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Easy DIY floral pumpkin centerpiece

An easy DIY floral centerpiece that will last the whole Fall season!

I Love a good floral centerpiece!! Flowers are gorgeous and the perfect pop of color to help achieve any look for really any season! And since we are officially in September it’s fun to start incorporating fun Fall decor to our tables without spending a fortune. That’s the great part about faux florals… they’ll last the whole season!

pumpkin centerpiece

To get started

All we’ll need is a styrofoam pumpkin, a box cutter or knife, faux florals, and of course some floral sheers. I love using a styrofoam pumpkin because there’s no need to shove a floral foam brick on the inside. The stems will poke right into the styrofoam and stay securely in place.

  1. Cut the top off of your pumpkin using a knife of a box cutter
  2. Use your sheers to trim your faux florals (faux florals have wire stems and scissors won’t cut it – literally)
  3. Arrange your florals

The Key to arranging a beautiful floral arrangement

I once read in a magazine that every floral arrangement needs fillers, spillers, and thrillers. So basically, shorter flowers that will work to fill up the arrangement. It also needs spillers. Spillers are the flowers that spill over the edge of the container making it look more dramatic. And lastly, the arrangement needs thrillers. You know, those flowers that are so eye-catching it draws everyone’s eye.

Every time I arrange any kind of floral piece I try and incorporate these three key points. It seems to be a no-fail way of arranging beautiful floral centerpieces, bouquets, and even flower boxes.

Want to shop the supplies this project? Click an image below!

pumpkin centerpiece
pumpkin centerpiece

Thanks for reading along, pals!

Much Love,

Kori ~ from The Farmhouse Life!

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