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Five Reasons We left the City and Moved to the Farm

Hey there, I’m Kori, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have you with us as we embark on this new incredible journey. My husband and I made a big, life-altering decision to move from the city to farm life. So we bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of city life and said hello to rural New Hampshire.

We gathered up all our belongings, including our three kids, and set our sights on a 1700s-built house with a spacious barn, all nestled on a 25-acres. While there are many reasons we left the city and moved to the farm, I’ll be sharing my top 5 reasons to hopefully give you a glimpse into the driving forces behind this monumental change in our lives.

We understand that this journey is going to be a whirlwind of effort and dedication, but we’re genuinely excited about the opportunity to revive our vintage home while honoring its storied past. Plus, the added perk of raising our kids in the countryside makes the whole experience even more appealing.

No sugarcoating here – we’ve got a whole bunch of hard work ahead, but we’re more than up for the challenge, and we’re excited to share every step of the journey right here. And here’s where it gets interesting: it’s not just about renovating; it’s about turning this place into a genuine, warm home.

House painted in Swiss coffee by Benjamin Moore.

That’s where my passion for interior design comes into play. Of course you’ll find DIYs and tutorials on renovating your home on a budget, but I’ll also be dishes on how to create spaces that feel comfy and stylish, everything from picking the perfect paint color to nailing down which window treatments to choose. I believe that everyone should love where they live and with the right mix of determination and hard work, it’s absolutely within reach, and I’m here to lend a hand!

5 reasons we left the city and moved to the farm

But before we dive into all the exciting DIY projects, let’s take a step back and give you a little insight into our background and the motivations behind our big move. I proudly consider myself a city girl, but there’s an undeniable allure to the countryside that’s hard to resist. I’ve always had this yearning to settle in a more rural setting, where my children can have the space to grow and explore freely.

Fortunately, my husband and college sweetheart, hails from a big farm in Wisconsin, so he’s no stranger to the rustic charms of country life. We share a deep appreciation for the idea of home encompassing not just where you live, but what you do every day – from tending to your homestead, nurturing a garden, to caring for animals.

Now, there were many factors that led us to bid farewell to the city and embrace our new farm life, but I’ll boil it down to the top five reasons. This way, if you’ve ever contemplated making a similar leap, our story might just be the gentle push in the right direction you’ve been seeking.

Reason 1 – Work Ethic

A strong work ethic was one of the core reasons behind our move from the city to the farm. We believed in instilling in our children the values of responsibility, perseverance, and the understanding that hard work is a fundamental aspect of life.

It was important for us that they grasp the connection between their efforts and the ability to sustain themselves and contribute to the world. By giving them age-appropriate chores on the farm, we aimed to foster a sense of responsibility and self-sufficiency.

So, whether they were shoveling the chicken coop or managing farm tasks, they learned that hard work is a universal principle that pays off, no matter the endeavor.

Three chip

Reason 2 -Self Reliance

Our second major reason for leaving the city and embracing rural life was the desire for self-reliance. We felt it crucial to know the origin of our food and understand the effort that goes into its production. Back in the city, we cultivated a substantial garden on our small plot of land, but now, with more space available, we’ve expanded it significantly. We’re also planning to build a greenhouse to extend our growing season.

To bolster our self-sufficiency, we raised 50 chickens, sending them to the butcher and stocking our freezer with a year’s worth of food. Additionally, we raise pigs and sell their products, which serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it provides us with a source of high-quality meat for our family, and secondly, it generates extra income. Our kids are actively involved in this venture, and all the profits from our pork operation are directed towards their college savings.

This sense of preparedness provides us with confidence. Sustainability is central to our farming approach. Our efforts include composting, strategic animal pen relocation for fertilization, using chickens for pest control, and burning wood from our property for heat. While it’s a learning curve for me (though not for my farming-savvy husband), the joy of providing healthy, homegrown food for my family right from our farm is truly fulfilling.

family gardening on the farm

Reason 3 – Planning For Our Future

My husband and I consider ourselves homebodies, finding comfort and joy in the simple pleasures of life. While we do appreciate the occasional outdoor adventure like hiking, swimming, or snowmobiling, our ideal scenario involves enjoying these activities right at our own doorstep. In search of a forever home, we aimed to create a space where we could relish the activities we hold dear. But our vision stretched beyond just recreation; it was about planning for the future and accommodating the changing needs of our growing family.

We envisioned a home that not only had room for our kids to grow but also space for future family gatherings. This included a pool, hot tub, and a permanent fire pit where we could savor campfires without the need to worry about our neighbors’ concerns – a frequent issue in our previous residence.

As our children mature, we anticipate their interests will expand to include four-wheelers, snowmobiles, and possibly even dirt bikes. Additionally, we considered the practical side of having a larger home, such as the ability to host gatherings like Holidays dinners etc.

Furthermore, we looked ahead to our golden years and tour retirement. Our property has the ability to earn an income by converting our pitched roof attic into a beautiful in-law apartment. This can serve as a place to live while we turn the rest of our house into a bed and breakfast. And of course in sooner years, we have the potential of hosting our parents when they decide to become snowbirds. With an expansive property on the farm, the possibilities for growth and new experiences are boundless, a testament to our commitment to planning for the future and embracing life’s changing chapters.

woman planning for her future

Reason 4- Small Town Community

Another key reason for leaving the city and embracing farm life was our enduring dream of a tight-knit, small-town community. We craved a place where hospitality thrived, and people genuinely wanted to help one another.

Don’t get me wrong, we had wonderful neighbors in the city, and in a way, it felt like a small-town community. But we looked forward to the uniqueness small towns offer with charming festivals, traditions, and heartfelt celebrations.

Living in a small town means the absence of fast-food joints and food delivery services, saving us money and encouraging healthy eating. It also brings a sense of simplicity with a single grocery store, reducing choices and stress.

Supporting small-town businesses has become an integral part of our life here. We’ve come to appreciate the unique products and personalized service they offer, whether it’s the local coffee shop with its cozy atmosphere or the family-owned hardware store that greets us by name. Contributing to these businesses not only strengthens our sense of community but also ensures that the heart of our small town continues to thrive. We firmly believe that by supporting these local establishments, we’re investing in the enduring charm and vibrancy of our new home.

The relaxed pace and close-knit nature of a small town create a sense of belonging and community. This place feels like home, and once experienced, there’s no turning back.

small town community

Reason 5- Putting Down Roots

The last and most significant reasons for our transition from city life to the farm was the dream of establishing roots that would endure for generations to come. Providing our children with a place to call home and a welcoming retreat to return to after they’ve grown played a significant role in our move to farm life.

As we embark on this journey, we are carefully renovating our property to cater to our current family needs while keeping an eye on our retirement aspirations. As mentioned before, we’re enthusiastic about the prospect of transforming our historic home into a charming bed and breakfast, offering a retreat to guests seeking a comfortable and quieter place to experience farm life and small-town charm while securing our financial future and leaving a lasting legacy for our family.

family sitting on bench outside in front off tree.

Wrapping up

As we look back at the reasons that brought us from the city to this farm, we see a story of values and dreams. It’s about teaching our kids the value of hard work, ensuring we can rely on ourselves, planning for the future and retirement, becoming a part of a small-town community, and making this place a home that will be cherished by generations to come.

Looking ahead, we’re thrilled to invite you to join us on our renovation journey, providing you with the opportunity to witness our progress and become a part of it. But it’s not just about the renovations – it’s about turning any space into a personal oasis, whether you’re in the city or on a farm like ours. We believe that everyone should love where they live, and we’re here to help you achieve that, no matter your level of expertise. Join us in this exciting adventure, as we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Thanks for reading!

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5 reasons we left the city and moved to the farm

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