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Top 5 places to buy affordable rugs

Looking for places to buy rugs but are scared off by the prices? I’ve gathered the top 5 places to buy AFFORDABLE rugs to take the guess work out.

I get asked by a lot of readers where I buy my rugs. The short answer is lots of places. But what people really want to know is where they can buy affordable rugs. 

I decided to write a post to answer this question coincidentally because I am shopping for a new rug for my dining room.

Right now I have a large tribal print rug under my dining room table and I’m looking for something more boho.

So while I shop for the perfect rug to go under my dining room table I thought I’d share my favorite places to buy affordable rugs!

*The following links are affiliate and if used I make a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog of mine!

Shop NO. 1: Ruggable

I absolutely love a Ruggable rug! If you aren’t familiar with Ruggable rugs they are washable rugs. It’s basically a two part system with a rug pad and top layer that peels on and off easily. This way when it gets dirty or there’s a spill it can easily be removed and thrown in the washing machine.

Shop NO. 2: Boutique Rugs

Another one of my favorite places to buy affordable rugs is Boutique rugs. They always seem to have a rather large coupon code to use at checkout sometimes taking hundreds of dollars off the price!

Currently If you use code Winter60 at checkout you can get 60% off! Check it out here!

Shop NO. 3: Rugs USA

Rugs USA is another great place to buy affordable rugs. Not only do they have great sales that run all the time, but they also have a HUGE variety of styles.

What I love most about Rugs USA is that they recommend similar styles based off or your rug selection. Which is so great! I generally buy one of their selections instead of the rug I went there looking for.

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Shop NO. 4: Wayfair

Another great shop that sells affordable rugs is Wayfair. Not only do they have a huge selection of beautiful rugs, but when it comes to home decor… they sell literally everything!

Prices are also great and shipping is free when you spend over $35 – which is easy to do when you’re buying a rug!

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Shop NO. 5: Target

The last affordable shop is of course the one and only Target! Not only is Target the shop I go to often for really anything I need, but they have such a great variety of rugs available online only!

My absolute favorite rug I have in my home and the one I get the most compliments on is my round Target rug! It’s super inexpensive and if you have a redcard you get an extra discount!

That’s it for now, Thank you so much for reading along!

Chat soon,


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