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5 steps to creating a beautiful dollar store centerpiece

In 5 simple steps I transformed a $3 planter from the dollar store into a beautiful centerpiece! Just in time for Spring!

I know what you’re thinking… you can’t turn dollar store supplies into a centerpiece for Spring. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can!

In 5 simples steps I’ll show you how to level up a cheap planter from the dollar store using a little joint compound, water, plaster of Paris, paint, and dirt (yes, you heard that right!

Step NO. 1: Apply the joint compound.

The first step I did to level up this dollar store planter was to apply the joint compound. I used a small paint brush to apply it.

Once I had an even coat applied to the whole planter I let it dry over night.

Step NO.2: Apply the Plaster of Paris mixture

The second step is the Plaster of Paris mixture. To make the mixture it’s just 1/4 cup of water to 1/2 cup of plaster of Paris. Stir until the mixture thickens up. Apply a generous amount all over the dollar store planter.

Believe me, this step will make all the difference in adding texture to really level up this centerpiece!

It’s ok if the mixture is a little on the watery side. It’ll thicken as you go. Apply a generous amount of the mixture all over the planter. Work quickly! The mixture may get too hard if this process takes too long. You may have to add a bit more water to get the right consistency again. Let the planter dry for 2-3 hours.

Step NO.3: Dap on the paint

The third step is to take a paper towel and ball it up to dab on the paint. I’m using Glidden off-white. The reason I’m dabbing it on instead of painting it on is because I want it to have a speckled look instead of the surface being completely covered. Let the paint dry 2-3 hours

Step NO. 4: Rub dirt all over it

Once the paint is completely dry, I rubbed dirt all over the dollar store planter. I know this sounds so funny, but this will give the soon to be centerpiece a more of antique-look.

Brush off any access once finished. I also re-dabbed a few more paint spots afterwards to help it blend a bit more too.

Step NO.5: Add florals to create the centerpiece

Lastly, I added my florals to make a beautiful centerpiece. My florals are from the dollar store and from Micheals.

I started with some tape to make a grid to hold the flowers where I wanted them. Then I stuck in my florals in-between all the grids.

 Be sure to pin for later!

And done! I turned this $3 planter from the dollar store into a beautiful centerpiece for my Spring table!

Thanks for reading along!

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