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If you don’t have flannel sheets, you’re missing out!

Here are the best flannel sheets that will make your bed super cozy!

So it snowed today… are you guys ready?! It may not officially be winter on the calendar but as soon as it snows it’s winter here in my books. I got all my little kiddos winter gear out including coats, hats, gloves, and of course all of our down comforters and gave them all a good wash. Whatever we have to do to stay warm – am I right?! I don’t know what it is about colder weather that makes me obsessed with making everything  super cozy – but seriously bring on everything soft, plush, and fuffy!


A dog playing in the  snow in front of a white house.


This year in keeping with my rustic cozy winter theme – It was time to swap out my bedding for something more fitting for winter. Out went the cool summer linen sheets and in came the flannel sheet set! My friends from Garnet Hill sent me over a set including sheets, flannel pillows cases, and a duvet cover from their signature line in creamy white! All flannel! I’ll be honest – I’m a flannel bedding virgin… But I’m happy to report that since I’ve experienced them… I’ll be a flannel sheet kinda girl for life. Only in the chillier months that is, in my cozy cocoon. Who else here has never experienced flannel sheets before??

OK- here’s where I’m going to tell you all that you’re missing out –

Bed with red blanket and a flocked Christmas tree in the corner of the room.


The flannel sheets are super warm

I seem to always have the coldest feet ever… I mean my poor husband will tell ya because I often put my toes on the back of his legs. Sorry, not sorry! I can’t be alone – Am I right?! But listen, guys, with Garnet Hill’s flannel bedding… there’s no need to torture our husbands anymore! My feet stay perfectly warm! My husband even commented on how amazing this flannel bedding is! He never notices anything. Seriously, I could have changed our bedding set from white to maroon and he wouldn’t notice a single thing. He’s a practical kind of guy – so when he noticed that he felt warmer and more comfortable in bed he realized something must be new!

A master bedroom with wooden beams, a rustic chandelier hangs above the tufted bed.


Science says they’re softer

So apparently flannel is a napped cotton fabric, which means its loose fibers are teased loose from the weave. These loose ends make flannel super livable soft and fluffy to the touch, plus the fibers trap air to keep in the heat… so there’s that!


White blankets and buffalo checked pillows on the bed.


Who needs a three?

Flannel is the perfect bedding this winter for texture and warmth and I for one am thrilled to be sleeping on the warmest – coziest – softest bedding ever!

Checked pillows and a long body pillow on the bed.


An orange and white blanket on the bed.
Check out Garnet Hill’s selection here!

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