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If you are looking for a way to style your entryway, look no further than a small bench! A small entryway bench (with storage too) can greatly improve the organization of your entryway!

If you are always looking for a spot to put your things when you walk in the door, consider my entryway bench decorating ideas.

Styling your small entryway bench can be quick and easy. To have the most functional bench you can, think of everything you need it to do!

For me, I knew the bench could easily become the catch-all as we were walking in and out of our homes. I also wanted a place to be able to sit and put shoes on and off easily.

Plus I also wanted a place to drop keys and anything else in my hands to take off my shoes! I didn’t want this area to become cluttered, so the organization was a must for me.

I got my list together, and made my own small entryway bench! 

What should I put in my entryway?

Benches are the perfect piece to add to your entryway. Oftentimes, you and your guests have to sit down to put on or take off shoes, while needing a place to put your things.

Benches are multifunctional and easy to decorate in your own style! 

Where should I put my entryway bench?

Make sure that wherever you put your entryway bench isn’t cluttering the area. The goal of an entryway bench is to make the small space as functional as possible!

Your bench can be placed up against a nearby wall, close to the door. But, make sure that it isn’t too close to where the door swings into it when someone walks in!

If your entryway is small, there are still plenty of entryway bench ideas for small spaces. I hope I can provide some inspiration! 

If you are looking for farmhouse entryway bench ideas, you’ve come to the right place! You have to make your bench work with your space, that is why set out to find pieces to help fit my budget and meet all my needs. 

On my list was…

  • A round gold mirror
  • A black farmhouse bench
  • A wooden tray
  • A shoe tray
  • A black coat rack with an umbrella stand.
  • A throw blanket and or pillows to add texture and comfort
  • Sconces
  • A throw rug 

Below are the linked images I purchased… go ahead friends, shop away! Most of the links are to Target, because well,  you can get anything at Target!

I already had the bench and wooden tray handy, so I found a small entryway bench on overstock for you guys!

If you would like a different entryway bench, Ikea might be a great place to check! Home Depot and Wayfair also have great options for a small entryway bench with storage. 

How do you set up an entryway?

You can use my list above, and my links below to gain some indoor bench decorating ideas. Find things that are both decorative and functional.

A round gold mirror is great for decoration, but it’s also great to check how you look right before you leave! Throw blankets and pillows add some texture, as well as some comfort.

I also found that sconces are a great way to spruce up the area while adding some lighting! 

As you gather your products for your entryway bench, assemble your bigger furniture. For instance, your bench and umbrella stand.

Then you can find a good place for it if you have a smaller space! Once the bigger objects are placed, you can hang your mirror.

A coat rack is one of my favorite modern entryway bench ideas. It can add a  bit of decoration on its own, and it has great use! 

Hang your jackets, purses, and hats that you’re currently using. Try not to overhang things as it will leave this space feeling messy and cluttered.

Try to only hang “In-season” items so you can easily access the things you need. Also, having a spot for umbrellas is so nice on that rainy day.

What’s worse than remembering you left your umbrella in the car when it’s pouring outside? 

How do you make an entryway look nice?

Add some final touches to your entryway bench to brighten it up! I hope can give some farmhouse entryway bench ideas – and Pinterest is a great source of inspiration too!

You can make it cozy with some throw blankets and pillows, and create more functionality with a tray for keys! 

When I am adding throw blankets and pillows, I like to layer textures to give the space more depth. It adds such dimension to the space and also makes it so inviting. Who wouldn’t want to sit on this bench!?

Grab your tray and set items in that you know you’ll need running out the door. A small bowl will help with keeping keys and change organized.

Throw your wristlet and notebook in for quick access on your way out the front door.

How can I improve my small entryway?

If you are looking for more ways to improve your small entryway with a small bench, add some more organization!

I found that a shoe organizer is a must! You can find a small entryway bench with storage that has room for shoes.

Then, you don’t have to add anything new! For me, I already had this bench on hand, but it wasn’t hard to improve its organization.

I found a nice large tray to keep my shoes organized. It also kept the dirt from outside contained in the little tray, 

A small rug by the entryway bench also helps contain the messiness shows bring! Not only does a rug add a bit more coziness, but it keeps shoes from tracking mud or snow past the bench. 

Remember, you not only want it to look polished, but you want it to serve its purpose too, which is a stylish but useful dumping spot when you get home with your arms full.

If you don’t have spots for your shoes, keys, and such…. decorating won’t do you much use!

How do you spruce an entryway?

Remember to keep everything functional when you are sprucing up your entryway. If you are looking for entryway ideas for small spaces – being purposeful is the first goal!

If you have some extra wall space around your mirror, you may be able to add a welcome sign or a small art piece. This way, you can add some more personality without taking away its function! 

Do you need a bench at entryway? 

In my opinion, I think almost every entryway is improved with a bench! Even if your entryway is small, You can make some serious use of a small entryway bench.

No longer do people have to walk further into your home to take off your shoes. You are no longer fumbling to find an open court space and put down your keys.

And one of the best perks – Your keys and your wallet now have a permanent home! You don’t have to search the house for them before you leave, instead, you can grab them right as you leave! 

I hope my own entryway bench decorating ideas helped spark some ideas for you! I also hope my praises of an entryway bench inclined you to scroll through Overstock or Wayfair! 

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