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Entryway reno series: DIY Board and batten and hanging a Vinyl mural

It’s been a fun week here reno-ing the entryway. Installing the board and batten was way easier than I ever imagined.

Also, hanging the vinyl Mural from Wunderwall was a walk in the park. Seriously the easiest peel and stick wallpaper I’ve ever hung! Wunderwall has a genius no-fail system which makes it foolproof to hang.

I love changes that make a big impact. Going from a blank wall to one with not only added texture, but a print makes a huge impact!

To start

The first thing we did was mud the wall to smooth out any uneven surfaces. The wall is made up of pine boards (that’s what they used for walls back in the day) and the previous owners painted it matte white -yuck! So instead of tearing it down we just mudded over the creases.

DIY Board and batten

After we washed and sanded the wall, we were ready for the board and batten. We decided to use 3 1/2 inch and 2 1/2 inch boards for the board and batten. The 3 1/2 inch board was used as the upper horizontal board. The 2 1/2 inch boards were used as the vertical pieces.

We measured our wall and decided to put our horizontal board at about 4 1/2 feet tall. This may seem a little high, but we really wanted to make a statement here.

Next, we came in with the vertical pieces and we spaced them about 16 inches apart. It’s best to make a spacer that you can put between each vertical board each time to measure for accuracy. We were sure to measure twice, cut, hang the board with a spacer, and nail it down. We repeated this process until we were done.

We used a nail gun, which I highly recommend. It made this whole process go by so quickly. And we definitely took our time measuring. It’s better to measure twice than to having to scrap the wood and start over.

man holding a board
man with a level
man nailing a board to the wall

Putty, caulk, and paint

After the boards were hung, we puttied all of the nail holes, waited for those spots to dry, and then sanded them. Next, we caulked every spot on the wall where the wood touched the wall. This just gives it more of a seamless look. Lastly, we painted everything. We ended up doing two coats to get full coverage. After the second coat of paint it really just looks like one solid unit hanging on the wall instead of individual boards.

man caulking boards on wall

How to Hang a peel and stick wall Mural

As stated before, the mural (wallpaper) was so easy to hang. In my box from Wunderwall was not only  the mural itself but also a small yellow tool to help with installation, and a diagram to help hang the mural.

Each strip of the wallpaper has masking tape on the top corner to match up the next strip of paper. The strips are meant to overlap so the print looks seamless when hung. This made hanging the paper so easy because all you had to do was match the masking tape.

Wunderwall features a user-friendly peel and stick feature. But what makes their peel and stick stand out from other wallpaper companies is that they have a smaller strip in the middle of the paper that you peel of first.

This allows you to easily line up the wallpaper and secure it to the wall before having to take the rest of the backing off. Seriously, a genius idea! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve peeled the entire backing off of wallpaper and to hang and try to smooth out wrinkles only to remove and try again! I didn’t have to do that once with Wunderwall. I’ll seriously be using them again in the future.

Once the paper is hung I used a box cutter to trim off the excess paper. I also used the yellow tool that Wunderwall give me and ran it along the edges of where I was cutting to make sure to get a clean line.

leaf wall paper and a white board and batten wall
black and white leaf wallpaper
black and white leaf wallpaper

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Thanks so much for reading!

Much love,

Kori ~form The Farmhouse Life

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  1. Beautiful! I’m wondering if you painted the board and batten with eggshell or a higher gloss paint?

  2. It looks unfinished. Why wouldn’t you install baseboards? And why didn’t you fix the trim around the door so that your boards but up flat with the door trim?

  3. Hello. I’m going to order the same peel and stick wallpaper amd their site allows you tl select a scale size of the actual leaves. Do you recall what size you bought? Also did you do the smooth or textured paper? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi! I think I ordered 50% scale on this wallpaper and canvas for the finish. You’re welcome and good luck!

  4. Hi there! Do you happen to have the name of the specific wall mural print from Wunderwall? I love it but can’t seem to find it on their website.

    1. My exact one isn’t available anymore they’ve tweaked a tiny bit – it’s now called the Leaves and Berry mural.

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