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Kids bedroom decorating ideas for boys

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Uncategorized | March 31, 2021

Looking for Decorating ideas for boys? Here I’ll show how I decorated my boys room; answering your questions and giving ideas along the way!

My boys room was in need of some TLC! Not only was their rug needing to be replaced, but they were feeling that their room was too “little kid’ish” and didn’t feel their space reflected their personalities!

So, I set out to create a kids bedroom that inspired them to do all things boys want to do in their room like read, play legos, draw comics. etc.

As I update my boys room decor I’ll be sure to answer your decorating questions and try and give you lots of ideas for decorating your kids rooms.

What’s the best way to decorate a kids bedroom?

You might be asking yourself what’s the best way to decorate a kids bedroom? Where do I start? What elements do I need to make sure I add to my boys space?

Well, I always say, start by making a list of all the activities your kids like to use their space for? Do they love to read? Then add a bookshelf to easily display all their books. Add a cozy chair that they can curl up in to read.

Maybe your boys like to play legos but you aren’t sure where to store them all? This is where I ran into trouble. My boys bedroom was completely covered in legos leaving no room to walk around! The solution was under the bed lego storage bins! This way they can slide out their bins to play legos whenever they want, but when they’re through, they can just tuck them away back under the bed so they aren’t in the way!

When decorating a kids bedrooms It’s always best to pick a theme that reflects their personality. This way, once you have that theme you can easily coordinate decor to piggie-back off that idea.

My boys love to play outside and in the woods. They love to explore. So, I went went a map/adventure theme. And this theme was pretty easy to find coordinating decor.

What are the best boys room ideas?

If you’re wondering what are the best boys room ideas when considering a theme, then I’d say first check out Pinterest. Simply type in boys room theme ideas and you’ll be shown thousands of options.

Try and pick something that reflects what stage your boys are in and their interests.

I found some really inexpensive boys room decor at Hobby Lobby, including an awesome large map! These items fit in so well with my overall theme!

The best way to organize a kids room

The best way to organize a kids room is to try and work their favorite toys, books, or games into the layout of their room.

For instance, my boys like to draw comics. So I make sure to add a desk with all their “comic” supplies. This way they’re accessible and organized in the desk drawers.

They also love to read. So I added a cozy reading nook for them to curl up and read in. I also added a reading light over their bed to make it easier to read at night.

Don’t forget to utilize all the space in their room. This includes under their beds, desk, closets, and bookshelves.

Adding plastic containers to sort out things like Pokemon cards and storing them under their beds or in their closets will help everything stay organized.

What colors are suitable for kids bedroom? And why?

This is an interesting question and I think it has many answers. First, choose a color that is going to fit in well with the theme you’ve chosen always comes first. That will still leave many color choices available.

Next, I’d say look for colors that are categorized as being “calming”. Because at the end of the day we want our boys bedrooms to be relaxing for them to catch some zzzs at the end off the day.

If all else fails and you still aren’t sure, stick with something neutral like a creamy white or off-white or even gray.

Where to find kids room decor?

My favorite place to find kids room decor is Hobby Lobby. They have a great kids section that can accommodate lots of different themes. I was able to grab a lot of different signs to create murals in my boys room.

I also needed a new rug for my boys room. I ended up snagging one on Overstock for a steal of a price. I love the way the pattern fits in with my boys bedding.

My favorite bedding for my boys are hands down beddys. They have the best features and my boys are obsessed with them. Read about it here to see if they’re a good fit for your kids room.

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wooden ceilings, gold mirror, sitting room with gray chairs

Boho Farmhouse Spring decorating ideas + whole house tour!

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Uncategorized | March 25, 2021

Come see how I’ve decorated my house for Spring with boho farmhouse vibes! I’m doing a whole house tour and can’t wait to share all the details with you!

Welcome! Thank you so much for being here! If you came over from Leen at Sanddollarlane… Thanks for popping by! I just love what Leen has done with her home and all her Spring touches! Simply beautiful!

And of course a big thanks to Kelly and Mansa for hosting this blog hop! It’s always such a blast and I always walk away feeling so inspired!

Alright.. let’s get this tour started!

First stop on this boho farmhouse Spring home tour… the Dining room!

I love to decorate my dining room for Spring. After a long winter I’m all about bringing in all the Spring florals and wreaths to brighten things up!

In keeping with my boho farmhouse style, I kept things neutral in this space except for my pops of bold colors. Although, I have to say my favorite feature has to be my eucalyptus wreath with the pink spring florals tucked inside. And isn’t it cool hung over the butcher paper roll?!

Second stop on my Spring home tour is my boho farmhouse style sitting room!

My sitting room Is my favorite place to sit, have a cup of coffee, and relax and read a good book! Those oversized arm chairs are so cozy you just sort of sink into each chair and never want to leave.

It brings me so much joy to look up from my book and see Spring decor! I wholeheartedly believe that we are influenced by our environment. That’s why I love to decorate for each new season. It brings me so much joy!

Third stop on this Spring home tour is my boho farmhouse style family room!

Every house needs a large and cozy room with a comfy couch that everyone can pile on. We love to snuggle up and watch a movie or play a board game in our family room.

We spend a lot of time in here which is why I like to add Spring home decor touches to brighten my families moods – since we all spend so much time in there!

Lastly, but surely not least… my bedroom and the guest bedroom!

It’s always fun to add some bright colors and some florals to any space for Spring… so why not our bedrooms too!

I generally go with traditional all-year decor in the bedrooms and occasionally will add in seasonal decor with wreaths, pillows, and florals. I know how much joy it brings me to see it – I want my guests to feel that way too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my boho farmhouse spring house tour! Be sure to head over and checkout Lindsay at Aratariathome! I know you’ll leave feeling inspired!

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Easter table display with cherry blossum flowers and wooden easter bunnies

6 simple steps to creating an easy Easter tablescape this Spring

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DIY | March 23, 2021

With 6 simple steps you too can create an easy Easter tablescape. Plus, I’ll show you how to make this tablescape last all Spring long!

Can you believe that it’s already Spring and Easter is just weeks away?! I told myself this year I was going create an Easter tablescape early that way I didn’t miss out on all the cute stuff before they sell out!

AND I really wanted to try and use some home decor items I already have and only add in a few new things. This way I can still freshen things up without killing my budget!

I decided to really go neutral this year for my Easter tablescape. I wanted it to have more of a Spring vibe that way, after Easter, I could just remove the bunnies and Easter eggs and keep my tablescape for the rest of the Spring season. Alright, let’s get to creating!

Step one: Add texture by using a tablecloth or a table runner

Start by adding your favorite tablecloth or runner to your table. Because I wanted to create more of a rustic tablscape this year I decided to add a jute runner.

Jute runners are so great because they add a different texture to the mix. I also added my favorite ticking table runner as well. This just make things more visually interesting.

Step two: Add your focal point

Next, be sure to pick one focal point in the center of your Easter tablescape. Otherwise, it can seem to busy and people don’t know exactly where to look.

I decided to make my Spring florals my centerpiece.  Yes, there are two vases but it works because one is taller than the other so they sort of go together as one unit.

Step three: Add your accent decor to your Easter tablescape

Next, add your accent decor to your Easter tablescape. This is where you get to have a little fun! I used coordinating wooden accents in my bead garland, Easter basket, and wooden Easter bunnies.

I also repeated the same few colors over and cover again to try and tie everything together. Otherwise, it can look random and misplaced.

Step four: Add warmth by adding candles to your Easter display

Adding candles is such a great way to add warmth to your Easter tablescape display. Bright and white is always beautiful, but adding warmth just makes everything cozier.

To warm things up I used some pillar candles which I already have and added some cute Easter egg ones as well.

Step five: Table setting with all the essentials

The nest step is to set your Easter table with all the essentials. This is where you want to add anything that your guests might need for dinner. I used my white threshold plates from Target. They’re beautiful and so versatile! I use them all the time!

Next, I paired them with some gold flatware also from Target. Then I added some neutral cloth napkins. I also wanted to add a pop of color so I used some green hobsnail glasses.

Step six: Add a personal touch to each place setting on your Easter tablescape

For the last and final step, add a personal touch to each place setting. Last year, I added personalized postcards to each plate, but this year I wanted to go a little more simple.

I landed on Easter candy… Because no one can say no to a Reese’s Easter egg!

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Easy Entryway styling, wooden table with gold mirror and lights with decor on table

Easy Entryway styling

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Uncategorized | January 18, 2021

Easy Entryway table styling

Entryway table styling can be super easy and look effortless with a few staples which I’ll share with you here.

I started with a mural as my back drop from Anewwall. This is their shaded mural and is my absolute favorite. I didn’t want anything to steal it’s thunder so I styled my entryway very simply to compliment my wall instead of it being too distracting.

The other pieces I added including my table, mirror, lights, and decor are simple and affordable. I’ve linked each of the sources under each pictures below as well.

Add the perfect entryway table

First,  I added the perfect entryway table. I love this one because its from Walmart. Not only is it a great price, but it’s made from solid wood too! It’s very sturdy AND comes fully assembled! Which these days I felt was worth mentioning.


Hang mirror and lights centered above your table

Next, I hung my mirror over my entryway table. This one is from Target and it’s the perfect size. It’s good quality too and one of the most affordable of its type.

Then I hung my lights centered on either side of the mirror. The gold on the lights matches the gold on the mirror so it coordinates nicely. And the white shades give it a classic look playing off of the white in the mural.

Stack home decor books and add a paper weight to your entryway table

Then I added home decor books to give a little structure to my entryway table. Not only does it add visual interest, but it adds height and dimension to the table styling. Decorating is all about layering to give things visual interest and stacking books is a great way to do that.

Add baskets to your entryway table

Adding baskets in not just a decor feature for entryway styling, but a practical element too. Not only does it add another texture but it adds storage as well.

In my very old home we are lacking in closet space. So in an effort to make us more organized, I put baskets where ever I can. Not only can I store extra blankets but books, shoes, etc.

Layer vases and add florals to your entryway display

Adding different size vases is a great way to adds some varying heights to your entryway display. I love this crock from Studio McGee’s Threshold line at Target.

I’ve also added some simple Spring florals to brighten this spot a bit without it being too distracting. Again, I don’t want anything overshadowing my Anewall shaded mural.

Add a candle to your entryway table

Lastly, adding a candle is the finishing touch to style your entryway. What I love about this candle from the Hearth and Hand line at Target is that it’s super fragrant – Even when it isn’t lit!

Everytime I walk by It smells like Spring time florals and brightens my mood.

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woman sitting on computer planning in her home

2021 house projects for The Farmhouse Life

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Uncategorized | January 11, 2021

What house projects to expect this year at The Farmhouse Life

It’s a new year, and although it’s full of resolutions… it’s also full of renovations!

I’m a big one for self-improvement and personal growth. So the new year is one of my favorite times of the year.

I love to set new goals and celebrate the goals that were achieved from the year before. I believe we can do anything that we set our mind to and I LOVE to challenge myself every year. And of course I’ll continue work on the goals that weren’t achieved from the year before. Somethings are worth striving for even if they take longer then you’d like to accomplish them.

A few of the things I’m set to work on this year are…1. To learn how to play the piano. I’ve always wanted to learn. 2. To make big strides in my business and 3. To get more hands-on with our house projects.

I’ve been so inspired by some of the leading ladies in the DIY industry that I’m determined to jump on this bandwagon and pick up a saw and a nail gun too!

Which is the perfect transition for this post…House projects for the farmhouse Life in 2021! I’ve added an Inspo picture under each project title to give you an idea of the direction we’d like to go.

Project one: The kitchen!!

The kitchen is the one project that we’ve been itching to do. Ever since we moved in we’ve had visions of how this space would serve us better and couldn’t wait to get started.

The reason we waited so long (almost 5 years) to start on our kitchen is because we first wanted to reno the rooms we lived most in. I wanted my family to feel comfortable and at home right away so I started with bedrooms and shared living spaces like living rooms etc.

Then we started growing our farm and needed to work on things like logging and clearing fields, building shelters for our animals, and fences.

Slowly but surely we’re making our way back inside again and have started working on our home yet again.

The good thing about waiting so long before renovating our kitchen is that we’ve gotten a really good feel of the space and have had plenty of time to figure out how the space can better serve us.

It’s interesting how I originally thought I would put in a wine fridge and cabinet and have since come to realize that is just not something we’d use enough. Instead we could use that space to put in a larger food pantry.

Project two: Our family room

Our family room has served us well over the last 5 years but we’ve realized it could use a facelift and maybe have a few added features to help us stay a bit more organized.

One area is that we need more storage. There is one wall that would be perfect for floor to ceiling cabinets. We need storage for things like extra blankets, pillows, and board games. And not to mention all the DVDs and video games that are hopelessly floating around.

We could also use overhead lighting with maybe a fan feature.

Lighting in general is a problem in this space. It is a very darkroom with no cross lighting. We’d like to add French glass doors to the entryway between the family room and the sunroom (which is functioning as the playroom the moment).

Project three: Our front entryway and upstairs landing

We’ve been working on our front entryway and upstairs landing since before Christmas and are excited to wrap this one up. We still need to shiplap, install the lighting, and add the rail. We also have a few decor and furniture finishing touches to add as well including a new stairs runner.

Project four: Our green house!

This one is a big one… our green house. We’ve been gathering supplies for years and are thrilled to finally be able to start building. Our family tries to eat mainly plant based and it’s been a goal of ours to grow our veggies all year round.

Project Five: Our pergola

Right off of our sunroom is a sliding glass door the leads to a clement slab. We’d like to turn this area into a beautiful patio! We’ll add a pergola right off the side of the house, brick pavers, and glass French doors.

Thats it! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of these projects this year! Plus – I’m giving away a set of three botanical printables just for being apart of the community! Click the image below to snag yours!

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Kori ~ From The Farmhouse Life

How to transition from Christmas decor to winter decor

How to transition from Christmas decor to winter decor

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Uncategorized | January 7, 2021

How to transition from Christmas decor to winter decor without looking too Christmassy.

Well, we made it. We decked the halls and trimmed the tree. But now that Christmas is over and it’s like… now what?

We’ve spent so much time decorating for Christmas are we really ready to take it all down and start over?

I mean, here in NH we’re in the dead of winter, so taking out Spring decor might look a little silly and definitely far too premature.

To be totally honest, I love the natural and earthy elements of my Christmas decor and I try and hold on to them as long as possible. I’m just not ready to say goodbye to it all quite yet.

Thankfully, there is a way to keep all the greenery without it looking too “Christmassy”.

I’ll show you how to transition from your Christmas decor to winter decor below with only a few simple steps! Then, be sure to stick around for a short “winter decor” tour of my home!

Step one: Out with all the Santas

The first step to ridding your home of Christmas and bringing in more winter decor is to get rid of all the Santas. I don’t know if your house even has Santas, but if it does… it’s time to say goodbye.

This can also mean any sign that says Christmas or phrases we associate with Christmas time. Like “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, “Silent Night Holy Night”, etc.

Step 2: Get rid of the Christmas reds and bring in more neutrals and whites

The second step is to takeout all of those bright Chrismassy reds and replace them with lighter and whiter tones for the New Year.

We associate white and bright tones with a clean slate which is perfect for the New Year.

This is where I feel a bit hypocritical. My home has reds all year long. I have red boho rugs and pops of red in decor all throughout my home. So I actually keep my red Christmas decor like my poinsettias, dinnerware, etc.

Step 3: Bring in natural elements

My third tip on transitioning from Christmas decor to Winter decor is to bring in as many natural elements as you can.

Fill those bowls with pinecones, add evergreen branches to your vases, keep those pine wreaths in those windows, and leave those bare or lighted threes throughout your home.

Step 4: Keep all those cozies front and center!

My fourth and last tip on bringing winter decor in and transitioning Christmas decor out is to keep all those cozies right where they are!

And by this I mean throw pillows and blankets. I have them everywhere in my living areas. I have them in baskets, draped over chairs and ottomans, and stacked on the ground.

I never want to be more than an arm’s length from a warm blanket… well,  because it’s cold!! I definitely don’t want my guests (hoping I’ll actually have guests in 2021) to be cold either!

Below you can see my home styled for Winter! And way at the bottom I have a video of my Winter decor house tour. Enjoy!

My family room

My sitting room

My front entryway

My dining room

My bedroom

Check out my Winter decor home tour below!

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Farmhouse porch Christmas tour!

Farmhouse porch Christmas tour!

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Uncategorized | December 17, 2020

Welcome to my Farmhouse Christmas Porch tour! I hope you find inspiration from not only my front porch but the other super talented ladies I’ve teamed up with!

I’m so excited to show you my front porch all decked out for Christmas!

First, I have to say, welcome! If you came from Kaley’s at The little white farmhouse, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a real fan girl of Kaley’s and I love everything she puts together. If you’re new here, I’m Kori. I live in rural New Hampshire on a little hobby farm raising pigs with my husband and 3 kids. We are slowly fixing up our 1700s farmhouse one room at a time. I love to decorate with farmhouse style and a little twist of boho. I’m a DIY girl and I wholeheartedly believe when we’re surrounded by an organized well-designed space it inspires us to go and do all the things!

A special thanks to Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse for hosting this awesome tour!


Alright… without further ado… Here is my Farmhouse Christmas porch! Enjoy!




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Do you love my farmhouse Christmas tree sign on my front porch? Well, it’s on super sale at only $6!!

Check it out here!

  Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Next up on the tour is the one and only Vintage Home Design! I promise… You’re going to love it!

Then be sure to check out the other amazing ladies and their gorgeous farmhouse front porches! 

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Vintage Home Design

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Kori ~ From The Farmhouse Life


How to make wreaths for your dining room chairs this Christmas!

How to make wreaths for your dining room chairs this Christmas!

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Uncategorized | December 10, 2020

Making wreaths to add to your dining room chairs is so easy this Christmas season! I’ll show you how to use faux garland to make them and how to hang them!

Time-saving hacks

I love adding as much greenery in my home around the holidays as I can. I try and make fresh wreaths for my windows inside and outside. I also make fresh garland for my mantels and centerpieces too.

And although the fresh greenery looks beautiful, it can be pretty time-consuming. That’s why I love using time-saving hacks that help me accomplish the look I’m after – but for only a fraction of the time.

I started with two strands of faux garland and turned them into 12 tiny wreaths for my dining room chairs!

Step one: Gather your supplies

Get your supplies together by grabbing your faux strands of garland, some wire cutters, ribbon, and anything you want to add to embellish your wreaths.

Step two: cut your stands of garland

To cut your strands of garland you’ll definitely need a pair of wire cutters. They make those stands of galrand strong and regular sissors aren’t going to cut it.

Cut your first piece for your wreath and then use that piece as a template to cut the rest. This way all of your wreaths will be about the same size.

Step three: Make your wreaths

To make your wreaths all you’ll have to do it take your two ends of your peices of garland and twist them together.

Then spend some time fluffing out your wreath until you have your desired look. Repeat this process until you have all of your wreaths made.

Step four: Attach your wreaths to your chairs

Next, it’s time to attach your wreaths to your chairs. Instead of adding command hooks or even small picture frame nails, I just do the whole tie and hide trick.

To use this trick all, you have to do is cut your ribbon to the size you want it to hang. Then, Loop it around the center of your chair and tie a knot to hold it in place.

Then, I rotate the knot all the way around until it sits right under the wreath. This way no one can see it! Plus, It’s super easy to take down when the season is over!

Step five: Add your embellishments

Once you’ve hung all of your wreaths to your chairs it’s time to embellish! I used some leftover berry picks and antique bells that I had leftover from another project. First, I hooked my berry picks through my bell loop and twisted it on. Then I strung a piece of twine through the bell loop and tied it around the ribbon right in the center.

And done! Super easy and very festive!

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How to make a simple DIY string garland for your Christmas mantel

How to make a simple DIY string garland for your Christmas mantel

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Uncategorized | December 9, 2020

Have you ever made string garland before? If not, it’s super simple and requires very few items to create! I’ll walk you through the steps so you can create your own DIY string garland for your Christmas mantel!

Supplies needed:


For supplies, you’ll need Twine cut to your desired length and whatever else you’ll want to embellish your string garland. You’ll also need a small bit of floral wire too.

I happen to have dried orange slices on hand, faux berry picks, and antique vintage bells. But really anything will work.

If you’ve never died oranges before, check out this video from Made By Hand. She does such a wonderful job showing how to make your own.

Get started:


I like to start when making my string garland with my largest items to help anchor everything. In this case, it would be my antique bells.

Each of my bells has a little metal hoop at the top. So I took my twine and I strung it through my loop and tied a knot. Measuring the same distance all the way to the end of my twine. I kept repeating this process until I reached the end of my twine.


Attach your items to your string garland:



To add my dried oranges, I strung both ends of a small piece of floral wire through the dried orange and began to twist the wire around the twine. I also added a few orange slices through the loops of my bells. This created some pretty clusters.

And lastly, I added my berry picks. My berry picks have wire stems so this made this process so much easier than having to glue each berry pick on. All I did was wrap my berry pick stem around my twine and twist.


Hang your string garland:

You can hang your sting garland anywhere. It would look simple and beautiful over a window, a mantel, or even strung across a bookcase. I decided to hang mine over my fireplace mantel layered in with green garland and a strand of beaded garland. You can either use command hooks or a small nail and hammer.



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Kori ~ From The Farmhouse Life

Staircase garland | How to decorate your stairs for Christmas!

Staircase garland – How to decorate your stairs for Christmas!

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Uncategorized | December 8, 2020

Want to add Christmas garland to your staircase? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll show you how – plus teach you my trick to making beautiful bows!

Step one – Gather your supplies

To get started, we’ll need to gather up our supplies. First, we’ll need 2/4 strands of garland. This will depend on the length of your staircase. You want extra to be able to leave swoops in the garland.

Next, we’ll need small nails and a hammer. If you don’t want to put small holes in your staircase I’d suggest using command hooks.

Lastly, we’ll need a few rolls of our favorite ribbon and some floral wire. I like wired ribbon because It holds its shape the best. We’ll also need the floral wire to string up our ribbon once we’ve made the bows.

Step two – Hang your garland


When hanging our garland first we have to determine where we want our garland to sit. Do you want it on the outside, inside, or at the top of the banister? To help you determine where to put it – think about which angle you want it to be seen.

For instance, I put mine on the outside of the handrail because I like to see it from the entryway door.

Next, we need to either use our command hooks or hammer and nails to attach the ends of the garland to the banister. My garland had hoops on either side. So I hammered a small picture frame nail right through the loop to secure it in place.

Be sure to let it swoop a little in the middle and use another nail or command hook to secure it in place.

Repeat this process depending upon how long your stair rail is and how many strands of garland you have to hang.

Step three – Make your bows

To make our bows we’ll need to cut our ribbon into two strands. The length will depend on how long you want them to hang down. I like mine pretty long, so I opted for about 12 inches.

Tie one ribbon strand in the middle of the other strand, and then tie a bow. It will look not so pretty – but it’s ok. I have a tip.

Next, take one of the small tails that was leftover from the bow and wrap it down and in between the long strands of ribbon and then up through the middle of the bow. This will leave the front part looking very pretty and finished!

Then, tie the two small tails on the back of the bow to secure everything in place and then fluff everything out.

Step four – Attach your bows

Lastly, it’s time to attach our bows to our banisters. I’ve attached all three of mine to the posts on my staircase. It also works out to be the start, middle, and end of my garland.

To attach your bow simply string a 12 inch piece of floral wire through the back of your bow and then wrap it around the stair rail. Floral wire works great to hang your bow because all you have to do is wrap it around the spindle and twist each end to secure it in place.

Done – Doesn’t it look beautiful?!


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