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How to make a faux fiddle leaf fig tree look real

I love the look of greenery around my house, but I can’t always keep up the maintenance of live plants! If you’re like me, fake plants are a wonderful way to get the best of both worlds! Fiddle leaf fig trees are especially one of the more finicky plants to take care of.

That’s why I went for an artificial leaf fig tree! The only problem is, they can look super fake! 

I have a few tips and tricks for making a faux fiddle leaf fig tree look real, and what you can do to up upgrade the greenery in your home! 

How do you shape a faux fig tree?

When you first get a faux fig tree, it won’t be perfectly shaped. If you order it online, it can show up squished from the packaging. Or, if you buy it in-store, the branches can get shuffled around when you bring it home. 

One of the first ways to make your faux fig tree plant look real is by fluffing the branches and leaves. Space out the branches and make sure the leaves are well placed.

Real plants do not have evenly placed leaves, so don’t think too hard about spreading them evenly! Make your leaves look like they fall naturally, without showing the plastic parts of the leaves underneath. 

What can I get instead of a fiddle leaf fig?

As I said, fiddle leaf figs can be a finicky plant to keep alive. If you want a living plant that still looks like a fiddle leaf fig. There are a few options. 

Sticking with the ficus family may be your best bet. Ficus Audreys are easier to take care of. They are also called rubber plants and can tolerate changes to the environment much more easily.

They need direct light, and can be a great alternative to having a living plant at home! 

There is also the monstera if you are looking for a tall plant. If you attach this plant to a post, They can reach six to eight feet tall! It is a lower maintenance tree, and it prefers indirect light – that means you have more options to place it in your home! 

If you are looking for another faux plant option in your home, there are a few choices. There are many different variations of a faux fiddle leaf fig tree.

You can take a look at different stores and see their variations of a fuller fiddle leaf tree, or ones with a different leaf shape.

You can also take a look at rubber plants or Ficus Audreys! The Variegated Face Dracaena tree is another great faux option if you are looking for a different leaf shape!

How do you make glossy fiddle leaf fig leaves?

If you want to take the extra step in making your faux tree look real, you can make it shiny! You may find a faux plant that has a more matte, fake look to it.

If that doesn’t suit your fancy, you can spruce it up and make it shiny yourself! Take some coconut oil and rub it on your leaves. It’s an easy way to get that shine and make your plant look more real! 

Can you use artificial light fiddle leaf fig?

You may still rather have a real plant in your home, rather than a fake one. However, fiddle leaf figs need at least 6 hours of light a day.

If they don’t get enough sunlight, they can be more finicky and start losing a life on you! This requires you to always place a fiddle leaf tree by a window, or in a spot where it can easily receive direct sunlight. 

Fortunately though, if you want a live fiddle leaf fig, it can survive with fluorescent and LED lights! If you have these lights around or fiddle leaf fig, they can give off enough blue and red wavelengths to help your tree out! 

This way, you also have more options for where you can place the tree in your house, and it may be less touchy! 

How do I make a fake tree look real?

Once you have fluffed your tree and shined it up, there are still always to can make it look real! Usually, when you buy a faux fiddle leaf tree, it doesn’t come in the most complimentary pot.

You can instead find a large basket. 

Place the base of the plant into the large basket, and find something to fill it to the top. In my home, we always have a large supply of plastic bags.

I fill the basket with plastic bags, and then I place the moss on the top. This way, I’m not wasting the moss by filling the entire basket, but I can still make it look real! 

What do you put in a fake plant basket?

When you look at finished fake trees, you’ll find some moss or fake grass around the roots. But, you don’t have to fill the pot or basket all the way up with the grass or moss. Instead, fill most of it up with an easy filler.

I mentioned before how I like to use plastic bags. You can also use blankets you don’t use anymore, old towels, or even dirt!

Anything to fil it most of the way, and then you can top it with some earthy and realistic material. You can use moss or rocks to make it look more real. 

Are our fiddle leaf fig trees out of style?

I would be surprised if faux fiddle leaf fig trees ever went out of style! They are the perfect way to brighten up your home without the hassle!

You may find some outdated pots, or fake trees with less realistic leaves. However, fiddle leaf fig trees, living or fake, will always be a home staple!

You can modernize them with different rocks, moss, and the basket that you use! There is always a way to make them timeless.

Where to buy realistic faux fiddle leaf fig trees?

You can find realistic faux fiddle leaf fig trees in a multitude of stores today. A classic place would be Target or even Wayfair!

You will find the best faux fiddle leaf fig tree by shopping in person so that you can see and feel the leaves of the plant. 

To shop in person for a faux fiddle leaf fig tree, IKEA may be a great place to go! Otherwise, the world market’s faux fiddle leaf fig trees may suit your fancy!

There are many more options to find a faux fiddle leaf fig tree, Costco even has fake plants that may fit in your home! Target, Ikea, Wayfair world market 

Wrapping Up

No matter where you find your faux fig tree, there will always be ways to make it more realistic and make it fit within your home!

I hope my options for living or fake trees will help you find the perfect one for your home, and that you enjoy sprucing up your faux trees! 

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