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Modern Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

You have probably seen pictures of modern bohemian inspired bedrooms and living rooms that look perfectly aesthetically pleasing and impossible to achieve. I’m here to tell you you don’t have to be a professional interior designer!

If you have looked at those pinterest bedroom ideas and have wished you could have a boho bedroom that looked like that, there’s no reason why you can’t! 

boho bedroom with twinkle lights and plants

What Are Boho Vibes? 

The point of the Bohemian theme is to be unique and break away from the conventional standards, so really, there is no perfect way to stick to the theme – only the way that works for you! Having a bohemian themed bedroom is all about being eclectic, mixing and matching patterns and furniture, and being comfy and cozy. There are also usually a lot of earth tones in bohemian themed bedrooms, but we can look at some inspiration and see how people are starting to change things up! 

If you want to get started on your bohemian bedroom, I can give you some ideas and things to think about as you are designing your space! 

Pick Your Sub-Theme 

If you clicked on this blog, you know that you want your bedroom to have a bohemian theme, but there are many ways for boho chic to be executed. The point is for it to be uniquely yours, so you may have a different color palette  or slightly different boho vibes you want to go for. Some themes include simple or cottage bohemian. Simple is the one that you see most of on instagram and pinterest, in my opinion. It gives that comfy, cozy feeling with warm earthy tones, but cottage does the same with cooler tones. 

boho bedroom with pillows tossed and eyes winking on wall
boho bedroom with bright bold red colors

There are boho styles like vintage that play more into different textures of leather and wool, but I mostly just list these as guidelines for you to get started! These themes started from people experimenting with the theme, so nothing says you can’t do the same and make your own theme! 

Find Your Focal Points

Your focal points are going to be the points of the room that help define your theme. They are where the eye goes first when someone first walks in, and as they scan the room, they find the little details that tie in perfectly. The main two focal points in every bedroom are the walls and the bed. 

The Walls 

It might be best to start with finding the right wall color. White walls are the most traditional and popular for a bohemian room. The room is going to have a whimsical and mix-match vibe to it, and there will be additions of pillows and rugs that can add dynamics to your room, so you gotta find the right base to build off of. White is a common choice to be just that, a strong base so you can have the freedom for pops of your color schemes in the room. 

boho bedroom with lady sitting in bed on her computer

There is still decision making after you have chosen to do white. There’s wall decorations too! A common wall decoration in this theme is a fabric tapestry. They add a different texture to the wall, and cover a lot of wall space to heighten the cozy feels. Another idea is textured rugs or needle point art to tie into the artistic themes.  

The Bed 

The other big focal point is the bed. Wooden bed frames are the most popular fit, because of the exposed wood and they are usually found through thrifting or places that have products made of natural materials. 

The comforter of the bed is the main place to optimize the room’s cozyness. The comforters could be white to match the walls, so that you can toss some patterned throw pillows and blankets on top, or the comforter could have a geometric pattern that fits in your color scheme. Either way, comforters are usually bunch and cozy, and the bed doesn’t have to be perfectly made! 

computer sitting on bed with orange bedding

Side Tip: Layering! 

A trick to add more of a boho look to your room is layers. It gives a slightly more busy look without being overwhelming. This could mean laying the blankets on your bed or on a side chair, and layering rugs on the floor. It’s an easy way to fill space and have a relaxed room. 


Once you’ve got your focal points, it’s time to fill in the rest with bohemian decor! It’s a good time to find accent pieces like upholstery chairs that add texture and warmth to the room. Dont forget about curtains with patterns for the windows! These are perfect little accents that pull the room together and make the room more you

room filled with plants and a hanging wooden swing

Adding small little things like a pom poms garland or wall hangings can bring more of your personality in your boho decor! Plants also are a perfect addition to the earthy and homey theme, even fake ones if you know you aren’t a plant person! As you go along, things will start coming together, that’s what happened for me! 

boho bedroom with black accents and a rust comforter

I tried to stick with my farmhouse theme, and found a perfect earthy-toned comforter that brings the whole room together! I love my chunky blanket that adds some coziness and

texture to my bed, and I have my textured rug that elevates the mix-matched feel. I made my boho bedroom fit my bohemian vibe, and I hope some of these ideas help you do the same! 

boho bedroom with rust bedding, an exposed beamed ceiling, and green plants
boho bedroom with rust bedding, an exposed beamed ceiling, and green plants
boho bedroom with rust bedding, an exposed beamed ceiling, and green plants

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