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How to organize a kid’s room with no closet

I am sharing with you some amazing tips on how to organize a kids’ room with no closet!

OK – So let’s talk kids’ rooms and keeping them clean. I know. It sounds like an impossible task. My boys’ room always seems to give me the most trouble. It appears to always be messy no matter how much we try to keep our boys room tidy. I think I’ve figured out why… There’s no closet!

I guess I never realized how important closets were to keeping things organized in a bedroom until there wasn’t one. Our house is very old and comes with lots of quirks. We’ve had to think outside the box on several home projects including this one. We needed some serious organization and I had to figure something out that was cost effective and efficient.


A metal rack wardrobe with clothes hanging in it, and bins for shoes in the wardrobe.



I knew we needed some type of wardrobe for clothes. I initially thought of a wooden wardrobe with doors but changed my tune when I saw the large price tags. I wanted to be able to buy all the bins that I needed to organize things in the room, so I went with an inexpensive metal wardrobe with open shelves. It tied in perfectly with their room.

One thing we do as a family to cut down on the laundry is when my children get home from school they change right away into play clothes. I made sure to put storage bins on their wardrobe packed with easily accessible play clothes.


A boys bedroom with a small teepee tent in the middle of the room.  There is a bookshelf behind the tent and also a fireplace in the room.



We put storage baskets everywhere. Each one filled with something particular for that basket. The kids have a lego table in the middle of the bedroom that also works as a train table. We keep the train pieces in their own storage basket by the bookshelf.

We also put a few smaller baskets on the bookshelf and store electronics and several smaller toys up higher to keep out of my four year old’s reach.


A plastic bin filled with lego.


Under The Bed Storage

Under the bed storage is great for keeping things you don’t need access to every day. They are fairly inexpensive and you can always purchase risers for your bed frame if it’s too low to the ground. We store our extra lego pieces under the bed.


A small bed in the room, with a black storage bench beside the bed.


Storage Trunk

Storage trunks are a must in the bedroom for putting extra toys, games, or clothing in. We keep all of our chapter books in there because we have so many.

The storage trunk also doubles as a bench and works as extra seating if the boys have friends over.


A boys bedroom with two beds in the room, toys, a small area rug and a black storage bench.


Toy Bins

We needed more toy storage in their room so I bought two large bins to put at the end of their beds. The bins are heavy duty enough that they can throw any toy in there without me worrying if the bins will break.

Organizing your kid’s room can be simple, regardless if there is a closet or not. Just think about everything needing its own place and don’t be afraid to go storage bin crazy…



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