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Best White Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when renovating your kitchen is what color to paint your cabinets. You don’t want something too-in-the-face or dull-looking; finding the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality is crucial. And that’s when 50 shades of white enter the picture! 

White is the color of freshness, cleanliness, and new beginnings. It is often the default choice for walls because you can match it with any other shade and make your small space feel bigger.

All white paints are not the same

White paint for kitchen cupboards can brighten up any space, but with so many white paint shades, picking one that gives your kitchen a pick-me-up is tricky.

That’s why conducting thorough paint research is in your best interest. After all, you won’t be re-painting your kitchen every now and then. 

This guide will help you narrow down your options and choose the best white paint for kitchen cabinets 2022. With our simple tips and paint recommendations, you can have beautifully painted cabinets that will depict your aesthetic preferences. 

So, say goodbye to that gloomy-looking cabinetry, and let’s get started!

Although there are many shades of white to choose from, the most popular shade for kitchen cabinets is warm white. This shade has a bit of cream or yellow, giving it a warm and inviting feel.

It’s also a versatile shade that you can use in both traditional and modern kitchens. If you’re looking for a classic look, go with a warmer white like Benjamin Moore’s “Linen White.” For something more modern, try Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster.

Is Dove White Good For Kitchen Cabinets?

Dover white is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets, and for good reason! Its clean, crisp look can brighten up any kitchen, and it goes well with various other colors.

Plus, it’s relatively easy to keep clean. If you want a classic look for your kitchen cabinets, Dover white is a great option. It’s neutral enough that it will go with almost any color scheme but still has enough personality to make your kitchen stand out.

And if you’re worried about scratches or spills showing up easily, don’t be – Dover white is relatively low-maintenance. Just be sure to wipe

up any messes right away, and you should have no trouble keeping your cabinets looking great.

via Caroline On Design

Is Sherwin Williams Extra White Good For Kitchen Cabinets?

Sherwin Williams extra white is a very light paint color and may not be the best option if you’re looking for a deep or bold shade. However, it can be a great choice if you want to achieve a bright and airy look in your kitchen

. If you want the best white paint for kitchen cabinets and like Sherwin Williams extra white, you’ll have to take extra care of it. 

To ensure the cabinets turn out looking their best, it’s important to use quality paint and to apply several coats. Be sure to clean the surfaces thoroughly before painting and allow enough time for each coat to dry completely before adding the next.

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What Kind Of Paint Is Most Durable For Kitchen Cabinets?

There are a few different types of paint that can be used on kitchen cabinets, and the most durable option will depend on the material of the cabinets themselves.

For example, if your cabinets are made of wood, higher-quality oil-based paint would be the ideal option. However, if your cabinets are made of laminate or another material, latex paint would likely be more durable. 

In terms of colors, darker colors tend to be more durable than lighter colors because they’re less likely to show stains or other marks.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which type and color of paint is most durable for your kitchen cabinets is to consult with a professional painter or home improvement expert.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use For White Kitchen Cabinets?

There are a lot of factors to consider when painting cabinets, such as the type of wood or plastic the cabinet is made of, the sheen or finish you want, and whether you’re going to paint them yourself or hire a professional.

In general, people use either oil-based paint or latex-based paint. Oil-based paints tend to be more durable and less likely to fade than latex-based paints, but they also take longer to dry.

On the flip side, latex-based paints are more environmentally friendly and easier to clean up than oil-based paints, but they may not be as durable.

As for the color, white is a popular choice because it can brighten up any kitchen, and it goes with most interior decor themes.

You can mix and match white with darker colors or keep it all white; the choice is yours. However, if your kitchen has a lot of activity (parents’ problems), maintaining all-white cabinetry will be tough. In that case, you’ll need protective cling layers for the paint or use darker shades to hide the stains. 

What White Paint Does Joanna Gaines Use For Kitchen Cabinets?

Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper is a big fan of Sherwin Williams – Alabaster for painting kitchen cabinets white. It’s a cool, clean white that doesn’t have any yellow undertones.

This paint is also known for hiding imperfections well, so it’s a good option if your cabinets need some repair work. Plus, it has a matte finish that gives the cabinets a sleek look, which most homeowners admire. 

Johanna Gaines

Here are some of our favorite white colors:

Now that you know using white paint for kitchen cabinets is a good choice, how about we enlist some professional-grade lacquer options for you? Sounds good? Here goes:

White Dove Benjamin Moore

White Dove paint from Benjamin Moore is a light, calming color you can use in any room to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

It is also known for its superior coverage and hiding ability, making it a great option for painting over dark colors or covering up any imperfections on the walls.

Additionally, White Dove is a low-VOC paint, so it doesn’t release harmful fumes into the air and is safe for both adults and children.

Amanda Katherine

Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore

Several things make Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore white paint an excellent choice for your kitchen cabinets. First, the color is a very versatile white that can be used in various settings and décor styles.

It also has a matte finish that helps to hide imperfections in walls and surfaces. Also, this paint is extremely durable and long-lasting, making it an excellent investment for your warm white kitchen cabinets. 

Swiss Coffee Benjamin Moore

Swiss Coffee is one of the most popular Benjamin Moore paint colors for kitchen cabinets. And it’s no wonder why – this rich, creamy white is absolutely stunning, and it can make your kitchen pop.

What’s so great about Swiss Coffee? Well, first of all, it’s a very versatile color. It can work well in traditional and contemporary kitchens, and it can help to brighten up the space. Swiss Coffee also has excellent flow and coverage properties, so it’s easy to work with.

Another big plus for Swiss Coffee is that it’s a very low-maintenance color. It doesn’t require any special care or attention, and it will continue to look beautiful for years, making your Swiss Coffee kitchen cabinets pop.

Studio Mcgee

Alabaster Sherwin Williams 

Alabaster is a refined paint color for kitchen cabinets because it’s light and bright, making the kitchen feel larger and more open. It also has a subtle butterscotch hue that gives the kitchen a warm, inviting feeling.

Alabaster compliments most kitchens because it doesn’t show dirt or fingerprints very easily, and it’s easy to clean. Plus, it’s a relatively neutral color, so no worries if you like mixing colors with your white dove kitchen cabinets. 

Joanna Gaines

Pure White Sherwin Williams 

Pure White is a versatile and classic color that can be used in various ways in the kitchen. You can pair it with almost any other color, and it’s wonderful when used as a stark contrast against dark wood cabinets or floors.

Pure White is a lovely choice for kitchen cupboards because it reflects light well, making the space feel more organized.

And because it’s such a versatile color, you can easily match it with other objects to make your place look welcoming and warm. If you have white or off-white kitchen cabinets, this paint will seamlessly cover their surface and provide a neat finish.

Kylie M. Interiors

Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Simply White is a great paint color for your kitchen because it has a high level of brightness and contrast. The white background will make your kitchen look clean and spacious, and the bright yellow undertones will add some warmth to the room.

Since this paint color has such a high brightness level, it’s important to use it in a space that gets a lot of natural light. Otherwise, the color may appear too harsh or jarring.

Simply White is also a good choice for kitchens with dark cabinets, as it will provide some contrast and make the cabinets pop.

Christopher Scott

How Do You Avoid a “Sterile” White Kitchen?

A sterile white kitchen is one without any color or personality. One way to avoid this is to add in splashes of color with fun accessories, vibrant artwork, or a brightly-colored backsplash.

You can also achieve a more colorful look by using different materials and finishes. For example, mix sleek stainless steel appliances with warm wood cabinets, or go for a natural stone countertop instead of traditional white marble.

By adding different textures and materials, you’ll create a visual interest that will keep your kitchen from looking too sterile.

What Colors Go With White Kitchen Cabinets?

The short answer is that any color goes with white kitchen cabinets! However, if you’re looking for some specific ideas, consider black, gray, or navy blue as complementary colors.

These colors will create a bold contrast against the white cabinets and can make your kitchen stand out. Alternatively, if you want a more subtle look, try pairing your white cabinets with softer shades like beige or pale green.

How Does Lighting Affect White paint?

Lighting can have a noticeable impact on the way white paint looks on kitchen cabinets. Fluorescent lighting, for example, can make the white color look bluish.

Incandescent lighting tends to make white paint look yellowish. So if you’re trying to achieve a certain look for your kitchen, be sure to take the lighting into account.

The type of lightbulbs you use can also affect the way white paint looks. Bulbs with a higher color temperature will make the paint appear bluer, while bulbs with a lower color temperature will make it appear more yellow.


How can I paint my kitchen cabinets without brush marks?

There are a few things you can do to avoid brush marks when painting kitchen cabinets:

  1. Make sure the surface is smooth and sand down any rough spots.
  2. Use a high-quality paintbrush or roller specifically designed for painting cabinets.
  3. Apply the paint in thin, even coats, letting each coat dry completely before adding another.

With a little patience and attention to detail, you should be able to achieve a beautiful, brush-mark-free finish on your kitchen cabinets.

Is satin or semi-gloss better for kitchen cabinets?

Semi-gloss is better for kitchens because it’s more durable and easy to clean. Satin is a bit less durable, but some people prefer its fine appearance.

What is the most popular finish for kitchen cabinets?

The most popular finish for kitchen cabinets is a glossy white lacquer. Many people prefer this finish because it is easy to clean and withstand daily use. Additionally, lacquered cabinets can brighten up a kitchen and make it look more spacious.


White paint is a classic choice for kitchen cabinets, and it can help create a bright and airy feel in the space. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing white paint for your kitchen cabinets. 

  • First, consider the type of wood your cabinets are made from. Painted white cabinets can accentuate the grain of the wood, so if you want a more uniform look, you may want to choose a different color. 
  • Second, think about the finish you want for your cabinets. A glossy finish will reflect light and make the space feel larger, while a matte finish will give the space a more subdued look. 
  • Lastly, remember that white paint can show fingerprints and smudges more easily than darker colors, so you may need to be extra careful when cleaning your cabinets. 

With these factors in mind, you can choose the perfect white paint for your kitchen cabinets. Good luck! 

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