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Dos and Don’t for decorating your coffee table

I am sharing with you the dos and don’t of coffee table decorating!

The coffee table… that essential piece of furniture we all LOVE to redecorate! Whether seasonally or because of that pin you just saved. I love that feeling of inspiration that we get when we try and recreate something beautiful. But let’s face it… We’ve all experienced a Pinterest fail at some point. That beautifully decorated coffee table on Pinterest for some reason didn’t translate well to our table and now looks disproportionate and cluttered. Well, I feel you friend, and I’m here to help!

coffee table decor
One thing that gets forgotten at times is that a piece of furniture, whatever it is should be purposeful. Sometimes we can over decorate and this takes away from the tables purpose instead of enhancing it. So whatever its purpose, work those features into your decor. For instance, having cute coasters stacked for guests to easily grab and use, or use books and magazines layered into your coffee decor for reading and entertainment. Or even just space to be able to put your feet up after a long day. I have to admit that at times I can overdo it on the decor end which makes the overall look cluttered and kind of a mess. An organized space is a relaxing space… and isn’t that what it’s all about? I mean, I don’t want to knock anything over as I put my feet up or not have room for my guests to put down their cup of coffee. The goal is to have a beautiful practical space that’s purposeful!
coffee table decor
magazines on coffee table
Ok, Now that you’ve figured out what purpose your coffee table will have it’s time to decorate it!
My coffee tables purpose is to serve as a place to put down that cup of coffee, serve snacks to my guest (and toddler), and to pick up a good magazine and put my feet at the end of the day. So I went with a very simple look that leaves PLENTY of space to do those things. On mine, I have a pretty basket, antique books, a plant, a candle, and some magazines. I have a square coffee table so I’ve layered my Items to compliment the shape of the table. Instead of randomly placing the items on the table I tried to create a rectangular/square shape by placing the items next to one another creating symmetry. The round basket and the rectangular magazines are approximately the same length and together make a bigger rectangle which balances out my large table. I then added gold accents which tie into the rest of my room. I placed a succulent on top of some antique books which add warmth to the room and the colors tie into the beams on the ceiling. The stacked books also add height to the succulent which makes a bit more of a statement.
And Walla! A simple, but stylish coffee table that’s organized and functional! Also, pretty to look at if I do say so myself!
Check out these other beautiful tables below…
tray on coffee table with plant.
books stacked on coffee table.
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