Creating a DIY round sunbeam stick mirror for under $5

I will show you how to create trendy decor for a fraction of the price with this round sunbeam stick mirror!

I love to try new trendy new decor in my home but sometimes that can get pricey! If there’s a way I can create that upscale look with maybe a thrifted piece of decor or a no-fail DIY, then 9 times out of 10 I go for it. This time around I decided to do a DIY version of Joss and Main’s sunbeam mirror that runs in just shy of $200. My version will total around $5!

Round sunbeam mirror on the wall.

The materials needed:

To start I needed a small mirror. I had one in my attic that I picked up in the dollar section at Target for around $3, But I’ve linked one at the bottom of the post as well. I also needed some cardboard, glue, and sticks. The cardboard will be cut into a circle that is at least 3 inches larger than the mirror. For glue, I used a hot glue gun and for the sticks, I gathered them from outside. I know, genius idea… but I do live in the woods so it’s quite easy for me to just venture outside, but I’m sure I could have picked them up at any craft store. I’ve also seen people use popsicle sticks too!

Round mirror, sticks, hot glue gun and shears laid out for the tutorial.

To start:

I cut a circle that was larger than my mirror out of cardboard. Then I glued my mirror onto the cardboard. Next, I cut all my sticks to the same size. I went with about 6 inches. After they were all cut, I started gluing each stick onto the cardboard with the end of the stick pushed all the way up to the mirror’s edge. I continued to glue until the entire cardboard circle was filled up.

To finish:

I let the stick mirror dry (not long – hot glue dries pretty quickly).  The mirror is very light so to hang so I just used a picture frame nail and poked it through the cardboard. A command strip would work well too!

Here’s a video of my project fro start to finish!

Black cabinet, blanket ladder, and sunbeam mirror in the living room.

Large white blanket on rust bed.

Blanket ladder with blankets, black cabinet, and sunbeam mirror .

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As always pals, thank you for reading along!

Much love, Kori ~from the farmhouse life

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