalo check are again as farmhouse as it gets. To help balance out this space I went with a lively color runner and a natural wood light fixture to add a little boho to this once very traditional space. I also added a few hanging plants and a buffalo print to really bring the boho theme home. You can go wrong with hanging plants and a buffalo print!

Designing your home can be an expensive task – but it doesn’t need to be! I try to pick timeless pieces that can help the longevity of my space. Then I add cheaper decor pieces that won’t break the bank when I want to interchange them season to season.


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Small closet organization – Big impact!

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House and Home | June 5, 2019

My daughters closet is, to say the least on the small side. I Never really knew how to organize it because it was oddly long and very short and narrow. Her closet is on the other side of the attic stairs if that clues you in on its very specific size.

I knew I had to figure out some sort of way to organize this space. I’m so tired of  my kid’s rooms being disasters! I finally realized that the organization part was missing!

My kids were getting frustrated that there wasn’t a place for everything and tidying up got harder and harder. If an item didn’t have an exact spot they’d just toss it somewhere in the abyss. The porblem with this logic is that when they need to find said object – they’d have to tear their room apart to find it! Ultimately, I want my kids to take ownership of their rooms by keeping it tidy and caring for their things. So organizing her small little closet to house many items was really to set her up for success in caring for her stuff and learning a little responsibility.


hanging closet storage bins


hanging basket

Her closet is very narrow, but I knew a hanging basket would fit quite nicely. Plus, it would give the opportunity to put lots of basket in each slot to separate items like sweatshirts, cardigans, gymnastic leos, etc. My husband hung a wooden rod to the top of the closet and secured it to the wall with a few pieces of wood and some screws. We could have hung it from the closet rod where her clothes are hanging from, but didn’t want it to hang to the floor. I needed the floor space for more storage options. So we opted to hang it all the way up to the ceiling, leaving plenty of room at the bottom for storage.



cabinet drawers

Something my daughter desperately needed in her room was more drawer storage to store things like her jewelry, nail polish, hats, etc.  So I picked up this small drawer cabinet with 2 drawers and some plastic organizers to make sure everything stayed organized and had a specific place.


play clothes basket


play clothes

I don’t know about you, but we go through clothes like its no body’s business. First of all, they ruin clothes so fast! They quickly stain and wear holes in their clothes faster than I can buy them. We came up with a system that helps me save time by doing less laundry but also helps their nice clothes last longer. We use a play clothes bin!

Each child has a bin in their closet filled with play clothes. When they get home from school they change out of their school clothes and put on play clothes for the rest of the day. These clothes are already ripped and stained so it doesn’t matter to me if they play hard in them. And as a bonus, their school clothes can sometimes be wore a few times before they need washing. They were really only worn for a few hours anyway. And of course their play clothes can certainly be worn a few times before they need washing as well.


shoe storage


Shoe Storage

Probably the biggest time suck for my daughter was trying to find the specific pair of shoes that she just haaad to wear. We used to keep them in large bins, but she was constantly dumping them out creating more of a mess to find what she was looking for. I wanted a shoe solution that displayed easily. The over the closet door was the best solution for us. Although, we didn’t use the hooks to hang them over the door because it prevented the closet door from closing. We ended up screwing them to the back of the closet door instead.  It didn’t take up any room in the closet and she could easily see all of her shoes at once. Problem solved!



Lighten it up!

The other issue that my daughter was having with her closet is that is was so dark. So we painted the wood white to try and lighten it up and we knew she needed a light fixture. We quickly realized that space was a huge factor and decided to just tuck some puck lights in the corner of the closet – low enough for her to reach to turn on and off.

Small closets can be just as impactful in organization as large closets! It’s how you utilize your space that makes the difference. Figure out what your specific needs are and find storage solutions to meet those needs.



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How to organize a kid’s room with no closet

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Decor and Styling | May 28, 2019

OK – So let’s talk kids’ rooms and keeping them clean. I know. It sounds like an impossible task. My boys’ room always seems to give me trouble. It seems to always be messy no matter how much we try to keep it tidy. I think I’ve figured out why… There’s no closet!

I guess I never realized how important closets were to keeping things organized until there wasn’t one. Our house is very old and comes with quirks. We’ve had to think outside the box on several projects including this one. We needed some serious organization and I had to figure something out that was cost effective and efficient.





I knew we needed some type of wardrobe. I initially thought of a wooden wardrobe with doors but changed my tune when I saw the price tags. I wanted to be able to buy all the bins that I needed to organize things, so I went with an inexpensive metal wardrobe with open shelves. It tied in perfectly with their room.

One thing we do as a family to cut down on the laundry is when my children get home from school they change into play clothes. I made sure to put bins on their wardrobe packed with easily accessible play clothes.


bookshelves and kids tent



We put storage baskets everywhere. Each one filled with something particular for that basket. The kids have a lego table in the middle of the room that also works as a train table. We keep the train pieces in their own storage basket by the bookshelf.

We also put a few smaller baskets on the bookshelf and store electronics and several smaller toys up higher to keep out of my four year old’s reach.


lego bin


under the bed storage

Under the bed storage is great for storing things you don’t need access to every day. They are fairly inexpensive and you can always purchase risers for your bed frame if it’s too low to the ground. We store our extra legos under the bed.


black bench


storage trunk

Storage trunks are a must for putting extra toys, games, or clothing in. We keep all of our chapter books in there because we have so many.

It also doubles as a bench and works as extra seating if the boys have friends over.


boys bedroom


toy bins

We needed more toy storage in their room so I bought two large bins to put at the end of their beds. The bins are heavy duty enough that they can throw any toy in there without me worrying if the bins will break.

Organizing your kid’s room can be simple, regardless if there is a closet or not. Just think about everything needing its own place and don’t be afraid to go storage bin crazy…



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Easy DIY farmhouse openshelves​

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Decor and Styling | May 3, 2019

Open shelves seem to be a farmhouse staple. Whether they’re in your kitchen to display your dishes and plants (check out my latest plant care post here), above your toilet to house your bathroom essentials, or even your dining room over your buffet to display all your special serving trays. Really, the possibilities are endless. The good news is that it’s super easy to make and doesn’t require a big budget.


dining table and open shelving


lumber yard for boards

I decided that I wanted two open shelves above my buffet in my dining room. It was such an easy solution to hold all of my dishes and serving trays. We called up our local lumber yard (much more affordable) and ordered some 3-inch pine boards and my husband cut them to size and ran them through a planer to smooth them out. I did two coats of stain on each board and then did two coats of polycrylic to seal them. I went with a polycrylic instead of urethane because I like the matte finish of the crylic. Scroll down to see what stain and polycrylic I used! I also ordered the brackets on amazon. Which again are also linked in the shop this post section.




We found it much easier to attach the brackets to the wood first instead of attaching the bracket to the wall first. This way we could visually see if the self was in the perfect spot or not.


man hanging shelf


Mark your spots

Next, we held up our shelves to find the perfect spot and then marked them on the wall before hanging. Make sure you space your shelves out accordingly. You don’t want them too close together before hanging or it can limit what you can actually put on your shelves themselves.


shelf being hung



Be sure to level your shelves to make sure they are perfectly aligned. Nothing is worse than finishing a project and then kicking yourself afterward because you didn’t make sure it was level beforehand. Believe me – I’ve been there. This is part of the reason I’m not allowed to hang anything at our house. (My husbands rule!)

no wrong way to do open shelving

Basically, there’s really no wrong way to do open shelving.  The key is to make them the same size as each other and the same size or slightly smaller than whatever they’re mirroring. If it’s above your buffet like mine, try and mirror the size of the buffet. If it’s the kitchen try and mirror the size of the cabinet it’s replacing or if it’s a large wall mirror the size of the cabinet below.

The key is finding good quality material to make the shelf and hardy brackets to support your shelf. luckily below you can shop this post! This post may contain affiliate links… thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog of mine!


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Plant care for the plant killer!

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Decor and Styling | April 30, 2019

Having plants in your home can have so many benefits. It works to purify the air you breathe. They work to take in Cabon dioxide and release oxygen.  They’re great for people with allergies too. Sounds great, right? Well, the trouble is if you can’t keep them alive then what’s the point. Plants can be finicky and hard to care for. I’ve definitely killed a plant or two in the past. It’s so upsetting because plants aren’t cheap. I love to add plants to my home! In fact, I think I have them in almost every room in my house. To continually re-buy plants would kill my budget… real quick. So I knew it was time to do some reading and learn how to care for my plants.

I’ve started implementing 5 key tricks to plant care that has saved my plants lives and my wallet. Since I’ve started using these 5 tricks my plants have been thriving and I’ve gone from a plant killer to a plant lady. Join me on this journey! Your plants will thank you for it!


information on snake plant


1. Know your plant

It’s so important to know your plant. What kind is it? What temperate does it like? How often does it need to be watered? Does it like direct sunlight? These are a few important questions that you need to find the answers to if you want your plant to thrive. All plant are not the same and requires a different kind of attention. For instance, the fiddle leaf plant is very popular, but is very high maintenance! It LOVES sunlight and needs to be right by a window where it’s streaming in. It also needs to be watered once a week and doesn’t like cold water or cold weather. If it’s in the sunroom over the colder months it may not survive. Or if you forget that you’ve put it on your front porch overnight. Again, it probably won’t survive. I found that my fiddle leaf did the best when I watered it once a week in my shower. I would let the warm water drizzle down and saturate the soil.  All Plants are different and knowing as much about it before you buy it is essential.



2. Water Water Water

You guessed it, you have to water your plant. Who knew?! It’s an obvious trick but you’d be surprised that this is the number one reason why houseplants die. I find that picking one day every week where I water my plants helps me to remember to water them. Use #waterwednesday or #thirstthursday to help you remember to water them. I also use a cute watering can that I store on my built-in bookshelf as decor. It works as a visual reminder to water my plants!


woman looking at plant


3. Feed you plant!

Some plants need more than just water. Some plants need fertilizer. Generally, house plants only need fertilizer when they are actively growing which is generally between March and September. Try to fertilize your house plants 1 to every three months over this time frame to help them grow! Plants generally experience a period of rest over the winter – so no need to fertilize over the winter months!


large and small plants


4. Stones on your soil?

Ok so – So this one might be new to you, But it’s so important for your plant’s soil to stay moist. If you live in climates where it’s tough to keep them that way, you might want to invest in some pebbles or stones to place on top of your soil. This creates a barrier and essentially keep moisture in. Also, If you have cats it might help to deter them from using your larger plants as a liter box!


woman smelling house plant


5. Are you drowning your plants?

Just as important as watering your plants is… not drowning your plants is equally as important! Make sure to not over water your plants. Really the goal is to keep them moist – not oversaturated with water. Be sure that you have drilled holes in the bottom of your pot so the excess water can drain through. Most pots come with pre-drilled holes, but some don’t so it’s important to double check and add them if not. Try putting those round plastic trays under your pot to catch the excess water as it drains out. I like to use baskets when decorating with plants. I’ll either put a plastic shopping bag at the bottom of the basket or a plastic tray to help protect my basket from water damage. I’ll then insert my pot in the basket.


woman reaching up to touch plant


My 5 tricks are simple ones – but honestly,  they were ones that I wasn’t implementing before. Since reading about what types of plants I have, what kind of sun they like, how often they like to be watered, and what fertilizer is best my plants have been happy as can be! And as a bonus, I’ve been able to keep plants in my house for longer than a season without having to rebuy. Which I like and of course my penny-pinching husband does too. I know that if you start using these tricks you too will go from plant killer to plant lady!


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DIY Farmhouse Easter Tablescape – on a Budget!

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DIY | April 18, 2019

When the season changes I get all excited about changing my tablescape –  and with Easter around the corner, my mind is racing with centerpieces and color palettes. The problem is that switching out your seasonal decor and table settings can add up very quickly and essentially kill your monthly budget!

I’ve gotten into trouble in the past by blowing our budget too many times on decor that just keeps changing. I spent way too much money on target runs and essentially let shopping be my hobby. It wasn’t until I set a monthly budget for decor and started saving for staple pieces that I could layer into “new looks”  that I finally felt the freedom to be creative in my home without the guilt.

Creating my Easter tablescape maybe cost me about $20. Essentially I had all the other pieces to create the look saved from over the years and I just needed to add a few specific details to pull the look together.

Farmhouse table setting on a budget


Layer on Layer

To add dimension and depth to my tablescape, I layered different colors and textures to capture the look I was going for. Which for me was a rustic-farmhouse tablescape with a little boho flair. I used a pin-striped farmhouse table runner with faux eucalyptus garland layered on top. I bought the table runner on Etsy a while ago and I’ve been using the faux garland for months now as well. These are such versatile pieces that can be layered to fit into any seasonal decor.

farmhouse table setting on a budget


I love mason jars! They’re my favorite little kept secret. I use them as vases (like above) or even as drinking glasses! They fit in perfectly with the farmhouse theme I am going for and the best part of all is that they are so inexpensive! I also love to go thrift store shopping and pick up missed matched glasses whenever I see some unique ones I love. It adds another dimension to my table by adding in textured glass and creates an eclectic look that is charming. I added some inexpensive flowers from my local florist..(ps. Check out your grocery stores floral department! They generally have the same assortment for a fraction of the price!)

Easter table setting

Thrifting done right

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I love to thrift shop –  but this can be just as dangerous as blowing your money at Target. It’s easy to buy things just because they are cheap. I have to ask myself these two specific question… “Would I buy this if it were new and wasn’t a fraction of the price?” AND  – “How am I going to use this?” If I can answer those questions honestly then I’ll pickup the item. I like to shop for staples in thrift stores…stuff I know I’ll use over and over again. I love white dishes. So If I see a stack in good shape – I’ll grab them! I’ve been married for almost 14 years now and still use the set I was given. They were thrifted then and I’ve added to the number over the years. They aren’t exactly all identical – but I Love the pattern of them all in use.

Now for the fun part – Crafting!


a little goes a long way

So I needed a few Easter touches for my tablescape that I didn’t already have. So I set a budget for $20 and set out to come up with Easter Specific decorations that didn’t look too cheesy. I knew I needed to get crafty with my smaller budget. I opted for a few stamps and some chalk paint. I knew I could come up with something Eastery with these few things.  I wanted some bunnies for the table but wanted a pottery barn feel to them… of course without the price tag. So I bought some dollar store bunnies and painted them with 2 coats of white chalk paint. I also needed something to layer on top of my napkins so I opted for brown notecards with plant stamps and stamped out happy Easter.

farmhouse table settings on a budget


and of course succulents

My friends at Just Joy Shop sent me this gorgeous brown tin speckled tray and oval cups and as soon as I saw it I thought SUCCULENTS! I had a few extra dollars in my $20 budget and picked up a few succulents at my local greenhouse –  although Home Depot sells them for a few dollars a piece as well.

A touch of green goes a long way –  It brought an earthy tone to my centerpiece and really helped to add to my boho flair. I tied it in with a couple bottles of S.Pelleorino sparkling water and voila! Done!

Decorating on a budget is totally doable. It requires self-control, planning, and a little DIY. Once you get the hang of shopping for staple pieces, creating different looks gets easier and easier. I was able to create this Easter tablescape for less than $20 and it will easily transition into a Spring tablescape.


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