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DIY All Purpose Cleaner Using Essential Oils

Create your own household cleaner by using essential oils!

DIY All Purpose Cleaner Using Essential Oils poster.

Can you use essential oils to clean your house?

Totally! Yes, essential oils are powerful and will clean your home without harmful chemicals. this is great if you want to enlist the help of your children without them inhaling chemicals.

Does the brand of the essential oil matter?

Yes and no. I’m not one to say that there’s one better oil than another, but there are a few things to consider when buying. First, a lot of oils you can find literally everywhere have filler oils. These aren’t the best.

And second, if you combine that without an industry standard, there’s no way to actually tell what’s actually in them. Try and opt for a company that sends their product in for third party testing so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Simple DIY all purpose cleaner using essential oil

I started with a really simple DIY All-Purpose Cleaner and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s safe, effective, and the lemony scent is so refreshing! And as a plus… It’s very affordable! Lemon is one of the less expensive essential oils you can buy and the other ingredients are household items that I already had.

lemon essential oil benefits.

Did you know that lemon Essential oil is made from a high concentrate of the lemon peel and not the fruit? Most of its nutrients are in the peel, making it a highly concentrated formula very effective and different from squeezing lemon juice into your cleaner.

 Well, in fact, there are over 3000 lemon rinds that are needed to produce 1 KG of essential oil making it a very powerful oil! Try and buy cold pressed which means they don’t heat the rind to extract the oil. This process would kill all those naturally occurring properties that make this oil antifungal and antibacterial.

All you’ll need to make this cleaner are spray bottles, lemon essential oil, water, and vinegar!  I ordered the glass bottles via Amazon and I’ve been really pleased with how they’ve worked out.

The vinegar can be picked up at any grocery store, but I bought mine at Target. And Lastly, the lemon essential oil! Mine is Healing Solutions.

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Recipe for DIY essential oil all purpose cleaner

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