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How to style a sectional couch with pillows and throws

I will show you how to style a big sectional couch with pillows and throws so that you have the comfiest couch ever!

I get asked how to arrange pillows and throws on a big sectional couch a lot. And I totally get the confusion! On a normal coach, you have two ends.. you put a few throw pillows on each side and voila! But with a sectional couch, there are three ends! So If you’ve ever asked yourself how to style a comfy sectional couch- you’ve come to the right place!

A grey sectional couch with a green ottoman in the living room.

First – Add your throws

I like to add a few soft throws on my sectional. Especially in the colder seasons because they get used a lot. Here, I’ve dropoed one over the arm of the sectional sofa in a dramatic fashion and let it sort of cascade to the floor. The other throw I’ve folded up the long way and placed it over the back of the grey couch and let it hang down to the floor. Then I layered my bigger neutral throw pillows over them.

Gray couch with two pillows and a blanket, and on the green ottoman there is a wooden tray with bells and an old book.

Second – Start with bookends

Start with two larger (24in) pillows with matching covers on each end of the couch. Then add in two matching 20 or 18 inch pillows next to them. This works as bookends on your coach and brings a sense of structure and coordination that it needs.  A trick of the trade…use pillow covers that are a size or two smaller than your pillows. This makes your pillows look so much more full! – Also, are you looking for the perfect karate chop pillows? Use down inserts!

The sectional sofa with a white and grey area rug, and a green ottoman.

Third – layer in pillows that are in the same color family

You certainly don’t need all of your pillows to match. I like to stick with versatile creamy neutrals to add contrast to my dark charcoal grey couch. I also wanted to tie in my deep emerald green ottoman so I added a similar lumbar pillow and another pillow with green trim to tie it all in.

Start with your largest pillow in the back corner of the coach. I like a 26incher there. Then add in the next height of pillow next to it. As you can see from my image, the height of my throw pillows in the corner is cascading down to my lowest point which is my lumbar pillow. Adding varying heights helps to give the pillows more depth and dimension. Plus adding in varying textures breaks up the matchy matchy look but it is still vey coordinated.

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