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7 Ways to update your home for summer!

Here are my best tips for updating your home for summer!

The white kitchen counter with a clear glass vase filled with yellow flowers and a cake on a stand with a piece taken out of it.

Update your home for summer

Summer is here friends so let the windows be open and the cookouts begin! What kind of things do you associate with summer? I think about the smell of freshly mowed grass, campfires, flowers blooming, and of course school being out and my children playing outside for hours on end.

I love for my home to reflect what season it is… It makes me happy and gets me in the spirit!

But Just because summer is here doesn’t mean you have to haul out a tub of “summer-themed” decorations from the attic.. but instead try and apply these 7 tips to bring summer in your home.

Yellow flowers in a white vase on the coffee table.

Add fresh flowers

What better way to bring in summer than to head outside and clip some sweet smelling flowers. I absolutely love flowers.. I mean, whats not to love? They’re beautiful to look at, they make your room smell sweet and fragrant, and the vibrant colors help bring in the look of summer.

I like to add empty vases everywhere like tabletops, Islands, end tables; whether in the bedroom or living spaces. This inspires me to fill them up whether grabbing a fresh bouquet at the grocery store or clipping them from my flower garden outside.

Neutral boho pillow and throw on the couch.

Swap out pillows and throws

Try swapping out heavy wool pillows and thick and heavy throw blankets for lighter ones. Dark colors can be associated with winter, so try trading them for lighter colored ones! Also, try and have light-weight throws on hand to grab on a chillier evening.

A black and white board with a graphic on it.

Swap out season art

I like to switch out my art seasonally…whether it’s family photos, artwork, or spunky saying on my letterboard. Colors speak volumes as to what season it is. Try swapping out some of your darker artwork for something lighter. Also, letterboards are an easy way to spell out what season it is with a whitty saying! Give it a try!

A Dune Grass fragrant candle.

Add some fresh Summer scents

Candles are great for every season, but a sweet floral or linen candle is a great and affordable way to bring the summer season into your home.

You can buy them anywhere, but some of my favorites are soy candles from Target and if I really want to splurge… Anthropology!

Soy candles are considered safer than paraffin candle mostly because they say that it doesn’t release toxins as it burns. Soy candles are supposedly non-toxic. Either way… candles are a great addition to your summer home!

A kitchen with the door open.

Open up your doors and windows

OK… So I realize this tip is something that everyone already knows, but I couldn’t overlook this summer staple.  So open up those windows and let those doors stay wide open to let that fresh air flow. It will not only brighten your mood letting that summer air in and sunlight, but it will also help with getting all those winters germs and stuffiness out.

A living room with a coffee table filled with magazines and books.

Stock up on summer magazines

If you’re like me… your coffee tables are filled with magazines. I want my guests to put their feet up and grab a magazine and get cozy.

So every season I filter through them and am sure to make seasonally appropriate ones accessible. Plus by the end of a season, they’re looking pretty ragged with coffee stains and tares… and are in desperate need to be replaced.  Strategically placed magazines can be very stylish on a coffee table and another way to bring summer in!

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