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heat gun and pray bar

Remove old sticky tiles – with only 2 tools!

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House and Home | March 30, 2020

Hey all – this weekend I was hard at work removing the old sticky tile in my kid’s bathroom. At first, I tried shoving a metal putty knife under the tile and I’ll tell ya – It didn’t go well. A little piece flicked off and I thought “oh boy – this is going to take a while”… Then I got smart and told my husband I needed his heat gun and not to ask any questions. And like a good husband, he pointed me in the right direction. After giving it a go – and blindly I might add. I probably should have watched a youtube video on how to properly use one, but hey – I made it out alive and with the sticky tile gone! I call that a win!

Pile of old sticky tiles removed from floor

I started with heating up each individual tile.

Then, turning the heat gun off and using my pry bar to peel the tile off. This was time-consuming. If I was going to finish this bathroom any time this year – I was going to have to get a little more comfortable with managing this heat gun and my pry bar at the same time. It was a little uncomfortable – at first but after a while, I managed to use my pry bar with one hand while heating the tile with the other. The heat gun did most of the work and the pry bar really just needed pressure to keep it moving forward to peel off the tile. It was a fairly easy project and really only took me about 30-35 minutes total to remove all of the tiles.

head gun and pry bar

I did find that…

removing the tile starting at an open corner (meaning on the side of the tile that was already exposed) and working forward – using my body weight to propel the pry bar was really the best way to remove the tile. The momentum and the heat gun really did the work for me. On the downside, I did get a couple of friction burns – no, not heat gun burns – friction burns. This was from my forearms rubbing on my jeans/long sleeve shirt while using the pry bar. It’s all right though – I mean If there wasn’t any pain or scarring (no scarring here) did it really even happen?!

Here’s a little timelapse video that shows the process of how it all went down.

The only trouble-some area was the toilet. The old sticky tile was laid before the toilet was installed so In order to remove all of the tiles – the toilet will have to be removed.  I was determined to do this project on my own – but I think I’ll have to call in the big guns (my husband) to remove the toilet… I mean I probably could figure it out and move the toilet on my own… maybe?! But do I want to?!… Not really. Thank goodness my husband is so accommodating and said he’s gladly step in and move the toilet for me. ~Swoon~ Ladies, get yourself a husband who moves toilets for you.

wooden bathroom floor and slippers

All in all –

on a scale from 1 to 10 for difficulty I’d say that this project was probably a 2/3. I was fairly easy – and once I got a hold of how to hold the pry bar and heat gun this project went by fairly quickly. Now, Laying down the new tile might be a little more difficult… we’ll see!

Doing your own project and want to use the tools I used? Click an image below to shop!

Be sure to pop over later this week to see how installing the new tile goes! Here’s a sneak-peek on how we’ll be laying down the new floor tile!

floor tile in herringbone pattern

Much Love,


Kori ~ from the Farmhouse life

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black farmhouse style light fixture

How to update your bathroom fixtures with spray paint! Bathroom re-fresh series

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Uncategorized | January 8, 2020

As you know – I’m currently in a blog series called bathroom refresh where I’m trying to update my bathroom on a $100 budget. This is actually quite hard to do – so I’m trying to pull as many things from my house as possible to save the budget for statement items like new light fixtures and pulls. Now – You might be confused because the title of my blog is called “How to update your bathroom fixtures with spray paint” but in my case, my light fixture and pulls are so outdated – spray paint wasn’t going to fix it. I decided to use my budget to try and buy a light clearanced out, new pulls, and textiles. So, this meant I had to be willing to repaint a new light fixture to get it exactly the shade I was looking for. I found a light on clearance for $40 and it was exactly what I was looking for! Except that it was brown and not black. I also pulled a mirror that was the perfect size from my guest room – and it’s also brown and not black. That’s where my handy dandy can of spray paint comes in.

Use the right spray paint

It’s important to always use the right spray paint for your projects. In this case, I’m spray painting metal so enamel paint is best. It will last longer on surfaces compared to lacquer. It also adheres better. Some times I will use a top coat to help seal in the color, but not always. I usually only do that on “high traffic” items that get used a lot or touched a lot like chairs, furniture, etc. Because this mirror and light fixture is a “hung and done” kind of deal, I’m not worried about the paint coming off.

Light coats

2-3 light coats are always a good idea when spray painting to ensure you’re getting full coverage. Also, I’ll emphasize LIGHT coats! If you spray it on too thick it’ll probably drip and then it’ll be obvious that it was spray painted. Try and stand a good 12 inches away from your fixtures so that it doesn’t bubble up and look sloppy.

Black spray painted light fixture

Wedge your tape

It’s important to wedge your tape right up underneath the frame of your mirror so you don’t “accidentally” leave a thick stripe of spray paint. The more of the tape you get under the frame the better.

large mirror with painters tape

The great thing about spray paint is that it only takes seconds to get an even coat… it’s the dry time between coats that can be time-consuming. A half-hour is a good amount of time to wait in between coats if the coats are light.

If you don’t have fixtures – or yours were so outdated like mine then you should check out my latest post on choosing the right fixtures for your bath!

Stay Tuned for the next post in the series to see these bad boys hung up!

Until next time –

Korilyn – at the farmhouse life

gold faucets, black mirrors, and silver light fixtures

Choosing bathroom Fixtures

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Uncategorized | January 6, 2020

After my first blog post on my bathroom refresh series where I go over my design plan – I got a lot of requests asking how to choose bathroom fixtures – and where to get them. So I’ve decided to write a blog post hoping to answer your questions! gold faucets, black mirrors, and silver light fixtures

Mixing metals?


People ask me all the time if it’s ok to mix metals when planning your bathroom fixtures – and my answer is… YES! I love mixing metals! There are some rules though… For instance, you always want to tie in that metal somewhere. You don’t want to have one metal by itself feeling all alone and out of place. What I mean by that is pair up your metals or have three of one and 2 of the other. Like in my bathroom design, I’ll have a black framed mirror and a black light fixture AND a gold faucet with gold hardware. So remember – It’s ok to mix metals as long as you tie it in somewhere in the bathroom.

Does size matter?

Well….when it comes to choosing bathroom fixtures… size really does matter! Size your bathroom fixtures like your mirror and your light fixture off of your vanity size. You really want your mirror to be pretty close to the vanity size. Or, if you plan to have a light fixture on either side of your mirror the overall size should be the size of your vanity. That would mean the span from light fixture to light fixture.  If you have two sinks you can have two mirrors – but you don’t have to.

How much is too much?

Only you know how much is too much… This will depend entirely on your budget. BUT if your anything like me you want to find a good deal. There are so many places to buy bathroom fixtures (and at a decent price) – but I have to say, one of my favorite places to shop would definitely be Wayfair! They have such variety – not only in products but prices too!  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite mirrors, light fixtures, and faucets below!

bathroom faucets
bathroom light fixturesbathroom mirrors
Want to shop this post?



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two homemade cbrown cleaning solution bottles

Bathroom refresh series 2 – Bathroom cleaning hacks without bleach

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Uncategorized | January 3, 2020

After the first coat of white paint, I realized that the paint stuck out like a sore thumb. You see, all of the other elements in my bathroom are a light tan. I didn’t notice this until the first coat of white paint was up and the contrast was very obvious. Sometimes you can follow all the steps on your design plan and it doesn’t work out. There just isn’t money in the budget to change the light beige toilet, shower surround, and tub to new whites ones so… instead I’m going to repaint the walls. The walls were a dark beige color before I painted them a bright white. My plan now is to mix white paint with a light tan paint I have and mix it until it’s a creamy neutral with a hint of tan to it. That way it doesn’t clash with the other tan elements in the bathroom.  Now that brings me to another problem I have in this bathroom. I don’t have an exhaust fan and mold can grow easily on the ceiling. I need to deep clean this bathroom before I paint over my ceiling – but I’m not a fan of using bleach. It can be tough to fight mold and other bathroom germs without it. But I’ve rounded up some cleaning hacks that don’t require bleach that will leave your bathroom sparkling!

Hack 1  – Baking soda

baking soda in orange box

Baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent. It can create an awesome paste that will cut through mold, mildew, and tub grime. If you mix it with equal parts peroxide and let the paste sit in your tube it will wipe away shiny and clean after just a few minutes.

Hack 2 – Vinegar

gallon size white vinegar

Vinegar is great for disinfecting as well.  I like to Mix 1 cup white vinegar and ½ cup lemon juice in a spray bottle and spray it all over my tub. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then sprinkle baking soda on top. Let it sit for another 10 minutes and wipe it clean. Seriously, your tub will sparkle! You can also pour a half cup of vinegar into your toilet and let it sit for about 20 minutes. It seriously cleans the bowl without needing a toilet brush. Just flush it down and your toilet will be sparkly and clean! Vinegar also works great to mop those bathroom floors! Just add a  ½ cup of white distilled vinegar to a half-gallon of warm water.

Hack 3 – Castile soap

gallon size cabstle soap

Ok- This is probably my favorite hack because it doesn’t necessarily pertain to just bathroom cleaning. I literally use Castile soap for everything! Castile Soap comes concentrated so you have to dilute it. Just a couple tablespoons of Castile soap in a spray bottle of water makes a perfect disinfecting spay! Want even more cleaning power? Use this spray to get rid of tub mildew and then sprinkle on baking soda and let sit. Seriously, the mildew wipes away!

Did you miss my inspo board for my bathroom refresh? Check it out here , the first post in this series!

Thanks so much for reading along – Leave some love below if you also like to clean with safer cleaning supplies and drop a comment with your favorite cleaning hacks!

Much love,

Korilyn at the farmhouse life

white paint on a paint roller

Bathroom Refresh series 1 – Time saving painting hack.

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Home Improvement | January 2, 2020

To start my bathroom refresh I started with a vision board. I went with farmhouse meets boho…If you know me – surprise surprise! Those are my two favorite styles. My bathroom currently is very brown. So to start things off I needed a paint job.

Bathroom vision board with black vanity and gold fixtures

Time-saving painting hack

I’ll be perfectly honest – I do not enjoy painting. I’m not a prep work person and painting is all about that prep work – am I right?! It takes too much time! I just like to get in – do my project – and get out. Ever wonder how to paint a room quickly without all the painstakingly annoying steps? Well – I’ve discovered a time-saving painting hack where you can paint a room so much faster! Are you ready for it? Glad Press and Seal wrap!! Seriously, just a quick pull, rip, press down and your good to go. Instead of using painter’s tape, just press the wrap to the surfaces you don’t want paint on. Since using this hack – I’ve not only been able to cut down on the prep work… but I make less of a mess! Seriously – at one point my husband had made a no painting rule for me because I always made a mess – trick’s on him because I hate painting lol! You know, all the prep work right? (Like lying down a drop cloth and taping) Seriously, I hate taping!! But using Press and Seal wrap It’s quick and easy to paint without the mess.

Pait on a paint roller

Just Press and go

Did you also know that you can wrap it around your brush when your done painting (without soaking) to use the next day? That is if you’re working on the same project with the same colors. It keeps the brush moist overnight. I know I used the word moist… anybody hate that word? My sister does – literally cringes when I use it. That one for you sis!  Anyway –  I finished up the first coat today and I’ll back at it tomorrow with another coat.
Glad press'Nseal

Be sure to check out number 2 in this bathroom refresh series here. Each post will show the progress of my refresh and have a DIY or two along the way!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Korilyn at the farmhouse life

openshleves and white dishes

DIY Fresh Christmas Wreaths!

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Home Improvement | November 23, 2018

It’s my favorite day of the week! DIY Friday! And this week we’re making fresh Christmas wreaths!  I absolutely love decorating for Chrismas, but this budget can quickly get out of control! (Check out my latest blog post on decorating your Christmas mantel Here!) Especially considering all the gift buying this season, it’s nice to be able to cut some costs and make your own wreaths for your doors, windows, and mantels.

openshleves and white dishes






For this Christmas fresh wreath making tutorial you’ll need a pair of wire cutters or floral sheersfloral wire, and twine.

You’ll need the floral wire to wrap your greens to your hoop, and your floral sheers to trim your boughs to size. Also, twine to hang your wreaths on your doors, windows etc.



hoop for the base of your wreath

And the most important supply is the hoop for the base of your wreath!

There are so many to choose from, but my favorite are these wooden embroidery hoops. I think the greenery just stays attached better with the floral wire compared to some of the others hoops that are stirafoam or plastic.




When choosing greenery for hanging wreaths I prefer white pine. I love the way it hangs from the hoops and when the needles eventually dry out they don’t fall and shed like smaller needles will do.

You can certainly use the boughs from your Christmas tree, but remember that they won’t last quite as long.



size your greens

Use your sheers to trim and size your greenery and gather a clump to rest on the hoop.



wrap your wire

Next, wrap your wire around the greenery and the hoop to secure. Make sure not to trim the wire after a couple loops. It’s important to keep your wire attached to the holder until the very end. This makes the process go much faster.



Layer and wrap

Finally, just layer and wrap your bunches on top of the branches of the previous bundle. This process goes quite quickly.

You’ll notice your wreath starting to fill out. Try and keep the same size bundles of greenery thoughout to make sure your wreath balances out evenly at the end. This process is very similar to the DIY Garland making we did last week… check it out if you missed it!



hang your wreath

I Like to hang my wreaths on all the windows in my main floor rooms, so I use the twine to tie around the wreath and then attach to a tiny nail on my window trim.

With white pine, you’ll notice it isn’t going to fall perfectly… But I think there’s beauty in bringing in natural elements from outside. They’re beautiful and raw… imperfect! This just adds to the fact that they’re fresh.. and not faux.


Decorating your mantel – Christmas edition!

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Home Improvement | November 19, 2018

It’s that time of year!!! It’s here friends! We can finally drag out the garland, taper candles, and Christmas villages to decorate our farmhouse mantels without too many people rolling their eyes at us! At my farmhouse, we have several fireplaces to decorate and I try to make each one unique.  The picture above is the fireplace in my dining room. I knew I wanted my mantel to have a farmhouse christmas vibe and my colors to be neutral to balance off my exposed wood ceiling, which can feel really dark at times. So I went with white, gold, green, and black (to tie in my fireplace). I put up my buffalo check plates which are very farmhouse and some black taper candleholders that add height to balance off my large gold mirror. I also added green garland and some pinecones for some natural elements. But it was missing something…



Farmhouse christmas Village

I don’t know about you… but I’ve been contemplating putting up a Christmas village this year. I’ve gone back and forth searching for the right sizes and colors to fit into my farmhouse decor. They all seem to be too large and not quite the picture I had in my head. That is until I found UsYoungs white village with fairy lights!  They’re so cute and rustic… and the perfect size!!! They’re made of natural wood and each set is cut and unfinished to bring out the natural beauty in the wood! There’s a variety of stains or white painted houses or trees to choose from. The set includes 7 ft, battery-powered LED wire strung fairy lights… and get this…they’re available in a 5 piece and 3 piece set! They’re also Handcrafted… which I absolutely Love!!! As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them to complete my Christmas mantel! And as a bonus… They are SO affordable! I got several sets! One of my favorite parts is that these cute little houses will trasition well out of christmas and stay up on my mantel as a part of my farmhouse decor! They’re very vercitle!



shiny and bright!

I also LOVE that this wooden village set from Usyoungs comes with fairy lights! The funny thing is that I just recently bought a set of fairy lights on Amazon… for $12! Which was MORE expensive than one of these village sets that includes the fairly lights!! I can’t stress enough how affordable these sets are!



discount for my friends

Not only are these prices AMAZING, but Usyoungs also sent over a coupon code for my followers!! Just use code THEFARMHOUSELIFE15 at checkout to get 15% off your total order! These products were given to me in exchange for an HONEST review. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog of mine!! Links below (or comparable item)


table and green branches

Do-It-Yourself fresh Christmas garland

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Home Organization | November 16, 2018

Ready to make your own fresh garland, but aren’t sure how? Making fresh garland is super easy, and fun! And surprisingly… it doesn’t take more than 20 or so minutes! All you’ll need are a pair of floral shears, floral wire, a piece of twine the length of your desired garland, and greenery! I live In the woods so I just walked out my front door and cut some branches off, but I suppose you can also head to a Christmas tree farm or any place that sells bows.

table and greens


Here is an image of what supplies you’ll need. I listed them earlier, but you can find them at any major craft store.


Once you’ve found the greenery you’ll use make the cuts to your greenery so they’re all about the same size and shape.

lay out your twine and gather your greenary

After laying out your twine start by gathering your greenary by layering them on top of one another. Then place the greenary on top of the twine.


Then you’ll wrap your wire around the bottom stems of the greenery and the twin. It’s important to keep the wire on the holder. This makes the job go much faster and helps to make the garland much sturdier.

layer your greenanry

Continue to layer your greenery over each of the wire wrappings. Make sure that your twine stays within each wrapping of the wire. This serves not only as the length of your garland but also hepls to give it a little more structure.

last but not least

lastly, flip your last piece of greenery when you’ve reached the end of your twine in the opposite direction. This way each end will match making it look like a seamless piece of garland. When you’re finished, move your garland to wherever you desire and fluff your greenery so it looks even. Then add whatever you prefer to decorate. You can slide in branches of berries or place candles and pinecones on top.

Backyard campfire essentials – Friday Favorites (Everything you need for the up-coming campfire season!)

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Home Organization | September 7, 2018

Friday Favorites is here! It’s my favorite part of the week…Friday Favorites! This week it’s all about enjoying the BEST part of the changing weather…campfires! Here, I’ve linked some of my favorite backyard campfire essential to get you through the season…in stlye!


Rustic campfire bliss

What’s better than a blazing hot campfire, wooden Adirondack chairs, cozy blankets, twinkling lights, and of course a large supply of smores! Nothing of course! Bellow, I’ve linked all the essentials you’ll need to keep you stocked this campfire season. click the images to be redirected to their sources.


Copper firepit

Ok… This is probably the most beautiful firepit I’ve ever seen. This baby rings up for a little over $200! Not bad!



Propane Firepit

If you’re looking for a propane firepit, look no further! I love how rustic and sturdy this guy it. IT encases the propane tank within so there are no eyesores.


Adirondack chairs

There’s something about airorndack chairs that screams backyard campfires. These are affordable and I absolutely love the rustic wood tones. Grab a blanket and a throw pillow and you’ll be set for those chilly nights!


Flannel throws

I’m loving these from pottery barn right now. They’re the perfect weight for those chilly nights and they’re rugged enough to drag around the leaves without it wearing holes.


twinkling lights

No firepit area is complete without twinkling lights. Whether yours is over your patio or strung up around your pergola. Outdoor patio lights are the perfect touch to add the ambiance to those night time gatherings around the firepit!


caged string lights

These caged string lights are so fun and have a very rustic farmhouse look to them which I love… and they’re only 12 bucks!!!


S’Mores basket

Check out this cute and rustic milk crate to keep all those essential S’Mores organized. A must-have this campfire season.

S’Mores tools

Last and certainly not least are S’Mores tools! Absolutely an essential for those nights gathered around the fire. I know no campfire is complete without the perfectly toasted S’More…or at least that’s what my kids say!

Easy DIY Basket Wall (for less than 20 Bucks!)

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Style | August 23, 2018

I’ve been seeing these basket walls everywhere lately and I’ve been dying to give it a try! As you’ll see below, I have a rather large wall that I’ve been looking to “fill up” but artwork can be so expensive! This is a very cost-effective way to use up wall space on a dime!

Wall Space

First things first…find a wall… a large wall. This wall sits above my sitting area and I needed something I could center around the area instead of the wall… If you catch my drift. This basket wall was the perfect solution because I could center the design around the sitting area, but also trail the baskets across the wall to fill up wall space without it looking off-center.

The Baskets

So I wanted to get these baskets on the CHEAP! So I shopped at Savers, The Goodwill, and The Salvation Army. I wasn’t so worried about color, shape, or style. I wanted a variety. Next, Set it all up on the floor until you have your design just right.

Start one at a time

I started hanging one basket at a time. Give yourself a little wiggle room because you think your design looks great on the floor but doesn’t always translate well to the wall.

Layer your design

Continue to layer your baskets until you love your design. It can definitely be a trial and error process. Here I realized I was getting too high so I began to shift everything down. I used small picture frame nails because these baskets were very lite and it wouldnt cause much damage if i shifted them around.

Just about done

One last little tweak and done!  After hanging the last and smallest basket, I just shifted it down and over a tiny bit and Walla! Done!


Check out the images below to see how the swesome baskets help tie in my exposed beamed celings! Fun wall.. for under 20 bucks.. I’d say thats a win!


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