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Bathroom Refresh series 1 – Time saving painting hack.

I am excited to share my bathroom refresh plus my painting hack that will save you time!

To start my bathroom refresh I started with a vision board. I went with farmhouse meets boho…If you know me – surprise surprise! Those are my two favorite decor styles. My bathroom currently is very brown. So to start things off I needed a paint job.

Bathroom vision board with black vanity and gold fixtures.

Time-saving painting hack

I’ll be perfectly honest – I do not enjoy painting. I’m not a prep work person and painting is all about that prep work – am I right?! It takes too much time! I just like to get in – do my project – and get out. Ever wonder how to paint a room quickly without all the painstakingly annoying steps? Well – I’ve discovered a time-saving painting hack where you can paint a room so much faster! Are you ready for it? Glad Press and Seal wrap!! Seriously, just a quick pull, rip, press down and your good to go. Instead of using painter’s tape, just press the wrap to the surfaces you don’t want paint on. Since using this hack – I’ve not only been able to cut down on the prep work… but I make less of a mess! Seriously – at one point my husband had made a no painting rule for me because I always made a mess – trick’s on him because I hate painting lol! You know, all the prep work right? (Like lying down a drop cloth and taping) Seriously, I hate taping!! But using Press and Seal wrap It’s quick and easy to paint without the mess.

Pait on a paint roller.

Just Press and go

Glad press'Nseal wrap.

Did you also know that you can wrap it around your brush when your done painting (without soaking) to use the next day? That is if you’re working on the same project with the same colors. It keeps the brush moist overnight. I know I used the word moist… anybody hate that word? My sister does – literally cringes when I use it. That one for you sis!  Anyway –  I finished up the first coat today and I’ll back at it tomorrow with another coat.

Be sure to check out number 2 in this bathroom refresh series here. Each post will show the progress of my refresh and have a DIY or two along the way!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Korilyn at the farmhouse life


  1. Ah! In need of a bathroom refresh myself. I will definitely try the Press n Seal idea! Another trick I use for the roller brushes… after painting, place the roller brush inside a gallon size ziplock bag. While holding onto the brush through the outside of the bag, use the other hand to pull it off the roller. Zero Mess. If you are sure to expel any air from the bag as you zip it closed, that brush remains usable for a good month (I’ve even successfully saved them longer!)

    1. Thank you so much for the insight! I can not wait to give this recipe a whirl. With septic – it’s tough not to be able to use bleach – What a great alternative to cleaning your drains!

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