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12 Classic Stair Runner Ideas and Where to Buy Them

Adding a classic stair runner is the perfect way to add a beautiful focal point to your interior design. Here, I’ll give you classic stair runner ideas and my favorite places to buy them!

Red crept stair runner on a black staircase.

Why add a stair runner to your staircase?

Stair runners are a hidden gem in home decor. And while there are a number of reasons to add stair runners to your home, I love that they offer the perfect welcoming touch to any staircase making your space feel instantly homey.

It also offers protection from normal wear and tear and makes walking up and down your stairs more comfortable and safer.

Black staircase with a gray and black carpet stair runner.

How to choose a stair runner for your stairs?

Whether you have a straight staircase, grand staircase, or are looking to add a runner to your basement stairs, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

There are so many different styles of staircase runners. You can choose to have a solid color, have a patterned stair, or multicolored to match the color scheme of your home.

I’ll show some examples that use contrasting or complimenting colors to work with the home’s walls and furniture, and some that match with the home’s area rugs. There is most definitely a style for you within this list. 

Where to buy carpet stair runners for your staircase?

Picking stair runners can be tricky, but you don’t have to be an interior designer to make that choice. Plus, you don’t even have to break the bank!

The first thing to remember is that you can get runners for stairs almost anywhere. A lot offer free shipping.

Some of my favorites are from the Home Depot, Walmart, and Target! Thats because for me, they’re within driving distance. And if for instance, the runner looked different online and I want to return it, I can easily drive to one of these stores without having to pay return shipping. This can sometimes be more than the rug itself!

Some other great place to shop is Overstock, Runrug, Wayfair, Lowes, and Rugsusa! There are so many places to buy a carpet runners. It may feel overwhelming, but I’ll try to narrow it down. 

Ok, as promised, let’s get started on the 12 stair runners ideas and where you can buy them!

Style 1. Farmhouse Style runner

This modern stair runner gives the perfect farmhouse vibes. The texture and neutral-tones mixed with this traditional chevron pattern perfectly tie in the modern farmhouse style! check out this one from (affiliate) the home depot.

Style 2. Moroccan Style runner

The Moroccan style has different colors with more floral patterns and red colors that might work perfectly for your home!

The dark tones add some class and it would work well with an earthy-toned decor! It would be a fun design element to add to your neutral deign palette. This one is found on (affiliate) the home depot

Style 3. Classic Jute stair runner

Another good option from stair runner rugs is Jute. The natural fibers, neutral tones, and simple design go with just about every style.

A common question people often ask is whether or not jute stair carpets will come un-braided. The answer is that it really depends on the quality of the jute rug and how much foot traffic the stair case gets.

If you have young children that are often running up and down the stairs, the fibers may come undone and may not e the best option for you. But if you love the look of Jute and will tread lightly, this may be the perfect fit.

The picture above is an example of the kinds of classic jute area rugs and stair rug runners Wayfair has to offer! 

Style 4. Striped Coastal runner

A striped runner is the perfect stair runner for staircases looking for a coastal inspired design. The wide stripes and vibrant blues give a perfect beauty feel! This similar rug from Rugsusa would look perfect with light wood stairs and white spindles.

Style 5. Geometric pattern stair runner

There are so many ways to use geometric patterns. A darker pattern like this example gives contrast to the lighter stairs and walls.

A runner like this one can be found on (affiliate) Wayfair. It can also be mix-matched with other patterns like this rug to carry out the theme! A great way to mix patterns with rugs is to choose coordinating colors and mix large and small print.

If both prints are large, they complete for attention with one another making them both feel too busy. But instead, if one is small and the other is large, one gets the attention and both compliment each other. 

Style 6. Bold Pattern

Another staircase runner idea is one that will add a pop of color in your house! A bold pattern and vibrant colors similar to this one at (affiliate) Target can be really stunning!

It is a different take on how to decorate with stair runners, turning a rather bland area of your home into a show stopper

Style 7. Distressed blue stair runner

If you love vintage style rugs, check out this rug from (affiiate) Target. This distressed rug gives the overall look of a vintage find, but is brand new.

This could be perfect addition to a farmhouse style home as well! Either way, this stair runner would add incredible style to any staircase in your home.

Style 8. Red Bohemian runner

Bohemian (affilaite) style runners are my favorite! Its dramatic shades offers the perfect way to build up a bohemian room with its detailed patterns and texture.

Red’s are some of my favorite colors in area rugs. I have an older home and red rugs feel timeless and old world to me.

Style 9. Mid Century Modern runner

This is yet another example of modern style runner from Wayfair. I love the dark colors and the bordering patterns.

I think this would fit perfectly in a mid-century modern home! If your looking for a new runner and love mid-century mod, your best bet is too find find a runner with minimalistic design, clean lines, and neutral material – like wool carpet.

Style 10. Eclectic and fun stair runner

If you are going for an eclectic style, finding a pattern that is busy yet purposeful is the way to go. This example from (affiliate) Rejuvenation has muted tones that can be built off of, but the pattern is a statement of its own!  

I found this patterned rug from Overstock, unfortinely it’s sold out. I did find a similar one on Wayfair. and I think has the perfect minimalist pattern. You can also find it in all white with black pattern. This could be the perfect touch of pattern to a minimalist decorated house. 

Style 12. Contemporary stair runner 

A contemporary style tends to meld a few styles into it to make it today’s trend. I think that this example from Amazon shows that.

It has breaded material woven together in creating simple striped all while generating a geometric pattern. It becomes a hidden little eye-catching aspect of the home’s decor! Plus, it’s neutral enough to compliment any interior style.

Should I order a custom runner?

There are other factors to consider when trying to decide which stair runners to choose form. For instance, my house was built in the 1700s and the stairs weren’t built with standard measurments.

So something to consider is the width of your stairs before order a stair runner. A lot of manufacturers will offer different widths and lengths. This is helpful because all of our stairs are different lengths and making sure you have enough material before starting a project is important.

You should also consider the height of the runner before ordering as well. If the pile is too high, walking up and down the stairs may become dangerous. It can be easy to stumble if your foot stagers. If all else fails, you can always order a custom runner vs a pre-made runner.

Can I bind my own carpet runner?

If ordering a custom runner isn’t in your price range, you can always trim the width of the runner yourself and re-attach the binding. I know it might feel like this stair runner project is getting more and more complicated, but I promise, it’s simpler than you think.

I actaully did this because I wanted this specific red oriental rug that didn’t come in other smaller widths, so I trimmed it down and reattached the binding. You can check out how to bind carpet edges here.

Do all stairs need a carpet runner?

I have 4 stair cases in my home. One main staircase, one back that leads to our guest room, a basement staircase, and an attic staircase. Not all need a runner, but it’s a good idea for a few different reasons.

  • It keeps your stairs from ware and tear and stains.
  • It makes your stairs more comfortable to walk on.
  • It can improve the safety by adding grip to your stairs.

Pin later!

stair runner on black stair case and text over image.

Which Material is best for a stairs carpet runner?

It’s important to get the best material you can for a stairs runner, especially if it’s a high traffic area. Synthetic materials are some of the most durrable materials you can buy and make some of the best carpets. For instance, polyester and nylon. Also, tightly woven wool is another great option when trying to find the best source for material.

Do I need padding under my stairs runner?

Yes, you must add rug pads to each of the stair treads on your staircase. Adding carpet padding helps to minimize the stress on your floor and also helps to control the noise from walking up and down.

Hard surfaces can be quite uncomfortable to walk on frequently. By adding rug pads, you’re creating a cushion, making your stairs more comfortable to walk on. It also can minimize the stains sinking through your rug and damaging the hardwood flooring.

How wide should my stair runner be?

The width of your runner depends on how wide your stairs are. Standard stairs are about 36in wide. This would mean your runner should be about 28inches wide.

This would leave you with about 4 inches on either side of the runner. The edge of the stair to the carpet should measure at least four inches, but can vary up to 7 inches. Anymore than that and it’ll look like the runner is too small for the width of the stairs.

If you don’t have standard stairs, don’t instantly think you have to order a custom stair runner. Many manufacturers offer different widths for this specific reason.

Stairs can very in width from about 36in all the way up to 44in. So, try googling the exact measurements you need. You’ll be surprised with how many options you’ll find.

Want to shop these runners? Click on an image below. These are affiliate links and if used I make a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog of mine!

Can I install a stair runner myself?

Yes, you absolutely can! I’ve done it twice in my home and I know you can too. You’ll need specific tools to install your runner correctly. I’ve written a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to install a stair runner yourself. Check it out below!

Want to read more about updating your home on a budget? Check out my post below!

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If you’ve ever wondered if you could install a carpet runner on your own? The answer is YES, you absolutely can! Installing a carpet runner on your stairs is not only a beautiful upgrade, but a practical one! The process couldn’t be simpler. I’m here to share how to install a carpet runner on your stairs. First you’ll need to…

Well, that’s it for now!

Thanks for reading along.

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  1. Hi. Where can I find where to buy the first stair runner you have listed (modern farmhouse runner)? I clicked on the link but it just took me to a designers page.
    Thank you!

  2. Where can I find the runner you show before listing the 12? Black stairs, black and white runner? I have spent hours on several web sites. Thanks

    1. Hi! If it’s the one I’m thinking of it’s from the Home depot. It’s actually black and gray. If you go up to the corral up above where it says “WANT TO SHOP THESE RUNNERS?” and click on the arrow to the right, the second group of runners displayed has a link to the runner. If you click the black and gray one in the middle it will take you to that runner.

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