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Holiday coffee and hot cocoa bar

Today I’m adding a festive coffee and hot cocoa bar this Holiday season for my family to come and have a hot beverage to warm up!

If you’re coming over from Aliya, welcome! Wasn’t her hot cocoa bar gorgeous?!

Make your own coffee bar

Well – It’s that time of year where a hot beverage in our hands is a must! Honestly, I can’t seem to work proficiently without one! I’ll admit – I’m a sucker for a good Starbucks latte.

But boy can those get pricey. Especially if you have little to no will power like me. All of a sudden my “once in a while” coffee treat turned into an “every other day” coffee treat. And my budget went out the window.

My husband would ask “Um – Kori… do you really need that many Starbucks lattes?” And of course, my answer is yes! But the more I thought about it the more I realized it was time to maybe invest in my own Latte maker. So this year I decided I was going to upgrade my coffee/hot cocoa bar with a Nespresso machine!

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Add a festive hot cocoa bar this winter

Every year I try and make my coffee bar festive for the Holidays. I’ll add cute jars and baskets with all the fixings for yummy hot cocoa or a sweet delicious coffee. My kids love coming home from school and helping themselves to warm cocoa with an absurd amount of marshmallows.

This year I’m adding a Nespresso machine to the mix so now I can make my own caramel latte or macchiatos any time I want. Really the possibilities are endless because with a Nespresso machine you can really make any specialty drink. And… he’s to hoping with my own Latte maker, my budget will be saved as well.

What are the keys to a good coffee and hot cocoa bar?

The key to a good coffee and hot cocoa bar is having EVERYTHING that someone might need on hand to make their beverage.

So for instance, if someone is going to make hot cocoa they’ll for sure need water. That’s why I put an electric tea kettle on my bar filled with water. I also have jars filled with marshmallows, candy canes, and chocolates. Whatever the heart might desire.

And for coffee fixings of course there’s hot cocoa for mochas, caramel syrup for lattes, and a milk frother/ steamer for the perfect frothed topping!

Should I add holiday decor to my coffee bar?

Adding some of your favorite Holiday decor is a sure way to make your coffee bar so festive and more appealing.

I like to add copper touches because to me, copper just feels like Christmas! I also added some of my favorite Holiday mugs and a few teacups with saucers so I can pretend to be fancy.

I try and add “wintery” touches so it can stay around long after Christmas (not that we need the temptation in the new year). Decorations like pinecones and evergreen sprigs will not look out of place well past Christmas.

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That’s it for me! Now it’s time to go check out Kristin’s gorgeous hot cocoa bar

Thanks so much for reading along, everyone!

Much love,

Kori ~ The farmhouse life


    1. It totally is a game changer! I get so excited to make my coffee drink in the morning!! ~ and afternoon!

  1. This is so yummy! I must go make a hot chocolate now! My mouth is watering! Love all the copper accents too! So beautiful!

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