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5 must have design features every little girl needs in her bedroom

  I’ve narrowed down the top 5 design features to add to every little girls bedroom. Our space should reflect the personality of the owner; encouraging us to be us! The same goes for our kids rooms too!

Well, After 5 years with pink and peonies walls my 9 year old has had her fill. She is ready to call it quits and is reaching for something a bit more “sophisticated”.

I told her that I want her space to be a reflection of her! So together we searched high and low to figure out what her favorite colors where, what style is her favorite, and what elements would bring her joy!

After sorting through her personal preferences, I’ve come up with a plan to implement her style AND 5 design features I believe every little girl needs in her room.

NO.1: Add a comfy spot that they can’t wait to dive into

I’d say the most important feature in a little girls bedroom is to make sure they have the comfiest beds that they just can’t wait to cuddle up ad catch some zzz’s in.

My absolute favorite kids bedding is Beddys. They have the best bedding for kids because it takes them seconds to make their bed every day. Literally they zip up the sides and they’re done! Read more about it here!

white bed with pink pillows and pink wall. white tall dresser

No.2: Design an area where they can do their favorite things!

Designing an area where they can do their favorite things is so important when designing a little girls room. This is going to look different for every girl because all little girls are different!

My daughter had a rather large area to play with her American Girls dolls, but I’m sad to say she’s growing out of that stage.

Now, she’s into crafts and sewing. In our new design plan we will be taking all the dolls toys out and adding in a large craft table and cube storage so she can craft and sew to her hearts content!

large art work you are fearfully and wonderfully made

No. 3: An area for school and reading

Adding an area for little girls to read and do their school work is also an important design feature. Especially with remote school being so relevant these days. It’s important to create an inviting space that encourages them to do those things.

white desk shelf with plant and pink globe
mosquito next with pink ribbons

No.4: Adding a spot to store toys

Be sure to add a spot when designing their room to store all of their toys when they’re not being played with.

My daughter has a rather large trunk at the foot of her bed that we store all her stuffed animals and costumes in.

Since she’s growing our out the costume phase we’ll probably use it now to store things like board games and smaller toys.

white bedding with coeval mirror and pink wall with flowers

No.5: Choosing design features that suites them and sparks joy!

Lastly, I’d say at the end of the day, It’s their room and they have to live in it. It should spark joy! Letting them pick the color palette and textures is so important.

This is the phase we are in now. My daughter has opted out of pink and we are in for a change. She is thinking of a fun blue floral wallpaper. Check out the design plan below!

She’s decided that she wants to go Bold with wall to wall wallpaper and I commend her for it! We’ll do bright and neutral everywhere else that way nothing completes with the fun wallpaper. And tie in the teal in fun pops like pillows and throw blankets

Be sure to pin for later!


Since this post was written, we’ve renovated her room. It’s a little different from the original plan, but we’re so thrilled! Come check it out

Bohemian girls room reveal and how to:

That’s it for now, thanks so much for reading along!

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