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5 ways to make your guest room more welcoming

Make your guests feel at home and welcome with these 5 tips!

Does anyone else love a good bed and breakfast? I love the antique furniture, the beautiful soft linens, and the ambiance of a cozy fireplace that most B&Bs have. It’s all so inviting that it makes you want to come and stay and never leave! I want the guests in my home to feel the same way. Here I’ll show you 5 ways to make your guest bedroom more welcoming.

Cozy bed with white blankets and throws pillows.

I’ve picked up a few ideas from my stays at bed and breakfast places that I’ve incorporated in my own guest room. One thing I do to make my space feel more welcoming and special is to appeal to all the senses.  I try and use them as a guide when preparing my guest room for company.

Dark brown furniture with white bedding and gray curtains.

Make you guest bedroom more welcoming with Sight

Sight is the most obvious of the senses that we want to use to invite our guests in and make them feel welcome. I believe that a beautifully styled room has the ability to bring about a feeling.

In this case, I want my guests to feel cozy and relaxed, a home away from home. So for furniture, I went more on the warmer side with wood tones but added contrast with fluffy white bedding. I also have a Scandinavian printed wallpaper that gives a nod to history and adds to the antique vibe in the room.

Bench with yellow blankets and bench and tray.

Make you guest bedroom more welcoming with Smell

You want the aroma in your guest room to pull people in and be relaxing. I like to diffuse lavender, which has a calming effect. Candles are a great option too. I like to leave a small tray with matches and a candle so if my guests feel like lighting a candle they can while they’re here.

Sometimes I line dry the sheets and bedding so even their bedding smells as fresh as the  great outdoors. My only caution is that some guests are sensitive to smells so I don’t go overboard with perfume type sprays. A clean room will go a long way, and opening windows always helps too!

Fire place and rocking chair in bedroom corner.

Make you guest bedroom more welcoming with Touch

Touch is an important part of making your guest room more welcoming! Make sure the bedding is freshly laundered and soft to the touch.

Adding cozy warm throw blankets and pillows is another way to add in more texture to your space.  Hanging bathrobes in the corner and fresh towels folded nearby is another way to use touch to engage your guests’ sense of touch.

Night stand with clock and bedside lamp.

Make you guest bedroom more welcoming with Taste

I know adding taste to your guest room sounds funny, but it’s a nice touch to have yummy snacks on hand for your guests. You can have a basket in the corner with some packaged goodies or tuck in a nightstand just in case they get hungry at night.

This gesture doesn’t go unseen. I never had anyone complain about a fresh plate of chocolate chips cookies to snack on when they arrive! Water bottles are another great item to tuck in your snack basket too.

Cream throw blanket on bed with wallpaper on wall.

Make you guest bedroom more welcoming with sound

Playing music is another great way to welcome your guests into your home. Having an Alexa with prime music is great to have tucked in the corner. You can ask Alexa to play relaxing music and she’s all over it!

Bed with white bedding an gray throw pillows.

Make you guest bedroom more welcoming with meeting Practical needs

It’s also important to make sure that your room meets your guest’s needs from a practical perspective. For instance, nightstands are important so your guests have a place to put their books/phones/glasses on at night.

I like to put the wifi passcode on a notecard in the nightstand drawer too. A small organizer with a nail clipper, band-aids, q tips, and a small bottle of ibuprofen is nice.

A cellphone charger is also a great idea. A dim bedside lamp is very practical too. We have an armoire with a small tv hidden inside so our guests can watch tv in the evening if they prefer. Have a place to put their luggage on (like a bench) so their luggage isn’t on the floor.

At the end of the day, we want our guests to feel right at home. Using these 5 tips is a sure way to make your guest bedroom welcoming for your guests.

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As always, thanks for reading along!

Much love,

Kori ~ from the Farmhouse Life

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