antique Santa figure in glass jar as centerpiece

How to make a DIY Christmas jar with an antique Santa figure

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Christmas | October 27, 2020

Make your own Christmas jar with a few supplies and your favorite antique Santa figure!

Hey Guys! I’m so excited to be joining in on my first ever Pinterest Challenge. Today we’re making our own Christmas jar or hurricane! If you’re coming over from Everyday Edits, Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Wasn’t her Lantern gorgeous!?


Inspiration photo from Northern Feeling 

This month’s inspiration photo comes from Katrin at Northern Feeling. She created the most adorable little village in a jar with twinkle lights, faux snow, mini trees, and of course little house. it’s absolutely adorable and my kids have already put it on their list of crafts to do this year.

The great thing about the Pinterest Challenge is that we can look at wonderful inspiration like Katrin’s jar and put our own twist on it!

Make your own jar to add your own twist

For this month’s Pinterest Challenge I’m going to make my own Christmas jar to use as my dining room tables centerpiece with my antique Santa figure on display. I’ve gathered some other supplies to fill up my jar and to complete this project. Projects like these are so fun because you can add your own twist as opposed to buying one new.  To fill your jar you can add pinecones, twinkle lights real or faux stems, etc. I decided to keep it as natural and rustic as possible. So I grabbed my largest glass jar, some pinecones from outside, and I cut up a faux cedar branch that I had laying around in my attic.

First, gather all your supplies.

This is where you can have fun! Add really anything that makes your heart feel happy and reminds you of Christmas. I always like to pick a theme first. Are you looking for a snowy Christmas scene or maybe a rustic walk in the woods? Whichever direction you are looking for, try and stick to your theme that way your jar doesn’t seem overwhelmed with items. You’ll at least need a jar to add your items into and whatever your main feature will be. For instance, an antique Santa like mine or maybe a snow-covered house or barn. And then all your other supplies to fill in your scene.

Next, assemble your jar

Onto the fun part… assembling your jars! I added the pinecones to the bottom layer of my jar. If you don’t have pinecones you could maybe add faux snow or even twinkle lights. Then you add your next layer. This is where I added my antique Santa figure. And Lastly, once my Santa figure was securely placed in the pinecones I added my faux stems. I cut small pieces of my faux cedar branch and placed them all around my jar so it looks like my antique Santa figure is talking a walk in the woods.

Lastly, show it off!

As I said earlier in this post, I wanted to show my Christmas jar off by using it as the centerpiece to my dining room table. Now, It would look pretty bare if I didn’t add to the tablescape. So I used a pretty striped table runner, some eucalyptus garland, candle holders, pinecones and pinecone garland, and copper accents. I placed the jar itself on a cake stand so my Christmas jar would be the tallest element and layered in some Christmas trees to add color and texture to my display. The pops of copper are my favorite though. I just love how copper shines when the light hits it. It just reminds me of Christmas time! The most important thing to remember is that when you are styling your Christmas jar to add features around it to draw attention to the focal point (which is your jar) not take away from it. If you have too many focal points your jar will get lost and your guests won’t know where to look. So I always add one main focal point and in this case, it’s my Christmas jar, and then I add several smaller layers to bring attention to the main attraction.

And done! Thanks so much for reading along! Now it’s time to hop over and check out Terrie’s DIY Christmas hurricane! And be sure to click on the other links too – there’s so much inspiration I’m sure you’ll want to pin a few!

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Kori~ From The Farmhouse Life


rust colored bedding with white and buffalo check Christmas pillows on bed

My favorite farmhouse Christmas decorations on Amazon and my favorite ways to decorate with them!

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Uncategorized | October 16, 2020

Grab those hot Christmas decorations before they sell out!

I know it might feel early for a Christmas post, but I feel like whenever I wait for the season to buy my Christmas decor everything is sold out! Especially if it’s the newer and trendier decor. Some of my Amazon favorites I go back for each year like beaded garland and Christmas ribbon sells out so quickly! And If I by chance find it closer to Christmas it’s like 3 times the original price!

That’s why Every October I try and get those hot items that I know will sell out and I stock up. For instance, I love red ticking Christmas ribbon to hang my Christmas wreaths on. For some reason, I can never find it in-store. I see it pop up on Amazon and they only seem to have it in stock until about the middle of October.

This is why I’ve rounded up some of my favorite farmhouse Christmas decorations on Amazon to help you get ahead of the game. I’ll also show you my favorite ways to use those decorations to decorate at Christmas time!

1. LED Flameless candles

white stocking on fireplace with flameless candles

Photo Credit

2. Burlap striped Christmas tree garland

red stripped Christmas tree garland

3. Buffalo check Christmas pillows


rust colored bedding with white and buffalo check Christmas pillows on bed

4. Rustic Bead Garland


Christmas tree garland with wooden beads

Photo credit 

5. Red burlap Farmhouse Christmas tree skirt

burlap Christmas tree shirt with red strip

6. Galvanized greenery buckets

galvanized buckets for greenery

photo credit

7. Pre-lit Christmas eucalyptus garland

pre-lit eucalyptus Christmas garland on mantel

Photo credit 

8. Red ticking Christmas Ribbon

Christmas tree and wreaths in dining room hung with ticking ribbon

Photo credit 

9. White knit Christmas stocking

white knit Christmas stocking

Photo Credit

10. Buffalo Check Christmas ribbon

buffalo check Christmas ribbon

Photo credit 

It’s never too early for Christmas

I always say It’s ever too early for Christmas! Especially if you’re looking to get a jump on your Christmas decor shopping by stocking up before the season actually hits. This will ensure you don’t miss out on those good sales or miss out altogether. Sometimes these popular items sell out and then never restock!  Plus, if decorating for Christmas early makes you happy – I say go or it!

Want to shop for the items in the pictures? You can click the images themselves up above or click the images in the corral below!

Thanks so much for reading along pals,

Much Love,

Kori ~ from The Farmhouse Life

bedding, slippers, necklace, pajamas

Gift Guide For The Whole Family – with exclusive sales info and discount codes!

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Uncategorized | November 27, 2019

I’m so excited to finally bring you my gift guide – which I’ve been working on for months! I tried to come up with gift ideas that were unique and thoughtful, but at the same time I wanted to bring you guys some awesome deals too! Some of my favorite brands have sent over some fantastic discount codes and links that will save you tons of money this holiday season. Thanks to all the brands, and happy shopping!

bedding, slippers, necklace, pajamas


Weighted blankets are all the rage right now! I totally jumped on the bandwagon and got a few for my kiddos’ rooms. They say it feels as though you’re getting a giant hug all night long. I gave it a whirl and I have to say –  I really did sleep better. There’s something so comforting about the extra weight that helped me rest easier and sleep longer. My kids really are sleeping longer and harder… which is a huge win for me.

These weighted blankets would make an excellent gift this Holiday season for really anyone in your life. And Blanquil happens to be having their biggest sale ever with 40% off site wide starting Now! -Use code BF19blanquil weighted blanket

Hart and Hess

Hart and Hess is a home decor subscription box company delivering amazing home decor goods to your front door. I receive a box every month and it feels like Christmas year round. Home decor boxes would make amazing Christmas gifts for the loved ones in your life who love all things home. They are currently running huge Black Friday deals that make signing up more affordable then ever. If you use code HomeBoxHoliday you can get 20% off your first month’s subscription! And there’s so many more sales going on. If you’ve had your eye on a few of their products that were only available through home box subscriptions, you can now order them individually and with a discount! Their products are ranging from 25%-50% off, check them out here!

macrame notebook plant


You guys know I love my Beddys! My kids absolutely adore them! I know they would make an amazing Holiday gift for the little ones in your life. Starting Thursday morning at 12:01am Beddys is running an amazing sale! 25% off everything on their site using the code BLACKFRIDAY19. Plus, for every $200 spent… they’re giving away $25 gift cards!!

stripped bedding and bed


Mixbooks is a great gift to give the grams and gramps on your list! With mixbook you can create the most beautiful photo books and keepsakes of your family. Use code BFDEALS to get 55% off your order!

mom and daughter and book


A Scentbox subscription would make an amazing gift for someone who loves perfume! I currently have a subscription and love that I get designer fragrances shipped to my door every month! It’s as easy as adding fragrances into your que and having them shipped to your door. Each spray bottle has a month’s worth of fragrance – I love it because I get to try out so many fragrances that I wouldn’t get a chance to try so frequently. It takes me a good year to go through a normal size bottle  – so I was stuck with the same scent for a long time. With Scentbox you an use this link and get 35% off your first month’s subscription making it just under $10.



27Teas is a small woman-owned New Hampshire based company with the most delicious blends of tea. What I love about this tea company is that they give back – and big time! A percentage of their profits goes to the Water Project which supports clean water and sanitation initiatives for a special school in Kenya. Giving an adorable tea set and loose leaf tea would be such a sweet gift this holiday season. And for Black Friday, 27Teas is offering 20% off and free shipping on all orders over $40! Coupon code blackfriday2019 (ps – Doesn’t apply to monthly subscriptions) 

loose leaf tea bags

These other sales do not need special Codes, Just click an image below!

Happy shopping buddies,



wood ceilings white trees, and long table

Ok – So I flocked a Christmas tree and here’s how it went…

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Christmas | November 25, 2019

I will show you how to flock a Christmas tree yourself!

If you’re like me and you’ve seen Christmas tree flocking DIYs floating around the social media world – and you’ve been curious if it really works… I’m here to tell you it does!!  AND flocking a tree IS easy! But I definitely learned a thing or two about Christmas tree flocking that I wish I knew – to save me from saying “flock you” to my DIY 😉 … So here’s what’s up if you’re thinking about giving it a try.

Wood ceilings long table and white flocked Christmas tree in the dining room.


To Start – I used these simple supplies…

Next – I laid down cardboard and got to spraying…

Ok – So here’s what I learned about tree flocking.

Initially, I just went to town spraying and spraying… But in actuality I laid it on the flock too thick and it took way too long to dry. It also kind of clumped together instead of drying evenly. What I should have done is several very light coats of spray with plenty of dry time in between. I would say at least an hour or two between coats.

A flocked Christmas tree beside the fireplace and bar cart.

 Clean up

Clean up is very easy if you do it right away… and not wait until morning. The snow in a can sort of smells like shaving cream and seems to have the same texture. So it’s very wet and sticky, but it does make clean up a breeze. Unless of course you wait until morning. There were some parts of my floor I missed and it left a film that I had to scrub off with all purpose cleaner and a scrub brush.

Copper pots are on the mantel beside the flocked tree.

Indoor use only

So… Apparently snow in a can isn’t how the professionals would flock a tree! Although, it will make the Christmas tree look pretty –  it will not hold up outside in the weather. There is another long process of adhesive spray and powdered snow to create real flocking that you can put outside. So If you’re looking for a quick and easy DIY – Go with snow in a can… Otherwise you’ll have to find another DIY 😉


Well buddies – That’s about all I learned from tree flocking – I hope you give it a shot!! If you do – tag me on Instagram… I’d love to see.




white bedding

If you don’t have flannel sheets, you’re missing out!

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Christmas | November 13, 2019

Here are the best flannel sheets that will make your bed super cozy!

So it snowed today… are you guys ready?! It may not officially be winter on the calendar but as soon as it snows it’s winter here in my books. I got all my little kiddos winter gear out including coats, hats, gloves, and of course all of our down comforters and gave them all a good wash. Whatever we have to do to stay warm – am I right?! I don’t know what it is about colder weather that makes me obsessed with making everything  super cozy – but seriously bring on everything soft, plush, and fuffy!


A dog playing in the  snow in front of a white house.


This year in keeping with my rustic cozy winter theme – It was time to swap out my bedding for something more fitting for winter. Out went the cool summer linen sheets and in came the flannel sheet set! My friends from Garnet Hill sent me over a set including sheets, flannel pillows cases, and a duvet cover from their signature line in creamy white! All flannel! I’ll be honest – I’m a flannel bedding virgin… But I’m happy to report that since I’ve experienced them… I’ll be a flannel sheet kinda girl for life. Only in the chillier months that is, in my cozy cocoon. Who else here has never experienced flannel sheets before??

OK- here’s where I’m going to tell you all that you’re missing out –

Bed with red blanket and a flocked Christmas tree in the corner of the room.


The flannel sheets are super warm

I seem to always have the coldest feet ever… I mean my poor husband will tell ya because I often put my toes on the back of his legs. Sorry, not sorry! I can’t be alone – Am I right?! But listen, guys, with Garnet Hill’s flannel bedding… there’s no need to torture our husbands anymore! My feet stay perfectly warm! My husband even commented on how amazing this flannel bedding is! He never notices anything. Seriously, I could have changed our bedding set from white to maroon and he wouldn’t notice a single thing. He’s a practical kind of guy – so when he noticed that he felt warmer and more comfortable in bed he realized something must be new!

A master bedroom with wooden beams, a rustic chandelier hangs above the tufted bed.


Science says they’re softer

So apparently flannel is a napped cotton fabric, which means its loose fibers are teased loose from the weave. These loose ends make flannel super livable soft and fluffy to the touch, plus the fibers trap air to keep in the heat… so there’s that!


White blankets and buffalo checked pillows on the bed.


Who needs a three?

Flannel is the perfect bedding this winter for texture and warmth and I for one am thrilled to be sleeping on the warmest – coziest – softest bedding ever!

Checked pillows and a long body pillow on the bed.


An orange and white blanket on the bed.
Check out Garnet Hill’s selection here!

Holiday Gift guide – for her!

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Christmas | November 27, 2018

Looking for gift suggestions this holiday seasons for the females in your life but are falling short on ideas? Well -I’m here to help! I’ve put some of my favorite things together to help you through this gift -buying season.



Yankee Candle

The elevation candle collection with its Platform lid features a specially designed lid that securely fits into the bottom of the glass. It’s unique and stylish.. perfect for any home!



electric blanket

During this season of chilly weather give her the gift of warmth! With this heated blanket you’ll be sure that she wont be complaining of the cold!



Nava hooded Snuggie

This micro mink fleece lined sherpa hooded snuggie is going to be the softest and most comfortable gift this year. also, Make sure to use the code Holiday8 at checkout for extra savings!



liz Claiborne robe

A comfy robe would also make a wonderful Christmas gift! This one from Liz Claiborne tops the list. It’s long, knit, and has pockets!




I probably wear moccasin slippers everyday of my life. As soon as I get home I immediatley put on comfy slippers…easily my most important and favorite item that I won making them a wonderful Chritmas gift!



Origins face mask

This skin care mask is not only for all skin types but also reduces red-ness and dry-ness! The best part is that it if free from parabans and sulphates!  A win-win!



pressure cooker

Pressure cookers are all the rage right now! They shorten cooking time by significant time cooking fully frozen meats! This would make a great gift that can certainly make anyones life just a little easier.



Mascara… a girls best friend!

Mascara is one of those items that every girls has…and is alway looking for new- better working brands! Well- here it is! My absolute favorite mascara would make the best stocking stuffer…she’ll thank you for it!



skin care

Every lady could use a little self-care in her life.. and with this Sephora collection you get the best of the of the best in skin care. A definite must in gift-giving this year.


openshleves and white dishes

DIY Fresh Christmas Wreaths!

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Christmas | November 23, 2018

I am sharing with you my tutorial for a DIY Christmas wreath that looks fresh with farmhouse simplicity!

It’s my favorite day of the week! DIY Friday! And this week we’re making fresh DIY Christmas wreaths!  I absolutely love decorating for the Chrismas holidays, but this budget can quickly get out of control! (Check out my latest blog post on decorating your Christmas mantel Here!) Especially considering all the gift buying this holiday season, it’s nice to be able to cut some costs and make your own wreaths for your doors, windows, and mantels.

Openshleves and white dishes and a DIY Christmas wreath on the window inside the house.




Gardeners wire and snippers on the table.


Supplies For The Christmas Wreath

For this Christmas fresh DIY wreath making tutorial you’ll need a pair of wire cutters or floral sheersfloral wire, and twine.

You’ll need the floral wire to wrap your greens to your hoop, and your floral sheers to trim your boughs to size. Also, twine to hang your wreaths on your doors, windows etc.


A hoop circle and fresh branches of evergreen on the table.


Hoop For The Base Of Your Wreath

And the most important supply is the hoop for the base of your farmhouse wreath!

There are so many to choose from, but my favorite are these wooden embroidery hoops. I think the greenery just stays attached better with the floral wire compared to some of the others hoops that are styrofoam or plastic.


Holding a piece of the evergreen branch.



When choosing greenery for hanging wreaths I prefer white pine. I love the way it hangs from the hoops and when the needles eventually dry out they don’t fall and shed like smaller needles will do.

You can certainly use the boughs from your Christmas tree, but remember that they won’t last quite as long.


Attaching the branch to the hoop.


Size Your Greens

Use your sheers to trim and size your greenery and gather a clump to rest on the hoop.


Trimming the branches to size.


Wrap Your Wire

Next, wrap your wire around the greenery and the hoop to secure. Make sure not to trim the wire after a couple loops. It’s important to keep your wire attached to the holder until the very end. This makes the process go much faster.


Wrapping the wire around the hoop with the branches.


Layer And Wrap

Finally, just layer and wrap your bunches on top of the branches of the previous bundle. This process goes quite quickly.

You’ll notice your wreath starting to fill out. Try and keep the same size bundles of greenery thoughout to make sure your wreath balances out evenly at the end. This process is very similar to the DIY Garland making we did last week… check it out if you missed it!


The wreath hanging on the window beside a white armchair.


Hang Your Wreath

I Like to hang my wreaths on all the windows in my main floor rooms, so I use the twine to tie around the wreath and then attach to a tiny nail on my window trim.

With white pine, you’ll notice it isn’t going to fall perfectly… But I think there’s beauty in bringing in natural elements from outside. They’re beautiful and raw… imperfect! This just adds to the fact that they’re fresh.. and not faux.


Two wreaths hanging in the window of the house.

Decorating your mantel – Christmas edition!

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Christmas | November 19, 2018

I will show you how I decorated my farmhouse mantel for Christmas!

It’s that time of year!!! It’s finally here friends! We can drag out the Christmas garland, taper candles, and Christmas villages to decorate our farmhouse mantels without too many people rolling their eyes at us! At my rustic farmhouse, we have several cozy fireplaces to decorate and I try to make each one unique.  The picture above is the fireplace in my dining room. I knew I wanted my mantel to have a farmhouse Christmas vibe and my colors to be soft neutrals to balance off my exposed wood ceiling, which can feel really dark at times. So I went with creamy white, gold, woodsy green, and black (to tie in my fireplace). I put up my buffalo check plates which are very farmhouse and some black taper candleholders that add height to balance off my large gold mirror. I also added fresh green garland and some pinecones for some natural earthy elements. But it was missing something…


A white mantel with fresh leaves and candlesticks on it.


Farmhouse Christmas Village

I don’t know about you… but I’ve been contemplating putting up a Christmas village this year. I’ve gone back and forth searching for the right sizes and colors to fit into my farmhouse decor. They all seem to be too large and not quite the picture I had in my head. That is until I found UsYoungs white village with fairy lights!  They’re so cute and rustic… and the perfect size!!! The villages are made of natural wood and each set is cut and unfinished to bring out the natural beauty in the wood! There’s a variety of stains or white painted houses or trees to choose from. The set includes 7 ft, battery-powered LED wire strung fairy lights… and get this…they’re available in a 5 piece and 3 piece set! The Christmas villages also handcrafted… which I absolutely Love!!! As soon as I saw the whimsical villages I knew I had to have them to complete my Christmas mantel! And as a bonus… They are SO affordable! I got several sets! One of my favorite parts is that these cute little houses will transition well out of Christmas and stay up on my mantel as a part of my rustic farmhouse decor! They’re very versatile!



Shiny and Bright!

I also LOVE that this wooden village set from Usyoungs comes with twinkling fairy lights! The funny thing is that I just recently bought a set of fairy lights on Amazon… for $12! Which was MORE expensive than one of these village sets that includes the fairly lights!! I can’t stress enough how affordable these sets are!



Discount for my friends

Not only are these prices AMAZING, but Usyoungs also sent over a coupon code for my followers!! Just use code THEFARMHOUSELIFE15 at checkout to get 15% off your total order! These products were given to me in exchange for an HONEST review. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog of mine!! Links below (or comparable item)



to stay in the know