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DIY Closet Update

I recently updated my closet with a little makeover and here is my DIY closet update!

An open closet door with baskets and bathroom supplies.

Hi Friends!

Organizing your closet is one of those tasks that you push off because let’s face it… your family is really the only one that sees it! That’s how I view it anyway and if you are ever at my house don’t look in the drawers.. never look in the drawers!

Anway, on the other hand, when things are nice and organized your life feels complete! Ok… I may be exaggerating, but an organized life is a less stressful one, that’s my motto. For those of you that know me know that this is just not me… but a girl can strive right?

My bathroom closet was really an open slate. Nothing was painted… and everything in it was everywhere. The before pictures are horrifying, I know! We since have given the board games a new home.  So now this closet is going to be designated for bathroom needs only.

I pinned Dearlilly’s closet pic on Pinterest a long time ago and I’ve always been really drawn to it. It’s so lovely and organized! I just love the mix of dark, and light…and all of the natural elements too! This was my inspiration picture for sure. She has the most incredible home.. check her out @Dearlilly.


Gorgeous right?!

Ok, Here’s my before closet picture. Fair warning… It’s pretty bad!

The closet before all disorganized.

So… in our defense, we really weren’t relying on this space to store all of our bathroom goodies.

We kept towels and what not under the sink in the bathroom and obviously used this space to store a random Christmas pillow and Outburst…lol

But in all honestly, Our guest bedroom is right around the corner from this closet. So It was time for this space to shape up and be more guest appropriate.

I love that Dearlilly used different baskets and storage containers to store all those bathroom essentials. I especially love the big basket at the bottom for laundry. Adorable!

When shopping for baskets and containers for this closet I made sure to get containers with lids to hide stuff that’s not really “cute”, but still important… like feminine products etc.

A can of Behr paint on the table.

I ended up going with Behrs Little Black Dress for the door color. I love that It had a soft blueish gray color to it. I ended up using a mini roller for the doors and used a brush for the edges. I kept the trim around the door white and ended up painting the shelves white as well for contrast. The shelves were made with plywood, but if they were a hearty wood I might have kept them natural. So instead I made sure to bring in natural baskets to add a complimenting texture. I also mixed in some metal baskets to get more of a rustic look.

Painting the inside of the closet.

Next, I decided I wanted a pop of pattern to make it more visually interesting. So I went with a peel and stick wallpaper from Target. I wanted Buffalo plaid to make it more farmhouse, but instead of black which is my go-to color, I went with gray for more of a contrast with the dark doors.

Wallpapering the inside of the closet.

Now, I’ve never used peel and stick wallpaper before so this was a little interesting. It wasn’t bad, but it was a little frustrating at times. I guess it has its pros and cons. For instance, a pro would be not having to deal with wallpaper paste. Instead, you have to continually rip up and unstick the paper from the surface to make sure your paper is on straight and to line up the pattern. But all in all, It was a rather quick job considering the area I was wallpapering was relatively small.

The inside of the closet with all the wallpaper done in grey and white.

Super simple… Just unroll and peel the backing off a small portion of your paper and line up at the top of your desired area. Continue to unstick the backing and line up the paper on the wall until the wall-portion is covered. Next, you use your putty knife to push out any air bubbles. Next, use your utility knife to cut off remaining paper. Walla! The tricky part is lining up your next sheet to match the pattern.

!!The closet with all the wire baskets, towels and soap.

The towels and toilet paper in containers on the shelf in the bathroom.
Cotton balls in jars as well as soap on the shelves in the closet.

A wire basket with towels in it.

That’s it friends! Now you can play around and organize all your stuff in all your baskets!

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Want to collaborate on a creative project? Tell me about your business and let’s partner and make something beautiful. Contact me at [email protected]

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