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21 Beautiful Master Bedroom Ideas to Help Upgrade Your Suite

A bedroom should be a tranquil personal getaway. After a long day of work, you want to look forward to getting home and relaxing in a space that is calming. 

So, whether you just moved into a new house or you’re just looking for ways to spice up your current master bedroom, today, I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks about upgrading your master bedroom along with 21 simple ways to dramatically improve your master bedroom.

How Can I Make My Master Bedroom Nicer?

Keep it simple. It can be tempting to want to put all of the master bedroom decorating ideas 2021 brought into one room, but incorporating all of those ideas at once will only lead to a cluttered space that brings only stress. 

Incorporating a few elements of fun and personality into your bedroom is a wonderful way to make it feel like your own personal space, but just make sure to not go overboard with it!

How Can I Make My Bedroom More Classy?

Many beautiful master bedroom designs feature a more minimal approach with the focus on quality hardware — like dresses, bed frames, and nightstands. So if you want to make your bedroom look classier, think about upgrading the furniture in it but try not adding too many knick-knacks or other collectibles.

How Do You Transform a Bedroom?

It honestly doesn’t take that much to completely transform a bedroom. Painting the walls a different color can give the same room a completely different feeling and rearranging furniture can create an entirely new perspective.

The best way to transform a bedroom is to have fun with it! Maybe try moving your bed over to the opposite side of the room or make an accent wall that is a different color than the other walls.

What Should a Luxury Bedroom Have?

Modern luxury master bedroom designs often show beautiful king-sized beds with tons of picture-perfect throw pillows and blankets. Some designs focus on luxurious textures, such as soft velvet and beautifully treated wood. 

While you do not necessarily need a king-sized bed and 18 pillows to have a luxurious-looking master bedroom, creating a feeling of luxury with rich and soft fabrics and delicate decor items can be a great way to add a little extra luxury into your space!

What is the Easiest Way to Decorate a Room?

The easiest way to decorate a room is to find a beautiful layout. Looking at master bedroom layout ideas can be an excellent way to get inspiration for your own bedroom. You can then use the furniture that you already have to re-create the layouts that you really like and just like that you’ve got a beautiful master bedroom!

How Can I Upgrade My Room Without Buying Anything?

One easy way to upgrade the look of your master bedroom without spending any money is to rearrange your furniture. Try swapping the places of your bed and your dresser or swap out a piece of furniture from one of your other rooms for something that is in your bedroom. 

Rearranging your furniture can be a great way to just change the feeling of your room without going out and buying anything new.

How Can I Make My House Look Luxury?

Just like if you’re trying to make your master bedroom look more luxurious, incorporating touches of high-end materials — like solid wood, marble, and leather — can give your space a much more expensive feeling.

Another great way to create a more luxurious feeling in your home is to use lamps for light instead of relying on overhead lighting. Lamps tend to provide softer and more intimate lighting whereas overhead lights tend to feel harsher and more sterile.

How Do You Decorate When You Have No Style?

It can be hard to decorate a room when you feel like you don’t have a particular vision for the space. In this case, looking at other people’s decoration ideas and playing around with the pieces of furniture and decor that you have is the easiest way to find a layout that you like.

Just keep trying out different combinations of your items until you find something that you like, in the end, it is your space!

Which Colors Make a Room Look Bigger?

In general, lighter colors are great for making rooms appear bigger than they are — especially if the room in question gets a lot of natural light. Colors like white, blush pink, pale blue, and light taupe are excellent choices for rooms that get more natural light.

In contrast, if the room you are wanting to look bigger doesn’t get that much natural light, opting for a richer darker color is the way to go. Colors like a soft black or a deep navy blue can help to create a sensation of depth and coziness that creates a larger feeling space due to the lack of light.

Now, Without Further Ado, 21 Beautiful Master Bedroom Ideas

1. Dress your walls in elegance

While plain walls may seem like the way to go for a beautiful and chic master bedroom, in reality they can make a room feel less inviting which is the opposite feeling than you want for a bedroom. Incorporating wallpaper or texture on your bedroom walls can not only make the room more inviting but also show some of your own character and style preferences.

2. Choose a standout headboard

As, oftentimes, the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, your bed should make a statement. Whether you have a beautiful wood headboard or a stunning modern upholstered headboard, don’t shy away from letting it be a statement piece.

3. Feature glamorous bedside lighting 

Elegant bedside table lamps can offer both warm and cozy lighting to your bedroom as well as serve as decor of their own. Lighting is extremely important to keep in mind when designing your master bedroom, it sets the mood and can completely change the personality of a room. So in a bedroom, it is best to opt for softer and warmer lights that give the room a tranquil and comforting glow.

4. Add a hanging light fixture

While built-in overhead lighting can provide harsh and more sterile feeling lighting, a hanging light fixture — like a chandelier — can not only provide a very intentional lighting approach but also serve as an excellent statement. 

More intricate hanging lighting fixtures can bring an element of richness and luxury to any room. And with so many different designs out there, finding a fixture that really suits you can bring a lot of personality and beauty to your master bedroom.

5. Add stylish seating

While a bed is of course the most important piece of bedroom furniture, other stylish seating options can help you to bring a sense of sophistication to your master bedroom. 

Whether this is an elegant wooden chair in front of your vanity or a cozy leather armchair in the corner of your bedroom, incorporating seating into your bedroom will help the space feel more welcoming.

6. Choose nightstands with purpose

Nightstands can be incredible accents to your bed. However, when decorating your master bedroom it is important to select a nightstand — or set of nightstands — that are both pretty and functional. 

After all, what purpose does a nightstand serve if it doesn’t even have enough space for a lamp and an alarm clock?

7. Pile on the pillows

While waking up every morning with 12 pillows strewn about the floor doesn’t exactly sound like fun, having a good selection of both pillows that you use at night and decorative pillows to make your bed with can instantly upgrade your bedroom. 

Finding some throw pillows — even if it is just a few — that you can place on your bed when you make it each morning can not only bring a luxurious hotel vibe to your bedroom but also make your bed seem that much more exciting to come home to each evening!

8. Overfill your throw pillows

This idea goes hand in hand with the previous one. Throw pillows can tend to deflate over time, as the stuffing in them gets matted down with use. To prevent this, and keep your throw pillows looking new and oh so comfortable, add a little extra stuffing to them. 

This will also make your pillows firmer and easier to arrange on your bed!

9. Throw on a plush blanket

A plush blanket can not only add an extra layer of comfort to your bed but also be the perfect accent piece for your bedroom. Especially if you have focused on more neutral colors for your walls and bedspread, a rich accent color — like deep forest green or burgundy — can bring a very tasteful pop of color to your room.

Of course, you could play with any color you’d like, or if fuzzy blankets aren’t your thing, you could always use a beautiful hand-knit throw blanket as well. Really the goal with this one is to

incorporate a change of texture (and color if you like!) into your room to give it an added depth.

10. Incorporate a rug

Similarly, a rug can bring a beautiful contrasting texture to the furniture and fabrics that you already have in your master bedroom. A rug can also do a great job of pulling everything together by creating a sense of unity underneath your furniture. 

This trait can also be used to split apart your room as well. If you want to “divide” your room to make it appear larger, you could incorporate a rug in one area of your room but not the other and create the sense of multiple spaces in the one room.

11. Display art

Art is an incredible way to both decorate a room and show your personality. Because everyone has different tastes in art, incorporating pieces that you enjoy can give your bedroom a sense of style that is personalized to you, just as it should be!

12. Focus on the statement pieces

Especially because not all master bedrooms are the same size, focusing on a smaller number of statement pieces can be essential in creating an upgraded and elegant master bedroom. Many romantic small master bedroom ideas utilize detailed and elegant pieces that both make a statement and are functional.

Even if you have an extremely large master bedroom, making sure to shine the focus on your statement pieces can help you to keep your master bedroom from feeling crowded.

13. Keep the floor empty

Maintaining some level of empty floor space is essential to any master bedroom looking composed and not messy — however, this is especially important when looking for small master bedroom ideas with king-size bed space.

The idea here though is to not completely fill your floor with pieces of furniture or decoration. Leaving open floor space helps a room to feel more spacious and clean. And whether we admit it or not, all of us feel more comfortable and calm in clean spaces!

14. Choose some new window treatments 

Try spicing up your windows! Instead of the old curtains or blinds that haven’t been changed out in years, try a nice new pair of light-colored curtains. Maybe even try a sheer fabric to lightly diffuse the natural light coming in through your windows.

Sheer curtains also give you the added benefit of not having to worry about your neighbors seeing you through the windows, so we definitely recommend these!

15. Paint the window trim black

If your walls are a light color, like white or cool grey, painting your window trim black can create a very elegant and eye-catching looking contrast. 

This is an especially good idea if your walls are relatively un-decorated. With just a small can of paint and a little bit of time, you can give your walls a classy intrigue that’ll catch the attention of anyone who comes over.

16. Diffuse your favorite scents

Our sense of smell is often overlooked. However, smells are actually very tied to feelings and memories. So diffusing your favorite essential oils or lighting candles that you love the smell of can be an incredibly good way to make your bedroom more inviting. Not to mention that diffusing scents can also help the air in a room to keep from becoming stale.

And, hey, I mean if your room smells like orange blossoms and cedar who’s gonna complain?

17. Bring in some plants

Plants bring an incredible feeling of life into a room. Especially if you have focused on a more neutral-toned room, a few plants can immediately brighten up the place. Plants also naturally freshen up the air in your room so that you can wake up each morning feeling refreshed and energized!

18. Add a mirror

One of the best small master bedroom ideas 2020 (and years after) brought into the picture was the use of a mirror. Because a mirror reflects what is in front of it, it can make your room seem larger and more spacious. 

While a mirror will not alter the actual size of your room, it can create the illusion of a larger space. Also, a beautiful floor-length mirror with an antiqued gold or polished wood frame is a luxurious addition to any room!

19. Rearrange your furniture layout

Rearranging your furniture is a great way to bring new life to a room. This is especially true if your furniture has been in one layout for a long period of time. 

Simply making the effort to re-order your bedroom can bring an entirely new perspective and feel to your room!

20. Add a workspace

While not all master bedrooms are big enough to accommodate a workspace alongside the bed and dresser than you already have in your bedroom. That being said, if you do have the space to add in a workspace, it can help to make the room feel more spacious by separating it into two sections.

Plus, adding a small workspace to your master bedroom can give it a more luxurious and regal feeling, like you have your own personal study!

21. Add a bench at the end of your bed

Adding a bench or a trunk (or set of trucks) to the end of your bed can not only provide a complement to the bed by making it take up more space and become a focal point but it can also serve as seating space or a location to store extra pillows and blankets as well.

Designing a Stunning Master Bedroom

While designing your own master bedroom may seem intimidating, just remember that your master bedroom is your personal space. It can be as elegant or as cozy as you would like it to be, and while other people may see it (if you want them to!) it only needs to be beautiful to you.

With that in mind, when you are looking to design your own master bedroom there are a couple of tips to try out, especially if you are new to designing a room.

First, think about the color palette you want. When in doubt, keep it light. Lighter colors are often more effective in making a room feel more spacious.

Second, always start simple — start with what you already have. Looking to create a master bedroom that will impress? Start off with the pieces of furniture that you need — the pieces that are functional.

Now maybe for you that only a bed and dresser, or maybe you have a vanity as well. Whatever you have, arrange it in your bedroom in a way that feels comfortable to you.

And the last tip to keep in mind is that open floor space is your friend. Open space helps us to feel less crowded and therefore helps us to relax, and really isn’t that the point of a bedroom?

So, before you even think of shopping to upgrade your bedroom, consider the helpful pointers and decoration ideas above to make your space as luxurious as it can be.

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  1. I love how you suggest choosing a standout headboard and featuring a glamorous bedside lighting. That’s what I did and now my bedroom looks lavish!

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