Storage Hacks and Bathroom Shelf Ideas For Small Spaces

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the mess inside your small bathroom? The bottles, tubes, and jars seem to take up every inch of space, making organization feel like an impossible task. Don’t worry! Explore simple bathroom shelf ideas and vanity hacks that will transform your chaotic space into an organized haven.

No matter how big or small, every bathroom needs someplace to store toiletries. If you’re struggling to find storage space for all your shampoo, hand soap, shower gels, and toothpaste, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered.

Bathroom nech and small vanity with a vase and dried stems.

There are variety of bathroom shelf ideas that could meet your spaces needs, ranging from built-in shelves to creative space utilization. Now, when I tackled the task of organizing my vanity, certain storage solutions stood out due to the size of my vanity and what it was lacking.

Today, I’m excited to share these insights with you. If you’ve been grappling with a messy bathroom, join me as I reveal personalized tips to bring order and style to your space.

How do I get more storage in my small bathroom?

This is a question many of us with small bathrooms have asked ourselves: How can I add more storage in my tiny space? We are not only looking for extra storage but also easily accessible storage. Knowing where something is and being able to access it easily are two different things.

There are several methods to generate additional storage space that is easily accessible in your small bathroom. Here are some tips to enhance accessible storage in your limited space:

  1. Utilize vertical space: Install tall, narrow shelving units or cabinets that take advantage of vertical space. This allows you to store items without occupying too much floor space.
  2. Over-the-toilet storage: Utilize the space above your toilet by installing an over-the-toilet cabinet or shelving unit. This area is often underutilized and can provide valuable storage for towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials.
  3. Wall-mounted cabinets and shelves: Whether it’s a built-in shelf or open shelves, these simple design diy bathroom shelf ideas can be the perfect solution to your storage problems. Install wall-mounted cabinets or shelves above the sink, next to the mirror, or on any available wall space. These can be used to store toiletries, cosmetics, and other frequently used items.
  4. Medicine cabinet: Opt for a medicine cabinet with built-in storage. These cabinets provide a mirror and offer shelves or compartments with plenty of space behind the mirror surface, allowing you to store small items conveniently.
  5. Hanging organizers and hooks: Hang organizers or hooks on the back of the bathroom door or inside cabinet doors to store items such as towels, robes, and cleaning supplies. The best part is that it utilizes otherwise unused space and keeps things easily accessible.
  6. Utilize corners: Install corner shelves or a corner vanity to make use of otherwise unused space. These can be excellent for storing toiletries or displaying decorative items.
  7. Slim storage solutions: Look for slim storage options like narrow cabinets or carts that can fit in tight spaces, such as between the sink and toilet or beside the bathtub. These can be a simple way to provide additional storage without taking up too much floor space.
  8. Repurpose and declutter: Assess your bathroom items and declutter any unnecessary or expired products. Consider repurposing items like glass jars or mason jars to store cotton balls, Q-tips, or other small bathroom supplies.

Remember, it’s essential to strike a balance between storage and maintaining an open and organized feel in a small bathroom. Choose storage solutions that fit your specific needs and complement your bathroom’s aesthetic while optimizing space efficiency.

How do you organize a bathroom with no storage?

Organizing a storage-challenged bathroom requires creative solutions. Invest in space-efficient freestanding storage like narrow cabinets or carts.

Optimize door and cabinet space with organizers and hooks for towels. Use a shower caddy or tension rod with hanging baskets for shower essentials. Decorative trays or baskets on countertops corral skincare products.

Wall-mounted organizers and clear containers streamline accessibility. Maximize under-sink space with stackable bins. Utilize windowsills for displays or storage. Combine these solutions for a functional, clutter-free bathroom.

How Do I Make My Bathroom Counter Clutter-Free?

If your bathroom counter is a perpetual clutter zone, follow these steps to declutter and organize efficiently:

  1. Separate Daily Use Items:Designate specific spots for daily essentials like your toothbrush and razor. Regularly declutter your bathroom cabinet by discarding old makeup and expired items.
  2. Empty Everything In Your Vanity:Start fresh by removing all items from the counter. Discard trash, expired products, and anything that doesn’t belong. Wipe down the counter to remove any remaining dirt.
  3. Divide Everything Into Categories:Categorize items to decide what stays on the counter and what goes elsewhere. Items used daily can remain on the counter, while occasional-use items can be stored in cabinets or drawers.
  4. Separate Piles According to Frequency of Use:Group items by how often you use them to decide where to store them. Daily items can stay on the counter, while less frequent items can find a home in cabinets or under the sink.
  5. Find Storage Containers for Drawers and Under the Sink:When purchasing storage items, choose containers designed to fit under the sink or in vanity drawers. Opt for clear containers for easy visibility and use drawer dividers to categorize items.
  6. Put Categories Into Containers for Organization:Maximize storage by placing toiletries into containers based on your categories. This not only keeps items organized but also provides a neater appearance.
  7. Label Each Container:Labeling containers helps you quickly locate items. Use a permanent marker to label each container with its contents, whether it’s general categories like “toiletries” or more specific ones like “makeup.”
  8. Add Containers to Your Vanity:Organize your labeled containers within the drawers and compartments of your vanity, ensuring each item has a designated space.
  9. Tweak the Layout for Convenience:Evaluate the storage layout to ensure convenient access. Adjust the arrangement based on your preferences and usage patterns, making it easy to maintain an organized and tidy bathroom.

Which storage containers work best for maximizing your bathroom storage capacity?

Here are my top favorite storage containers for bathroom vanity: 

Woman rolling her towels.
  • Vertical pull-outs
  • U-shaped slide-out shelf
  • Expandable under sink shelves by simple houseware
  • Sliding 2-tiered cabinet organizer
  • Slide-out plastic baskets (with dividers)
  • Clear acrylic stackable cosmetic organizer drawers  
  • Over-the-cabinet door hanging organizer
  • Over-the-door hanging hair tool holder
  • Lazy susan (slight rim)
  • 2-tiered lazy susan
  • Sliding cabinet organizer (3 drawers with solid top)
  • Stackable sliding basket organizer
  • A slide-out removable cleaning caddy
  • Bathroom under sink organization starter kit from the container store

How Do I Add Storage To My Bathroom Vanity?

Getting your bathroom vanity organized is all about finding the right mix of solutions for storage and practicality.

First up, give the vanity top a stylish upgrade with trays or containers for your daily essentials. If your vanity is drawer-less, no problem! Toss in some dividers or organizers in the cabinets to keep things in order. Slide-out shelves or bins work wonders for optimizing cabinet space, keeping towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies in check.

Don’t forget to make use of the vertical space – hooks or adhesive organizers on the inside of cabinet doors can do wonders.

And when it’s time to tackle those drawers, go for compartmentalized trays for your makeup and grooming tools, drawer dividers for categorizing toiletries, and expandable organizers for different drawer sizes.

Makeup organized in small white baskets

This approach ensures your bathroom vanity is a perfect mix of organized surfaces, efficient drawers, and well-used cabinet space.

How Can I Organize My Vanity Without Drawers?

Tackling a bathroom vanity without drawers can be a bit of a puzzle, but fear not—your vanity may not have drawers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add them.

Say hello to under-the-sink storage solutions, my personal lifesavers! Slide-out drawers and stackable containers are the VIPs here. They’re like the superheroes of keeping things tidy.

Metal pull out shelves stored under bathroom vanity.

Toss in your everyday essentials in those pull-out drawers, and stackable containers are perfect for corralling smaller items.

It’s all about creating a mini organization station right there under the sink—practical, efficient, and a total game-changer for your daily bathroom routine.

How Do I Organize Underneath My Bathroom Sink?

Under my bathroom sink used to be a total mess. Whenever I went to grab something, I had to move around a bunch of other stuff first.

But then I realized there was a way to organize it all so everything would be within reach. Now, I keep a few key items under the sink:

  • A storage container for extra toilet paper
  • A basket for small items like q-tips and cotton balls
  • A bin for cleaning supplies
  • Roll out drawers to maximize storage and for easy access

How to organize your bathroom with a pedestal sink?

Pedestal sinks may look cute and all, but let’s be real—they’re not the most practical, especially in tight spaces.

white pedestal sink in a bathroom with blue walls and gold fixtures.

When you’re dealing with a tiny bathroom and have a pedestal sink, you’ve got to get smart about space. That’s where vertical storage swoops in to save the day! Think wall-mounted shelves – they’re like the superheroes of practicality and space-saving, striking that perfect balance.

This approach ensures that despite the charming appeal of a pedestal sink, your bathroom doesn’t sacrifice functionality.

Look for spots above the toilet, beside the sink, or on empty walls. Choose shelves that not only match your decor but will also work with your space. It’s like a bathroom storage makeover – practical and stylish.

You could even make one. I made a shaker style peg rack which had a shelf atop for my baking supplies in my kitchen. You would easily make one yourself and use it in your bathroom.

So, while that pedestal sink adds a touch of charm, the real MVP here is the wall-mounted shelving. It strikes the perfect balance, making sure your bathroom stays cute and functional, even in the tightest spots.

Finished toilet installation

How do you efficiently use deep built-in bathroom shelves?

For those fortunate enough to possess a deep built-in cabinet, the question may arise regarding the most effective way to utilize this ample space.

Positioned strategically alongside showers or tubs and esteemed as invaluable storage solutions, these cabinets are meticulously crafted to enhance spatial efficiency and accommodate a diverse array of bathroom essentials.

Nevertheless, the considerable depth of the shelves presents a nuanced challenge in guaranteeing practical accessibility. 

The most efficient way of using these shelves is to Start by sorting items into two piles – things you use often and things you use not quite as often.

Stick your go-to items up front, and toss in some baskets or small containers for the stuff you grab often.

This way, you’re not constantly playing shelf Tetris, and your bathroom stays effortlessly organized – simple as that! Making the most of those deep built-in bathroom shelves is all about finding a sweet spot between keeping things handy and maintaining order.

How to style bathroom shelves

Now that we’ve cracked the code on organizing all your bathroom essentials with those sleek shelves, it’s time to kick things up a notch and give them some flair. Styling bathroom shelves isn’t just about being practical; it’s about adding a touch of beauty to your space.

Mix in a bit of greenery, throw in some decorative containers, and consider grouping items together for a cohesive look. Whether it’s showcasing your favorite skincare products, adding a pop of color with towels, or strategically placing some statement pieces, styling your bathroom shelves is the finishing touch to make your space both functional and fabulous.

shelves above a toilet styled with plants and candles.

Rounding Up

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, and when it comes to maximizing its storage space, the vanity is vital.

You must invest in some organizational tools, as a good set of baskets or containers will go a long way towards keeping things neat. Second, use vertical space to your advantage. Installing some shelves or hooks will give you more room to store towels, toiletries, and other items. Lastly, don’t be afraid to get creative.

There are many ways to repurpose old furniture and turn it into stylish and functional storage solutions for your bathroom. Implementing even a few of these tips can make a big difference in how your bathroom looks and feels.

And who knows, maybe you’ll even find that you enjoy spending time there once it’s all decluttered and organized. 

Thanks for reading!

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