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Basket wall round up | 10 creative wall patterns and my favorite places to buy baskets!

I love a good basket wall. The texture adds so much to a space. The patterns are so fun and there’s so many in ways to display them. I also love the Boho Farmhouse style that they add to any space. And I love me some Boho Farmhouse style.

The best part is that if you don’t mind getting thrifty then you can put together a basket wall for next to nothing! I can understand figuring out how to arrange one is the tricky part which I why I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite basket wall patterns! I’ve also linked at the bottom of this post my favorite places to shop for baskets!

Basket wall 1. The minimalist

woven basket wall with three baskets

This is one of my favorite patterns because it requires very little effort and very few baskets. Just group together three baskets so you have one higher, one medium height, and one lower height so it creates a zigzag pattern like so.

Basket wall 2. The oval cluster

green bedroom wall, basket wall over bed, boho woven light fixture


I like the oval cluster design because it’s just wide enough to style over a large bed. In this photo, Irene has used her basket wall in lieu of a headboard. It works so well because the basket wall as a whole is grand and is about the size of her bed. So it works quite well. Symmetry is key here. You’ll notice there is one basket starting at the highest point and the rest zig zags down, creating an overall oval shape.

Basket wall 3. The cascading arch

basket wall in living room with baskets cascading down wall


If you’re looking to fill up a wall that is taller rather then wider, then the cascading arch might be your best bet. Whenever adding wall art of any kind to any space you always want to consider the size of the wall and the size of the artwork. You want them to be pretty equivalent to each other.

Basket wall 4. The rectangle

basket wall over linen sectional sofa


What I love about the rectangle method is that you really can go as wide as you need which makes it the perfect wall art to hang behind your sofa. What’s interesting is that they’ve used different shades of woven material with different tribal patterns, but they all coordinate so well. Generally, the rule of thumb is that when introducing new colors you want to at least tie it in once. So two of each new color – but you only want to introduce 2-3 colors max. When it comes to coordinating patterns it’s totally ok to mix and match. As long as there is generally only one larger pattern and several smaller to medium size patterns. Your eye always wants to land on one spot and if there are large patterns all over the place it won’t know where to go.

Basket wall 5. The eye-catcher

large basket tray on wall as art with a wreath in the center


Another great way to use baskets as wall art is to use one large basket or serving tray and layer a wreath or sign right on top of the basket, just like in this picture. It looks adorable and is so simple. I find baskets like these all the time when I shopping at thrift stores.

Basket wall 6. Woven wall organizers

Joanna Gaines hanging up pictures on a wall basket as an organizer

Joanna Gaines has taught us to much but one of my favorite things is to think outside of the box when it comes to wall art. She was one of the first who introduced us to 3-D wall art and she’s showing us a great example in this picture. These larger woven baskets can cost a little more but once in a while, I’ll get lucky and find a woven laundry basket at a thrift store. Woven laundry baskets are great because the bottom is perfect for your large plants or indoor trees and the top is great to add to a basket wall. Here, Joanna is using it as a wall organizer. Such a great idea to pin “to-do” lists and your favorite prints on!

Basket wall 7. The mix and match

wove baskets around a television


What I love about this design is that it’s so simple and yet adds so much texture to this design! The three baskets to the right of the picture cascading down from small to large balances the artwork on the left so well. The reason this works is because proportionality they are the same length from top to bottom. The horizontal artwork on the top balances everything out so well. It squares off the whole design giving it symmetry.

Basket wall 8. Tabacco baskets

tabacco baskets layered on two of one another


I love the open weave on a tabasco basket. They are surprisingly pretty affordable too! This set is styled with a large and medium basket on top of each other and white plates on either side. You see, The baskets alone don’t quite fit the scale of the table, but with the added plates it works perfectly. You always want your wall art to mimic the scale of the table below it.

Basket wall 9. The layered behind

boho farmhouse style living room with black fireplace and builtins and basket wall and clock on mantel

In this look, I took two baskets and layered one behind a clock that was hand-carved and the other I put underneath the clock. I wanted the clock to be front and center but because it’s just a tad too small, I added some bulk to make it scale better on the mantel. This large basket I get asked quite often about, but it was actually the top to a laundry basket I found at a thrift store!

Basket wall 10. One large basket

large woven basket over table with plant and jars on table


And lastly, this large basket works so well over this table because it adds the perfect neutral to this area! There is so much to look at with the ceramic jars and the bold pops of color that the basket works to neutralize everything. It also adds a beautiful texture AND ties in the color of the table in! This is one of my favorite designs!

Shopping for baskets for your wall

When shopping for baskets to create wall art I will first and foremost always check with thrifts stores. People donate a surprising amount of baskets. After that Etsy is a great resource and then Walmart and Target. I have noticed you can buy a collection of beautiful baskets as a set in stores like Pottery barn, Ballards, etc – but you’ll definitely pay for them as they are not cheap!

Click on an image below if you want to shop for baskets! These links are affiliate links and if used, I make a small commission.

Thanks so much for reading along, pals!

Much Love,

Kori ~ from The Farmhouse Life

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