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Create a beautiful uncluttered area with my tips on how to style your entryway bench!

The entryway bench in the hallway with pillows and faux fur on the bench.

Styling your bench can be quick and easy. First, try and think of all the functions this bench in your entryway needs to serve. For me, it can easily become the catch-all as we’re walking in and out of our home. I wanted a place to be able to sit and put shoes on and off easily. Plus I also wanted a place to drop my house keys or car keys and such. I didn’t want this area to become cluttered, so organization was a must for me. So I set out to find pieces to help fit my budget and meet all my needs. On my list was…

  • A round gold mirror
  • A black farmhouse bench
  • A wooden tray
  • A shoe tray
  • A black coat rack with umbrella stand.
  • A throw blanket and pillows to add texture and comfort
  • A small bowl to catch keys and coins

The small bench with a wooden tray on it, throw pillows and an umbrella stand next to it.

Below are the linked images I purchased… go ahead friends, shop away! Most of the links are to Target, well because you can get anything at Target! The bench is linked to Overstock. I already had the bench and the wooden tray so I tried to find similar ones for you.

A round mirror with a gold trim.

Assemble your bigger furniture. For instance, your bench and umbrella stand. Then, hang your mirror.

Use your coat rack! Hang your jackets, purses, and hats that you’re currently using. Try not to overhang things as it will leave this space feeling messy and cluttered. Only “In season” items so you can easily access the things you need. Also, having a spot for umbrellas is so nice on that rainy day. What’s worse than remembering you left your umbrella in the car when it’s pouring outside!

Two pillows on faux fur on the bench.

Next, get those cozy throws and pillows out. I like to layer textures to give the space more depth. It’s adds such dimension to the space and also makes it so inviting. Who wouldn’t want to sit on this bench!?

A wooden tray on the bench with a small book, keys and a wallet.

Grab your tray and set items in that you know you’ll need running out the door. A small bowl will help with keeping keys and change organized. Throw your wristlet and notebook in for quick access on your way out the front door.

A small tray shoe organizer is under the small bench with boots beside it.

Lastly, a shoe organizer is a must. A nice large tray for keeping shoes organized and dirt inside is so important when styling your entryway bench! Remember, you not only want it to look polished, but you want it to serve it’s purpose too, which is a stylish but useful dumping spot when you get home with your arms full. If you don’t have spots for your shoes, keys, and such…. decorating wont do you much use.

The entryway bench styled.

That’s it friends! I hope you enjoyed! And as always…. find me on Instagram @thefarmhouselife to be featured in my stories!


Kori – The Farmhouse life


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